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Learn Penetration Testing Course in Delhi. In this course, you will learn how to Phishing, Password Cracking, Network Scanning, Metasploit Framework, etc. This esteemed course is duly delivered by industry experts and tech gurus with real & genuine experience in the respective domain. Our curriculum is vast and covers all of the essential topics leaving no stones unturned of the concerning features of the subject. If anyone wants to pursue a great career in the field of Network Penetration Testing as the subject matter expert then one should join this great online course immediately at affordable prices!



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Advanced Capture The Flag Course in Delhi

Advanced Penetration Testing Course is a study of how to make the most of networks, servers, and applications. Craw Security has designed this Online Penetration Testing Course with assistance from industry experts by a real-world Penetration tester. It is the most Advanced Network Penetration Testing course available in New Delhi. This Penetration Testing Course in Delhi provides a 100% practical approach and helps students to recognize industry approaches and methodology utilized by cyber security experts. This Penetration Testing Course in Delhi is taught by renowned industry experts.

Craw Cyber Security Institution is among the Best Cyber Security Institutes in Delhi that provide industry-led and market researched Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Delhi as per the latest technology. Our institution has a credible source of information via our team of expert professionals who are tech gurus in the domain of Cyber Security and Analysis with high tech experience in their respective streams, you will not only learn but thrive in the atmosphere we provide you for learning. The curriculum is user-friendly and as per the latest trends which is also customizable according to the students learning capability. We also provide 100% Placement assistance to our students and career guidance through our dedicated team of educational counselors.

Benefits of taking Online Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Delhi

· Craw Security offers Online Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Delhi which is on par with internationally recognized courses. We offer basic to advanced Online Advanced Penetration Testing Course
· During this course, you will get guidance from “Mohit Yadav,” A Cyber Security Expert and Top Ethical Hacker in Delhi, India. · These courses also help in understanding how to secure the system against attacks.
· These courses are also called Pentesting courses and are helpful to students who wish to settle in high-profile jobs. These courses are available offline and online.
· Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Delhi are offered at all levels – diploma and graduation. Even certificate courses are available on various platforms like Craw Security etc.
Penetration testing courses in Delhi are available online and offline. There are various prestigious situations available that are offering these courses. These courses are specially designed for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge of the penetration testing course in Delhi. The duration of these courses differs in every institution. The average salary of these courses is INR 5,87,000

Best Penetration Testing Certification Programs in Delhi

CEPT: An affirmed master infiltration analyzer affirmation assists the competitor with acquiring progressed information in pen-testing. The confirmations cover spaces like adventure creation, Linux and UNIX shellcode, Network assaults, Network recon, and so on.
CM WAPT: This accreditation permits the contender to work in versatile and web applications. The test which is directed at the last incorporates areas like Android application assaults, Android application segments, and iOS application assaults.
What are the Job Opportunities after Penetration Testing Courses in Delhi?

Security Analyst: These individuals are answerable for shielding information from assaults. They plan and carry out firewalls to secure the information. They additionally fabricate programming frameworks and help the association from assaults
Average Salary: INR 4,84,587
Skills Required: Analytical skills, Communication skills, Analyzing security systems.

Corporate Trainer-Penetration Testing: A corporate mentor or counselor assists the workers with comprehension of the hackings ideas and infiltration tastings ideas. These experts are particularly required for the organizations to teach the representatives of the multitude of required abilities.
Average Salary : INR 5,21,365
Skills Required: Analytical skills, Communication skills, Programming languages
Penetration Testing Engineer: He is liable for discovering weaknesses and assaults from others to a business or association. He distinguishes and envisions every one of the potential methods of weaknesses to the association. He ensures that the information and frameworks are protected from the assaults.
Average Salary: INR 4,03,569
Skills Required: Strong networking skills, Programming languages skills, System administration skills.

Cyber Safety: Moral programmers report and recognize the weaknesses of the association. He utilizes his insight to improve the security arrangement of the association. He distinguishes every one of the assaults and defends the information of the association.
Average Salary: INR 6,44,168
Skills Required: Programming skills, Networking skills, Computer skills.

Information Security Analyst: He is liable for keeping up the framework networks in an association. He refreshes and suggests the security framework in the association to shield from pernicious assaults.
Average Salary: INR 4,95,905
Skills Required: Communication skills, Analyzing skills, Knowledge of programming languages.

