How to Become an Ethical Hacker in 2023

how to become an ethical hacker in 2022

How to Become an Ethical Hacker in 2023

How to Become an Ethical Hacker in 2023?

Everyone gets a tough time when they come across the term “Hacker” which means the same would hack or hijack something cyberbully which belongs to them such as their money, confidential data like images, audios, videos, or something very sensitive.  In order to change the phenomenon of thinking related to being a hacker who treats a network or IoT devices affirmatively is the need of the hour for many IT organizations for safeguarding their network resources from potential Black Hat Hackers.

We can genuinely understand how to become a good hacker or Ethical Hacker in the true sense but first, let us understand the roles and responsibilities that an Ethical Hacker has to play in different organizations through this article.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Like we described earlier, the term “Hacker” originally give wrong impacts on peoples’ minds as a Cyber Thief, Thief, Goon, Looter, or some more adjectives with wrong sense.  But when a potential hacker tries to correct the things in a network system or IT infrastructure then the same would be considered as “White Hat Hacker” who usually works on permanent or freelancing staff members in an IT enterprise.

These Ethical Hackers check the vulnerabilities and threats in Data Computer Security for businesses and organizations all over the world to provide a safe and secure virtual environment to work upon.

How to become an ethical hacker in India?

Initially, if someone wants to pursue a greater career in the domain of Cyber Security by becoming an authentic Ethical Hacker in India then the same can follow a directory that can become handy by the following measures:

  • Search a friend who knows Ethical Hacking and ask him to give you some detailed Introduction to Cyber Security guidelines and the related if and buts on how to become an ethical hacker from scratch?
  • Search for a good book that can provide you with better information related to the stuff or search for an online or instructor-led curriculum to know-how all the short and crisp details related to how to become an ethical hacker step by step?  You can also choose Certified Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi duly provided by the house of EC Council Inc. and from the Best Institute for Ethical Hacking in India.
  • Understand all the fundamentals of CEH v12 Training in Delhi that can be the most vital aspect for kick-starting your career in the domain of Information Security so that you can be a proven asset for an organization in the future.

How to become an certified ethical hacker 2022


After completing the above-mentioned steps, one can also go through other helping courses which can also support enhancing your knowledge quotient for how to become a white hat hacker?

For instance, Networking Courses, Python Programming Language Courses, Shell Scripting, Computer Forensics Courses, and many more.  Just enroll yourself in CEH v12 Training and Certification for knowing better about how to become an ethical hacker in 2022?

How to become an ethical hacker without a degree?

Most of the organizations are willing to recruit a Certified Ethical Hacker in their valuable enterprise for permanent network testing methodologies.  But some of the Ethical Hacking aspirants do not have a proper degree or relevant degree to grab a suitable position or to become a successful Ethical Hacker and hence, they are very tense on how to become an ethical hacker after 12th? 

To quantify this we can generally say that in the Ethical Hacking domain, it is the skills that only matter in the last and we have also enclosed a proper listing of the Top-Notch Institutes that provide best-in-class Ethical Hacking Course after 12th in Delhi  or even after the tenth standard from any recognized board in the world.  For example:

  • Ethical Hacking Training and Certification from Craw Cyber Security
  • Ethical Hacker Course from ByteCode Security
  • Ethical Hacking Course from Crawsec Security

How to become an ethical hacker for beginners?

The Ethical Hacking starters always face much turbulence in finding proper guidance for the same or even finding their reference point to being with.  We will guide you through a proper directory to understand all the core specifics of the fundamentals associated with the Ethical Hacking for Beginners Guide to know-how information security is done on a specific network or IT infrastructure with the help of some software and prerecorded algorithms to test the concerning vulnerabilities within the same network.

For the same understanding of the basics of information security, dedicated training in Ethical Hacker Course is being provided by the various above-mentioned institutions that can sincerely transform a novice individual into a fully-fledged Cyber Security Expert within a proper course of time.

What is the Attraction of an Ethical Hacking Career?

There are several options that one can choose after doing a concerning Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi from a verified institution.  For instance,

Work as a Bug Bounty Expert

One can freely work on finding bugs or vulnerabilities in some other websites where a potential hacker could attack and exploit the related information with the intention of causing harm by various means of extracting the sensitive database from their servers.

Distinguished companies also reward such persons who find out the bugs in the respective websites of different companies in the global market.

