Advanced Malware Forensics Investigation Guide


Cyberattacks and the spread of malware have become vital in today’s world. Day by day malware is getting more complex and stealthy that even antiviruses are failing to identify before widespread and the situation becomes tragic for internet users and enterprises.

  • Basic Terminologies of Computer Malware
  • Understanding Components of Malware
  • Lab Setup For Malware Forensics
  • Scanning Malicious Document Files
  • Studying Static & Dynamic Behavior of Malware
  • Monitoring of Network Behavior of Malware


The book, “Advanced Malware Forensics Investigation Guide” is designed with keeping in view to help cyber forensics investigators to help them accomplish their task of malware forensics. This book is designed in such a way that malware forensics analysts, as well as beginner students, can adopt this book for their pedagogy. Also, the materials are presented in a simplified manner with sufficient screenshots and illustrations so that they can understand the context even before testing the given data on their sandbox.

We have added the concept of computer malware and the general components of malware at the beginning of this book. We broke down malware into different categories according to their properties and specialization. Further, we mentioned the various attack vectors and defense methodologies for getting infected with malware and the most common techniques used by cybercriminals. In the 3rd chapter of this book, we worked on breaking down malware into its general components. We tried to make our readers understand that malware work using various sub-modules of computer programs. Further, we worked on setting up a Lab for Malware Forensics and scanning Malicious document files.

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  1. Vineet

    Very informative piece of content in the Advanced guide related to Malware Forensics Investigation. I will recommend it to everyone who is seeking a career in Digital Forensics.

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