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Learn Penetration Testing Course in Delhi. In this course, you will learn how to Phishing, Password Cracking, Network Scanning, Metasploit Framework, etc.

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Certified Penetration Testing Course in Delhi

This genuine and authentic Online Penetration Testing Course in Delhi will allow you to learn some of the most remarkable techniques and tactics that Pen Testers use worldwide in order to search, detect, and secure the loopholes in a particular website in the form of vulnerabilities and threats. You will also learn how to correct those loopholes, as mentioned earlier, with the help of the right kinds of security algorithms. The curriculum we deliver in this valuable Penetration Testing Course Online via our dedicated teachers possesses immense industry-oriented knowledge of the latest trends happening in this domain.

Penetration Testing Course in Delhi is available online and offline. There are various prestigious situations available that are offering these courses. These courses are specially designed for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge of the Penetration Testing Course in Delhi. The duration of these courses differs from one institution to another institution.

The average salary for these courses is INR 5,87,000/-

Best Penetration Testing Certification Programs in Delhi

CEPT: An affirmed master infiltration analyzer affirmation assists the competitor with acquiring progressed information in pen testing. The confirmations cover spaces like adventure creation, Linux and UNIX shellcode, Network assaults, Network recon, and so on.

CM WAPT: This accreditation permits the contender to work in versatile web applications. The test, which is directed at the last, incorporates areas like Android application assaults, Android application segments, and iOS application assaults.

Penetration Testing Course Content

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Penetration Testing: What You Should Know

  • Blackbox Penetration Testing
  • Graybox Penetration Testing
  • Whitebox Penetration Testing
  • Reconnaisance
  • Scanning
  • Exploitation
  • Maintaining Access
  • Reporting

Module 02 : Using The Metasploit Framework

Module 03 : Command Line Fun

Module 04 : Linux Pentesting with BasicPT

Module 05 : Linux Pentesting with MrRobotCtf

Module 06 : Windows PT with AnthemCtf

Module 07 : LinuxPT with Anonforce

Module 08 : Windows PT with Retro

Module 09 : LinuxPT with DAV

Module 10 : Linux PT with WonderlandCtf

Module 11 : Linux PT with Chocolate Factory

Module 12 : Report Writing

Penetration Testing Our Course Advisor

What will you Learn in Penetration Testing Course in Delhi?

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Penetration Testing Course Description

Advanced Capture the Flag Course in Delhi

Many institutes in the market provide Online Penetration Testing Courses in Delhi. Still, the curriculum that we provide at Craw Cyber Security Institute possesses all of the industry essential researched content that is vital in terms of knowledge transfer among new blood in the concerning domain. Our course is nicely designed and developed with the input of industry-experienced Pen Testing professionals from varied organizations. Our Penetration Testing Course Online comprises the most Advanced Network Penetration Testing course in New Delhi, which processes a 100% practical approach towards a more significant learning experience and helps learners to know more about industrial know-how and varied methodologies duly functionalized by Cyber Security Analysts.

Craw Cyber Security duly delivers both Penetration Testing Courses for Beginners as well as for Advanced level candidates. It is one of the Best Penetration Testing courses online as it provides industry-oriented latest technology knowledge transfer in our genuinely updated Penetration Testing Course Syllabus that allows users to have all the study material in Penetration Testing Course PDF format for studying through any remote location to enhance the ease factor for the student’s learning experience.

We allow candidates who are seeking a bright future in the domain of Pen Testing in India and overseas locations to go through the Penetration Testing Guide, which allows users to do a deep analysis of the course and become one of the subject-matter experts of the domain. The Basics of Penetration Testing is the curriculum that is delivered by some of the famous Cyber Security Analysts which can only be acquired by enrolling in some genuine and authentic courses duly recognized by industry giants such as CompTIA, CISCO, and many others, which are the esteemed partner of Craw Cyber Security for years.

What are the Job Opportunities After Penetration Testing Courses in Delhi?

Security Analyst: These individuals are answerable for shielding information from assaults. They plan and carry out firewalls to secure the information. They additionally fabricate programming frameworks and help the association from assaults.

Average Salary: INR 4,84,587

Skills Required: Analytical skills, Communication skills, Analysing security systems

Corporate Trainer-Penetration Testings: A corporate mentor or counselor assists the workers with comprehension of the hacking ideas and infiltration testing ideas. These experts are mainly required for the organizations to teach the representatives of the multitude of required abilities.

Average Salary: INR 5,21,365

Skills Required: Analytical skills, Communication skills, Programming languages

Penetration Testing Engineer: He is liable for discovering weaknesses and assaults from others to a business or association. He distinguishes and envisions every one of the potential methods of weaknesses to the association. He ensures that the information and frameworks are protected from the assaults.

Average Salary: INR 4,03,569

Skills Required: Strong networking skills, Programming languages skills, System administration skills

Ethical Hacker: Moral programmers report and recognize the weaknesses of the association. He utilizes his insight to improve the security arrangement of the association. He distinguishes every one of the assaults and defends the information of the association.

Average Salary: INR 6,44,168

Skills Required: Programming skills, Networking skills, Computer skills

Information Security Analyst: He is liable for keeping up the framework networks in an association. He refreshes and suggests the security framework in the association to shield it from pernicious assaults.

Average Salary: INR 4,95,905

Skills Required: Communication skills, Analysing skills, Knowledge of programming languages

Cybersecurity Analyst: He is answerable for ensuring organizations and frameworks in network protection frameworks. He ensures that every one of the frameworks is protected and liberated from assaults.