Cybersecurity Analyst: He is answerable for ensuring organizations and frameworks in network protection frameworks. He ensures that every one of the frameworks is protected and liberated from assaults.
Average Salary: INR 6,75,000
Skills Required: Analyzing skills, Networking skills, Communication skills

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What will you Learn in Penetration Testing Course in Delhi


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Our Research and Development Training Labs

Our Research and Development Training Labs

Penetration Testing Course Content (Language - Hindi)

110 Lessons40h

Module 01: Penetration Testing: What You Should Know

Phases of Penetration Testing – Phases 1 and 2
Phases of Penetration Testing – Phases 3,4 and 5

Module 02: Using The Metasploit Framework

Module 03: Command Line Fun

Module 04 : Linux Pentesting with BasicPT

Module 05 : Linux Pentesting with MrRobotCtf

Module 06 : Windows PT with AnthemCtf

Module 07 : Anonforce Machine Description

Module 08 : Windows PT with Retro

Module 09 : LinuxPT with DAV

Module 10 : Linux PT with Chocolate Factory

Module 11 : Linux PT with WonderlandCtf

Module 12 : Report Writing

Trying Harder: The Labs

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Kirti Mittal Best place for Learning penetration testing training very professional staff I taken online classes best experience guys try once you will love it thank to .
Charles Peterson I based in Canada took online training for Penetration testing from this Institute. I am truly happy to choose this Institute and also want to appreciate this institute qualified trainers best management.
Romonia Peterson Best Institute in Delhi that provides the best Penetration Testing. I learnt many skills from here under the guidance of Sidharth Sir who have been very helpul and supportive.
Natasha Best training for CEH Ethical hacking. I learned a lot of practical knowledge in Ethical hacking , worth for money totally satisfied with training. Highly recommended to others students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About penetration course in course in delhi

Craw Security is the best penetration testing service provider in Delhi the course convers  by craw security mention below
Top Penetration Testing courses in Network & Security
  • Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 2.0. ...
  • The Complete Web Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Course. ...
  • Hacking REST APIs - A beginner's guide. ...
  • Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 4.0. ...
  • Bug Bounty - Web Application Penetration Testing B|WAPT

There is no fixed pricing for the VAPT Testing in India but is said to be somewhere between ₹10,000 to ₹3,00,000. You can easily learn Penetration Testing through the dedicated faculties of Craw Security Institute as it is the best institute in Delhi.

A nice working Penetration Tester earns an average of ₹4,79,263 in India.

The average salary for a Penetration Tester is ₹5.00.000 P/Y in India.

The cost of Penetration Testing depends upon several factors such as the size and difficulty level of the environment and the network devices. A Pen Tester needs to put more effort and labour to troubleshoot the network with the usage of set parameters and various virtual algorithms in performing their methods of Penetration Tests to look for every possible vulnerability which may include some expensive tools that would add the prices to the quotation.

Python and Ruby are the most commonly used in programming languages that are often used by Pen Testers for pentesting.

The Best Programming Languages for Hacking
  • Python.
  • Programming.
  • SQL. SQL – Standard Query Language
  • JavaScript. ...
  • PHP. ...
  • C++ Programming. ...
  • JAVA. ...
  • RUBY.

Penetration Testing which is widely known as Pen Test is a set of algorithms to put an artificial cyberattack on your system/application in order to check every possible vulnerabilities and threat. Pen Testers also use web application firewalls (WAF) to confirm the web application security.

CompTIA PenTest+ is a certification for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and management. ... Cybersecurity professionals with CompTIA PenTest+ know how plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just exploit them.

Five Phases of Penetration Testing
  • Phase 1 – Reconnaissance. Reconnaissance is the act of gathering information on or about your target to better plan out your attack. ...
  • Phase 2 – Scanning. ...
  • Phase 3 – Exploitation/Gaining Access. ...
  • Phase 4 – Maintaining Access. ...
  • Phase 5 – Covering Tracks.

This is the final stage of penetration testing and is really important. If you don't do this you are considered an attacker. You need to document the process that you took to finding the exploits and vulnerabilities and present them to the company in a professional manner.

Pen Testing is genuinely important for the “Preparation for An Attack”.
The chief cause that the Penetration Tests are very essential for any organization’s security aspects is that it gives know-how information to the employees to react in the time of any sudden cyberattack from a malicious entity through any remote location. Pen Tests is the methodology to check any organization’s web application security is working with sound quality or not.


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Penetration testing is highly ethical as it is performed by pen testers to confirm the security system’s concerns of an organization by searching for any kinds of vulnerabilities and threats. i.e. To defend the IT Infrastructure from sudden cyberattacks.

Instructor Led Training

learn Penetration Testing Training Course


  • Required basic IT Skills
  • Required understanding about secure web communication
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, Python and Java script
  • Ability to find vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Effective report writing skills.

Material Includes

  • Tutorial Booklets
  • Instruction Videos
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Software Toolkit

Target Audience

  • Employee
  • Business Analysis
  • Students
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