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Are you in to take your penetration testing career to new heights?  If yes, choosing a great Offensive Security Course would be the best fit for you in developing your career to the next level of information.  Grasp Offensive Security Courses by Craw Security – an official learning partner to deliver its information security courses at pretty nominal prices so that every household individual hailing from any financial background can opt for these Offensive Security courses.

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About Offensive Security

Founded in the year 2007, Offensive Security is basically a US-based international company functioning in information security, penetration testing, and digital forensics domains.  This organization has successfully created many open-source projects, advanced security courses, ExploitDB (vulnerability database), and the Kali Linux distribution.

In addition, Offensive Security or OffSec was conceptualized by Mati Aharoni and employed many security professionals having much experience in security penetration testing and system security assessment.  Moreover, OffSec has already offered security counseling and training to several tech organizations.

Offensive Security training and certification course in Delhi

Popular Offensive Security Training and Certification Courses in India

Offensive Security offers a variety of certification courses to help security professionals gain the skills needed to defend against today‘s digital threats. The most popular courses include the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), the Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP), and the high-end Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses (PEN-300 OSEP). All courses help build a strong foundation for ethical hacking and penetration testing, and provide practical experience with realworld tools and techniques. The OSCP is the most comprehensive and widely recognized certification, with the OSWP and OSEP providing more specialized skill sets. All certification courses are available online and provide handson labs and exercises to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.

Pentesting Prerequisites PEN100 | WEB100 | SOC100

In this PEN-100 / Prerequisites course, you will learn mostly about topics like web application basics, an introduction to cryptography, and working with shells.  You will encounter technologies like bash scripting, Metasploit, Buffer Overflow, Antivirus Evasion, etc.

OSWP PEN - 210 Certification Training

In this highlighted PEN-210 and the OSWP Certification, learners will grab the procedure of identifying all the found vulnerabilities in 802.11 networks and execute fully arranged attacks.  Moreover, each learner would grab the methodology of establishing a home-based lab to execute the tricks and techniques learned via this proactive PEN-210 / OSWP course.

OSWA WEB - 200 Certification Training

In this newly curated WEB-200 / OSWA course, which offers to learn the basic fundamentals of web application assessments.  One will learn some main concepts like Web Attacks with Kali Linux (WEB-200), specially developed for job roles like Web Application Penetration Testers, Pentesters, Web Application Developers, etc.

OSCP PEN-200 Certification Training

The Offensive Security’s OSCP Certification Training is the industry-leading Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK/PEN-200) course that just has got even better with the submission of five latest retired OSCP Exam machines to PWK labs.  In this regard, these five machines depict an overall OSCP Exam room.

OSEP PEN - 300 Certification Training

This high-class Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses (PEN-300) is essentially an appealing, refined, and advanced pentesting certification and training course offered by the knowledgeable faculty members of Craw Security and proposed by the house of Offensive Security.

OSWE WEB - 300 Certification Training

In this WEB-300 / OSWE course, three distinctive new modules are featured, updated existing content, new machines, and refreshed videos.  Moreover, the learners who sincerely fulfill this course will have to face an exam duly dedicated to earning the OSWE Certificate and completing the mastership in manipulating front-facing web apps.

offensive security training and certification course in delhi

Why Choose Offensive Security?

Persons who have successfully lived several years in the information security domain as primetime penetration testers can opt for this mesmerizing infosec training provider directly from its official website or via Craw Security — its only Official Learning Partner all over the country of India.
It is one of the most curated penetration testing courses in the world, which has been chosen by a number of pentesters willing to enhance their knowledge as well as a career to the optimum levels in their hierarchy.  Hence, choose Craw Security for doing any of your chosen courses from Offensive Security.

Benefits of Offensive Security Certification Courses

  • First of all, one of the prime benefits of getting Offensive Security certified is the higher chances of getting hired by big tech shots and reputed companies.
  • Obtaining a certificate from Offensive Security will showcase your sincerity towards your penetration testing and other domains of professions, and more companies will tend to hire you.
  • Most organizations only cater the certified individuals, and Offensive Security Certifications are some of the rare certifications that people do possess. Hence, the people who possess Offensive Security Certifications share a special position in their interview.
  • One will get a salary slab that one has not even thought about after successfully completing Offensive Security Certifications and getting selected on the basis of them.
  • The OSCP Certification Training by Offensive Security tends to be the greatest penetration testing credential that one can withdraw in the pentesting domain.