Average Salary: INR 6,75,000

Skills Required: Analysing skills, Networking skills, Communication skills.

Craw Security's Students Awarded

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Deep Logictech India Pvt Ltd



Ethical Hacker

British Telecom

Binit Rai


Cyber Security Professional

Fastandfurious Consulting

Niharika Sharma



Parahit Technologies Ltd.

Pooja Thakur


Technical Support Engineer(CCNA)

Trigent Software Limited

Hafsaa Sait


L1 Technical Support Engineer

Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Aarti Singh


Software Developer

HCL Technology


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Network Administration, Security



+1 917-779-0009

Penetration Tester with Python Development

Right Step Consulting

Right Step Consulting

+0120-429 1013

Network Administrator

ACE IT Solutions

ACE IT Solutions


Junior Cyber Security Analyst

Limpidstone Technology Pvt. Ltd

Manisha Saini

+91 7840060051


Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+020 - 6500 1155

L 1 Engineer

Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+91 9354061269

Network Administrator

Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+91 9354061269

L 2 Engineer

Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+91 9354061269

Accounts Executive

Three D Integrated Solutions Ltd

Uma Verma

+91 874507070

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v11)

IARM Information Security Pvt Ltd


+91 9361906659

C|EH v11

IARM Information Security Pvt Ltd


+91 9361906659

SOC Analyst

LINC Education Services

Avani Raghuvansi

+91 7045577921

Cyber Security

Mekdam Technical Services

Abdul Saiyad Khan

+91 9908403117

Scada Security

Precise Testing Solution Pvt Ltd

Sonali Sharma

0120 - 45555590


RDX | Navisite Pvt Ltd

Naveen Kumar

+91 7411602488

Sr. Consultant

Aujas Technology Pvt Ltd

Pankaj Badera

+91 7696506250

Sr. Consultant

Tetra Information Services Pvt. Ltd.


+91 7024125214


Orbit India

Pragati Choudhary

011 - 49141500


Percoyo Pvt Ltd

Dorai Raj

+91 8660333455

Stack Developer


Kartik Beemsingh

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+91 9810182383


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+91 9443455374

Web Development

Art Kart

Anil Pakhare

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+91 8681059189

Software Testing

Penetration Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn penetration testing?
Craw Security is the best penetration testing service provider in Delhi the course convers  by craw security mention below
Top Penetration Testing courses in Network & Security
  • Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 2.0. …
  • The Complete Web Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Course. …
  • Hacking REST APIs – A beginner’s guide. …
  • Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 4.0. …
  • Bug Bounty – Web Application Penetration Testing B|WAPT
How much should a penetration test cost?

There is no fixed pricing for the VAPT Testing in India but is said to be somewhere between ₹10,000 to ₹3,00,000. You can easily learn Penetration Testing through the dedicated faculties of Craw Security Institute as it is the best institute in Delhi.

What is the average income of a Penetration Tester in India?

A nice working Penetration Tester earns an average of ₹4,79,263 in India.

How much does a penetration tester earn in India?

The average salary for a Penetration Tester is ₹5.00.000 P/Y in India.

Why is penetration testing so expensive?

The cost of Penetration Testing depends upon several factors such as the size and difficulty level of the environment and the network devices. A Pen Tester needs to put more effort and labour to troubleshoot the network with the usage of set parameters and various virtual algorithms in performing their methods of Penetration Tests to look for every possible vulnerability which may include some expensive tools that would add the prices to the quotation.

What language do pen testers use?

Python and Ruby are the most commonly used in programming languages that are often used by Pen Testers for pentesting.

What are the main programming languages widely used for penetration testing?
The Best Programming Languages for Hacking
  • Python.
  • Programming.
  • SQL. SQL – Standard Query Language
  • JavaScript. …
  • PHP. …
  • C++ Programming. …
  • JAVA. …
  • RUBY.
What is the penetration testing process?

Penetration Testing which is widely known as Pen Test is a set of algorithms to put an artificial cyberattack on your system/application in order to check every possible vulnerabilities and threat. Pen Testers also use web application firewalls (WAF) to confirm the web application security.

What is CompTIA Pentest?

CompTIA PenTest+ is a certification for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and management. … Cybersecurity professionals with CompTIA PenTest+ know how plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just exploit them.

What are the 5 stages of penetration testing?
Five Phases of Penetration Testing
  • Phase 1 – Reconnaissance. Reconnaissance is the act of gathering information on or about your target to better plan out your attack. …
  • Phase 2 – Scanning. …
  • Phase 3 – Exploitation/Gaining Access. …
  • Phase 4 – Maintaining Access. …
  • Phase 5 – Covering Tracks.
What is the final stage of a penetration test?
This is the final stage of penetration testing and is really important. If you don’t do this you are considered an attacker. You need to document the process that you took to finding the exploits and vulnerabilities and present them to the company in a professional manner.
Why is pen testing important?
Pen Testing is genuinely important for the “Preparation for An Attack”.
The chief cause that the Penetration Tests are very essential for any organization’s security aspects is that it gives know-how information to the employees to react in the time of any sudden cyberattack from a malicious entity through any remote location. Pen Tests is the methodology to check any organization’s web application security is working with sound quality or not.
how to connect with best pentesting service provider

1st Floor, Plot no. 4, Lane no. 2, Kehar Singh Estate Westend Marg, Behind Saket Metro Station
Saidulajab New Delhi – 110030

Why is pen testing ethical?
Penetration testing is highly ethical as it is performed by pen testers to confirm the security system’s concerns of an organization by searching for any kinds of vulnerabilities and threats. i.e. To defend the IT Infrastructure from sudden cyberattacks.
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