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Learn the most wanted course in the information security domain by various job enthusiasts and aspirants – Cyber Forensics Investigation. This highly dedicated Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi is delivered by the most devoted, experienced, and skilled instructors in India through a very sincere self-evolved methodology of providing authenticated Cyber Crime Investigation Courses. At Saket and Laxmi Nagar location, Craw Security offers its best-in-class Digital Forensics Certification Program within state-of-the-art infrastructure premises as some additional benefits to the students.



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What will you learn in Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi?

Through a verified and authenticated curriculum from the most expert Cyber Forensics Investigators in the world, Craw Security imparts quality education in the Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi to its understudies. In addition, an in-depth researched Cyber Investigation Training has been delivered to the beloved students of Craw Security through the well-known and experienced teachers and mentors group.

This committed Cybersecurity Digital Forensics Course offers an Introduction to Cyber Forensics Investigation and procedures to analyze cybercrime evidence.

Meanwhile, this Digital Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi is highly recommended to those candidates who have a keen intention to join the splendid field of Computer Forensics so dedicatedly. Secondly, the user-friendly Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi will start from the fundamentals of Digital Forensics Essentials and then cover advanced tools and methodologies associated with Cybersecurity Digital Forensics.

A Nice Curriculum in Digital Forensics Investigation Course

Firstly, Cyber Forensics Investigation Course concludes a procedural approach including a nicely curtailed curriculum possessing all essential information regarding the best-in-class Digital Forensics Essentials and methodologies related to them.

Moreover, Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi also tends to apply some effective methods for solving the case and extracting the deleted, tampered, encrypted, and hidden source of digital information from any type of source that can be both stored in a cloud server, or trapped in some harddrive.

The dedicated procedural attempts of Cyber Forensics Investigation will prepare a student in the areas of cybercrimes regarding case handling, Investigating Techniques, data recovery, damaged/deleted data, or encrypted data.

Cyber Forensics Investigation Online Course

In the diverse facilities of Craw Cyber Security Course, there is a protocol of Cyber Forensics Investigation Online Course which can be utilized by anyone who has a keen intention to learn the valuable Digital Forensics Certification Program at one’s own pace and wish.

This Online Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi provides distinguished fundamentals of Cyber Crime Investigation Courses that will automatically facilitate individuals to conduct a smooth investigation.

Cyber Security Digital Forensics | Cyber Forensics Investigator

There are some special tools and techniques discussed in the curriculum associated with Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi that one can sincerely learn after taking admission to the genuine Digital Forensics Certification Program. Some of the famous aspects duly covered in this course include the following aspects:

•   The mishandling of confidential data,
•   Violation of intellectual property rights,
•   Trade secrets stealing, and
•   Other types of online fraud.

In a Cyber Forensics Investigation, a corresponding Cyber Forensics Investigator utilizes diverse sorts of procedures and tactics for faster case resolution that one may learn in the splendid Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi.

Cyber Forensics Training Course | Cybersecurity Digital Forensics

Since all the advancement in technology and with more usage of AI and ML-based devices in this world, most of the crimes and their related pieces of evidence also goes online and we can only track a potential criminal via using numerous Digital Forensics Essentials.

In this varied methodology of Cyber Forensics Investigation, a researcher does several functions including the procedure of collection, safeguarding, analysis, identification, and presentation of digital evidence that can be used in the investigation of technology-related crime for the legal process.

It is also one of the famous trade in the market as most of the investigating agencies, even the government bodies are also searching for a professional as well as Cyber Forensics Investigator with a valid certification.

Key Highlights to Digital Forensics Certification Program:

•   Defining digital evidence and their types
•   Rules of procuring and safekeeping of evidence
•   The examination process of evidence
•   Analysis of Evidence
•   How to set up a Computer forensics laboratory
•   How to retrieve data whether it is existing or deleted
•   Different processes for different devices
•   Investigating traffic on computer networks
•   Deleted files recovery.