Who can take up Offensive Security Training?

Several courses in Offensive Security are meant for many prime profiles and designations of Information Security.  One could proactively choose the courses at Offensive Security to take one’s career to the utmost zeniths of success.

Some of the main professionals that can take these Offensive Security Training are:

  • Infosec professionals transitioning into penetration testing
  • Pentesters seeking one of the best pentesting certifications
  • Those interested in pursuing a penetration tester career path
  • Security professionals
  • Network administrators
  • Other technology professionals

Offensive Security Courses from Craw Security

offensive security Classroom training in Delhi
Classroom Training

We offer customized VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) sessions at your convenient hours to provide effortless training.

offensive security online training in Delhi
Online Training Class

One can also opt for the prerecorded video sessions available at any point of time from any particular location.

Corporate Training

Hire a preferred trainer at your work premises at your chosen time slots and train your employees with full efficiency.

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offensive security training and certification course in delhi

Offensive Security Courses from Craw

CRAW Security is one of the few Official Learning Partners of Offensive Security all over the world, and we are the exclusive official learning partner in India. By being an Official Learning Partner of Offensive Security, we deliver its information security course at many affordable costs that every person would find amazing. People who wish to out-stand their penetration testing careers a way above the general league must take Offensive Security courses at the earliest opportunity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Offensive Security Course in Delhi

Google Review (1,168)

Offensive Security is a US-based software MNC company that is nicely functioning in information security, penetration testing, and digital forensics domains.  It also delivers primetime courses in penetration testing and other varied domains for all the working professionals in the Information Security verticals.

Offensive Security can generally be expressed as a prominent and hostile methodology to safeguarding computer systems, networks, and several candidates from attacks.  In this regard, traditional security, which is also known as ‘defensive security,’ gives its prime consideration over numerous reactive approaches, such as patching software and tracking and mitigating many system vulnerabilities.

Yes, the highly lucrative Offensive Security’s OCSP Certification Training is a genuinely known certification needed for several penetration testing jobs.

As the term suggests, Defensive Security is basically a reactive approach implemented once any vulnerability is tracked via prevention, identification, and response.  In contrast, Offensive Security checks out the problem or vulnerability via ethical hacking and determines a solution to incapacitate the operation.

No, the OSCP Certification Training is strictly for the penetration testing personnel who have successfully lived a good amount of time in performing varied pentesting functionalities.

Offensive Security is a team of professional penetration testers who works on an IT infrastructure as potential attackers just to track out all the hidden or encrypted vulnerabilities and exploit them to see the results.  In this regard, there are some more phenomena that are also included to check out the overall security posture of an IT infrastructure, such as intelligence gathering, social engineering, hacking & physical intrusion, etc.

Mati Aharoni owns Offensive Security now.

There is a vast difficulty level between OSCP Certification Training and CEH v12 Training and Certification, as the previous one is a lot more difficult than the latter one.  One needs to resolve the exam, and that would take up to 24 hours to 48 hours of timing.

On a general notion, the Offensive Security Engineer (Red Team Consultant), you require to perform with an expert team of pentesting professionals to execute several types of security testing for clients to track and propose solutions for security concerns.  Moreover, you will certainly need to carry out various challenges with clients to propose effective security mechanisms for long-term solutions.

As described on the official website of Offensive Security, the individual course of OSCP Certification Training is $1499, which is set to rise to $1599 in January 2023.

Moreover, as Craw Security is the exclusive Official Learning Partner of Offensive Security to impart its information security courses at very nominal prices, one may call us at +91-9513805401 and have a quick word with our highly experienced educational counselors know the best price for this magnificent course.

The time period you will get to understand all the fundamentals of OSCP Certification Training is around 80 to 100 hours of quality training in Craw Security – the exclusive Official Learning Partner of Offensive Security to impart its information security courses at pretty affordable prices.

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