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A huge number of organizations hailing from diverse niches and trades are looking out for world-class tech professionals having good expertise and experience in varied cybersecurity technologies.  In addition to this, many internationally recognized IT Security supergiants are offering their primetime training and certifications for interested candidates.

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About CompTIA

Firstly, to fulfill the high demand for skilled IT experts in several enterprises to lead digital organizational transformation and complete intricate market demands, CompTIA – a renowned cybersecurity certification provider, has come forth and offered many proactive pieces of training and certifications.  As a result, Craw Security – the best CompTIA A+ Training Institute in India and among all other CompTIA Courses.

Moreover, CompTIA Technologies has emerged as one of the leading cyber security training providers for several training and certification programs for IT professionals from several backgrounds.  In addition, CompTIA is one such platform that offers its certification training courses for almost every eligible IT professional throughout the spectrum to choose one’s wishful course.

In this pattern, some of the primarily famous CompTIA Certifications are CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network +, CompTIA Security +, CompTIA Server +, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), and more.

Craw Security a CompTIA Authorized Partner

Offensive Security training and certification course in Delhi

Top CompTIA Courses

CompTIA offers a range of professional certification and training courses in India. These include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA Pentest+ and CompTIA CASP+. These courses provide industry-recognized certifications to help IT professionals gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their field. They also provide an excellent foundation for those seeking to start a career in IT. CompTIA training and certification courses are designed to help professionals stay ahead of the competition and become highly proficient in their chosen field.
CompTIA A+

In the league of offering CompTIA A+ Training Course in India, Craw Security – the best cyber security training institute in India, offers world-class CompTIA A+ Certification Training Courses under the knowledge umbrella of high-time CompTIA A+ Certification training instructors and mentors.

Most importantly, Craw Security provides this globally recognized CompTIA A+ Certification in the online version through the same category mentorship that we offer in our offline batches at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations in New Delhi.  Hence, the Online CompTIA A+ Training Course is genuinely facilitated by the same training instructors having many years of authentic experience in transforming their learners with the best of their cyber security knowledge and skills.

CompTIA Network+

The baseline of networking fundamentals from the bag of CompTIA Certification Courses is known as CompTIA Network+ Certification, offered by highly trained and excelled networking professionals as trainers and mentors having several years of world-class experience in training individuals with the best of their knowledge and exclusive self-evolved methodologies.

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is one of the crucial certifications offered by the house of CompTIA Technologies.  A person willing to go into the trade of cyber security can opt for this world-class course of CompTIA Security+ as this high-end cyber security course will provide you with long-lasting cyber security education that a person requires to initiate an outstanding career in the field of ethical hacking and cyber security.


It is the advanced course in CompTIA Certification Courses, highly known by the name of CompTIA CySA+ Certification, that imparts quality cyber security education for all the interested professionals having a decent knowledge and understanding of the varied functionalities of cyber security in some reputed organizations for at least 4 to 5 years.  A person who wishes to update one’s career to the optimum level can opt for this CompTIA CySA+ Certification course under the guidance of world-renowned training instructors having many years of authentic training experience.

CompTIA PenTest+

A same-level course of CompTIA CySA+ Certification delivered for the working professionals of cyber security domain willing to make their careers into the domain of penetration testing.  Hence, this CompTIA PenTest+ Certification undoubtedly establishes a high working difference in a learner’s life by updating one’s career into the prominent direction of the penetration testing domain.

Moreover, with the help of world-class training instructors at Craw Security, one can be rest assured that the courses offered through the facilities of Craw Security will be remarkable and valuable throughout the world for a sound pentesting career in any reputed organization all over the planet.


It is considered to be the final course in the series of CompTIA Certification Courses that sincerely make a learner a worthwhile cyber security professional.  One can learn this high-time CompTIA CASP+ Certification Course in the final stage of one’s learning journey toward becoming a great cyber security expert to functionalize varied cybersecurity operations in any organization.

offensive security training and certification course in delhi

Why Choose CompTIA?

On a basic line, CompTIA Technology is one of the primetime cyber security certification providers throughout the world.  A person can sincerely opt for its world-class training and certification courses that come with a lot of value as well as at a much nominal cost so that every household kid can afford it, hailing from any particular financial background.  In this regard, Craw Security plays a pivotal role in providing its courses at pretty reasonable prices by being its accredited training partner.