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Romonia Peterson Best Institute in Delhi that provides the best Ethical hacking Course. I learnt many skills from here under the guidance of Sidharth Sir who have been very helpul and supportive.
Natasha Best training for CEH Ethical hacking. I learned a lot of practical knowledge in Ethical hacking , worth for money totally satisfied with training. Highly recommended to others students.
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Frequently Asked Questions
About cyber forensics investigation course in Delhi

That depends upon the choice and the mode of conduction Offline, Online, or VILT(Virtual Instructor led Training) you want to choose. Craw Security at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations is one of the few institutes in India that are providing this high-end Cyber Security Investigation Course in Delhi with all 3 formats available.One can certainly choose from any of the above-mentioned learning formats and start building a great career in an exciting domain that will give both money, and adventure altogether.

Cyber Forensics Investigation is a process in which one learns about the different tools and techniques dedicatedly utilized to do multiple functionalities associated with Digital Forensics Essentials. If anyone wants to try one’s hands in the sincere methodologies connected with Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi then the same can come to Craw Cyber Security Institute at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations in Delhi NCR.

The 3 famous A’s associated with Cyber Forensics Investigation are as follows:

•   Acquisition (without modifying or changing),
•   Authentication (that the recovered database is the true or carbon copy of the evidence-based true datasets), and
•   Analysis (without altering)

The prime tools dedicatedly used for the varied methodologies associated with Cyber Forensics Investigation are as follows:

•   Network Forensic tools.
•  Database analysis tools.
•  File analysis tools.
•  Registry analysis tools.
•  Email analysis tools.
•  OS analysis tools.
•  Disk and data capture.

The dedicated 6-phased cyber forensic investigation procedures comprise the main points that any cyber forensic investigator employs to solve and recover any datasets as substantial proof to be submitted in the law of court. They are described as follows:

1.  Identification,
2.  Preservation,
3.  Collection,
4.  Examination,
5.  Analysis, and
6.  Presentation

In addition, it also comprises an extra artificial step which is highly known as a pseudo step of Decision.

The Cyber Forensics Investigation works highly inclined on some certain steps as follows:

  • Acquisition (without modifying or changing),
  • Authentication (that the recovered database is the true or carbon copy of the evidence-based true datasets), and
  • Analysis (without altering)

A well-functioning Cyber Forensics Investigator employs an algorithm of collecting the data source from the point of action spot and extracts the useful information from the available and trackable resources and submitted it as a piece of substantial evidence to the law of court in the form of admissible proof for evidence.

It is so good to know that you have made up your mind to go for this splendid Cyber Forensics Investigation Course. You will need the following things to learn and initiate a proper Cyber Forensics Course from any Cyber Security Institute in Delhi:

  •  You should possess a working knowledge to use a computer and its varied in-built software such as MS Office, Internet Browsing, Emailing, etc.
  • There is no certain parameter that you should hail from a legal background.

In modern times where maximum information has gone online upon the cloud servers, the corresponding proofs to accuse anyone with the right kind of acquisition have also been recovered from the various databases stored on cloud servers. In addition, there are some crimes in which the criminals destroy a series of data storing devices in order to vanish the required set of substantial evidence carrying information from them. We need Cyber Forensic Investigators to obtain such kinds of information from the corresponding intended resources to have proper evidence that could be admissible to the law of court.

Yes, it is highly legitimate and anyone can learn Cyber Forensics Investigation with a keen interest in this particular domain and an intention to serve society and the nation.

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Instructor Led Training

Cyber Forensics Training Course

What you can Become

Information Security Officer

Expected Salary: ₹10 L to ₹11.5 L
Companies: Oracle and Accenture

Computer Forensics Engineer

Expected Salary: ₹2.5 L to 25 L Per Annum
Companies: Intel and Deloitte

Ethical Hacker

Expected Salary: ₹6.13L to ₹7L Per Annum
Companies: Citi Bank and IBM

Network Security Engineer

Expected Salary: 3L to 9L per Annum
Companies: IBM and Genpect

Data Security Analysis

Expected Salary: ₹3L to ₹7L Per Annum
Companies: Infosys and