Many companies have rewarded some developers who successfully found out the bugs in the shape of vulnerabilities and threats that could be exploited if they were being found out by some malicious actors for illegal usage.  For instance, Ryan Pickren has hacked Safari Webcam by some series of attacks on the server of Safari UXSS interface.  In addition, according to a resource, Google has paid approximately ₹49 crores to security analysts as bug bounty rewards who found out Some Bugs in Google in the year 2020 alone.

Hence, we can easily conclude that being a bug bounty hunter can be beneficial to one’s career in the Ethical Hacking domain.

Work with Government Agencies

Many government agencies all around the world from varied nations are engaging some of the famous Ethical Hackers in their perimeter to testify the vulnerabilities and threats that some specific network, website, application, or some open-source interface possess.  For example, CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team in India) is working with so many Cyber Security professionals round-the-clock to ensure a safe and sound cyber environment in the Indian subcontinent.

A working Ethical Hacker can potentially send the bug reports after finding the due bugs hidden in the form of various vulnerabilities and threats in the preferred network scanning to the agency of CERT-In.

Work as a Freelancer

There is a vast pool of opportunities in freelancing mode after the due completion of the Ethical Hacking Course from a verified and reputed Cyber Security Institution.  The most developed good Cyber Security Practitioners prefer to work alone as a freelancer for several projects for operating in the VAPT Solutions for many network concerns ranging from start-ups to well-established organizations in the global markets.

Bug Bounty is also one of the prominent genres where a Certified Ethical Hacker function to testify one’s own skills and to extract the vulnerabilities and threats in a concerning network of an enterprise.

Career in Ethical Hacking after CEH v12 Certification and Training

Most people are worried about the right sort of trajectory that one should follow to become an ethical hacker step by step.  Further, we have added in-depth guidelines to be followed so that one can grasp a decent position in some reputed IT organizations.  For instance,

Internship Program

After one has quantified one’s skills and expertise in a preferred Ethical Hacking Training and Certification Course, the same white-hat hacker can sincerely join the various internship programs run by multiple organizations which deal in the IT industry such as Deloitte, KPMG, TCS, Amazon, IBM, PWC, and many others.

Multi-Level Jobs in Diverse Industries

It can be harsh when you are working somewhere under the guidance of a superior person who will have maximum output from one’s interns in order to give them the maximum experience of work pressure as well as diverse on-job roles and responsibilities that a Certified Ethical Hacker has to play while doing real-time practices.

When a person passes the internship period, then the same would be taken as a full-time Cyber Security Analyst where one has to testify own skills to the optimum level by deploying gained expertise into the real-time functions.  After a due period of about 2 years approximately, one can be promoted to be the Cyber Security Consultant and after giving some time to this post the same person can also be promoted to Cyber Security Engineer where the salary could be mesmerizing to one’s self-expectations.

What is the salary of an ethical hacker in India?

The initial salary of an entry-level Certified Ethical Hacker in India for freshers is ₹3.5 Lakhs per annum.  I.e. It tends to be around ₹29,000/- and ₹41,000/- per month.  Just get to more know about key specifications that Certified Ethical Hacker Course has to understand the fundamentals of how to become an ethical hacker in 2022?

ethical hacking course


Is there any job for hackers?

On the global level itself, there is no shortage of Ethical Hacking Jobs.  As per the data of a free survey of 2019-20 Official Annual Cybersecurity Jobs Report, the huge demand for Information Security personnel would range to approx. value of 35 lakhs vacant jobs being generated worldwide by 2021.

Even in India, there is a huge demand for Cyber Security Analysts, Cyber Security Consultants, and Cyber Security Engineers for filling the vacant positions in reputed IT companies.  For example, Deloitte, TCS, IBM, KPMG, Amazon, etc.  Since 2021 has gone for good, one may enroll in a sound Ethical Hacking Course Training and Certifications in Delhi to know how to become an ethical hacker in 2022?

What qualifications do you need to be an ethical hacker?

This particular information varies from institute to institute in terms of various aspects such as location, dignity, value, accreditation, recognition, and other influencing factors to be taken care of at the time of enrolling into the course curriculum.

People are also seen searching for “Can I do CEH after 12th?” on varied search engines.  The answer to this question is that there are very few institutes are there in the open that provide authentic CEH v12 Course in Delhi with the basic eligibility criteria of 12th passed from any recognized board in the world such as Craw Cyber Security Institute at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations.


To sum up, we can say that Certification and Training in CEH v12 Course in India through the dedicated interactive classroom sessions methodology from the world-class level teaching faculties and mentors can be a game-changer for anyone who is willing to switch into the wide domains of Cyber Security and Information Security all over the globe.

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