Benefits of CompTIA Certification Courses

  • As a professional, be the highest chosen priority for distinguished recruiters choosing CompTIA as their preferred learning organization on which they rely.
  • CompTIA Courses will help in getting kickstart your career in the diverse trades of cyber security in almost any part of the world as the courses of CompTIA Certifications are highly credible to land a job for an excelled candidate.
  • Get a better pay scale in comparison to the non-certificate holders in your working organization and use the same money to enhance your work-life balance.
  • These CompTIA Training and Certification Courses are highly pocket-friendly. They are even cheaper than your computer science college degree.
  • These CompTIA Courses will also help you in upskilling your current knowledge parameters.
  • Be an esteemed part of the CompTIA Certified Professionals Community, which is more than 1 million at the current time.
  • The CompTIA Course Training and Certifications are highly updated as per the latest trends and technologies in the market globally.

Who can take up CompTIA Training?

There are several profiles in the wild that can genuinely adopt CompTIA Course Training and Certification to become a knowledgeable person in the cyber security field.  Some of the main designations that can choose CompTIA Course Training and Certification are as follows:

  • Networking Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Security Analysts
  • Security Engineers
  • IT Security Administrators
  • Information Security Analysts
  • IT Managers
  • Security Consultants
  • CIOs
  • Aspiring IT/Information Security Professionals.
  • Professionals who want to significantly pass their respective CompTIA Certification exams.

CompTIA Courses from Craw Security

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Classroom Training

We offer customized VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) sessions at your convenient hours to provide effortless training.

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Online Training Class

One can also opt for the prerecorded video sessions available at any point of time from any particular location.

Corporate Training

Hire a preferred trainer at your work premises at your chosen time slots and train your employees with full efficiency.

Upcoming CompTIA Training Batches

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CompTIA Security+

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CompTIA Courses from Craw

Since Craw Security is one of the accredited training providers of CompTIA Technologies, a learner will experience the best possible methods described by CompTIA on its official website. There is a huge spectrum of highly recognized CompTIA Certification and Training Courses throughout all the categories. To study from the best-in-class training instructors having high expertise and excellence in offering primetime CompTIA Courses to all learners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About CompTIA Course in Delhi

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Yes, all the CompTIA Certifications are highly recommended by many primetime cyber security professionals all over the planet working in many reputed organizations hailing from diverse niches and trades.  Hence, it is genuinely worthwhile to take CompTIA Certifications to live up to the chosen IT Security career.

Yes, it can be a bit complicated for some chosen IT professionals who have zero experience in any IT exposure before initiating learning this CompTIA A+ Certification.  However, the primetime learners of the CompTIA A+ Course will not find any hard hurdles in learning the fundamentals of this course.

After getting certified with a CompTIA Certification, one can be seen as a cyber security expert that grabs all the cutting-edge functionalities of computer hardware and software.  Moreover, you will assuredly be able to learn how to troubleshoot a wide range of devices, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.

As a general rule, A+ is a basic fundamental and basic-level certification training, while CompTIA Security+ considers dealing with the fundamentals of cyber security.  However, people with CompTIA Security+ understand to be earning higher payscales than the CompTIA A+ Certified personnel.

However, it is to be considered that both CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ are entry-level certifications.

It totally depends on the scenario to scenario.  As a general rule, it is considered it is pretty hard to take that CompTIA A+ certification enough to land you a handsome salary-paying job.

Yes, with the help of online classes conducted by Craw Security, one can significantly learn the CompTIA Certifications at one’s own methodology.

We cannot comment on whether or not CompTIA is better than any academic study courses or not facilitated by degrees offered by several colleges or universities   But we would suggest you spare some crucial time from your schedule and do any professional CompTIA Certification courses to become a great cyber security professional in the near future.

Yes, you may learn the CompTIA A+ Certification course on your own through our online CompTIA A+ Training Course by Craw Security.  If you wish to know more about the same, then you may call us at +91-9513805401 at our highly experienced educational counselors.

With the help of CompTIA A+ Certification, a person can nicely earn plenty of money as income.  As per PayScale – a renowned job-providing and salary-accounting independent organization, the average salary of an Information Technology (IT) Manager is US$ 79,302/- annually.

Not only CompTIA A+ Certification course all CompTIA Certification courses are strictly valid for the period 3 years from the date of issuance.  After the completion of these 3 years, the same candidate has to sit in the recertification exam and get to certify oneself again with the same certification on the latest version at that very moment.

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