Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Training & Certification (AZ-500) 2023

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Training & Certification (AZ-500) 2023

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The Microsoft AZ-500 certification program focuses on security-related tools and functions in Microsoft Azure.  In addition, this value-added Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training is intended for IT specialists who wish to advance their knowledge of managing and safeguarding cloud systems, particularly those built on the Azure platform.

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What is Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training?

The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) certification exam is a thorough training course that IT professionals can use to get ready for it.  In addition, it gave interface experience with the Azure Security Center and met all test criteria.

Moreover, this Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training covers subjects like compliance, data protection, threat prevention, and identity and access management.  Additionally, it includes the deployment, configuration, and management of Azure tools, services, and resources.  Best practices for enhancing an Azure Security solution are also included.

In this hacking-incident full environment, where we sincerely require game-changing resources to develop a sound security posture of various IT infrastructures, it is pretty hard to maintain a high-security level by not giving a single chance to the black hat hacking professionals.  In this regard, Microsoft Azure is leaving no stone unturned behind so that we can be confident of having maximum security of its cloud servers by developing world-class cloud security professionals.

As a result, Microsoft Azure is offering a globally certified educational course with the name Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training Certification, whose main agenda is to procure mainstream cloud security analysts of Microsoft Azure products so wisely.

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Course Content

Module 01:Introduction to Azure

  • Compute Services
  • Storage
  • Why Use Azure
  • List the benefits of using
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • How does Azure work
  • Why use Azure
  • Why do we need Azure

Module 02: Active Directory (AD) of Azure for Workloads

  • Introduction to Azure Active Directory 
  • Azure AD tenants
  •  Password reset 
  • AD Connect and its implementation
  • Using AD Connect Health for monitoring
  • MFA and SSO
  • Protection of identity
  • Registration of apps
  • Creating service principals
  • Privileged Identity
  • Management (PIM)
  • RBAC
  • Activating a PIM role

Module 03: Network Security for the Protection of the Platform

  • Using portals to build a network
  • Utilizing PowerShell and building subnets and Vnets
  • Connectivity and peering in Vnet
  • Routing
  • DNS: Private and public
  • DNS and the Internet
  • Network security groups (NSGs)
  • Network Watcher
  • Building and configuring NSGs
  • Services of load balancing in Azure
  • Configuring App Gateway
  • Azure Firewall and Front Door
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and its configuration
  • Azure Bastion

Module 04: Host Security for the Protection of the

  • Virtual machines (VMs)
  • Deploying a VM using PowerShell and the portal
  • Zones and sets and their availability
  • VM Storage
  • Disk caching
  • Encryption of disk in Azure
  • Key vault creation for disk encryption
  • Management of virtual machines
  • Azure Security Center

Module 05: Security and Containers

  •  Installation of Git and Docker
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Building Azure Container Registry
  • Developing a Kubernetes cluster
  • Using Kubernetes to run applications
  • Securing the Container Registry
  • Securing the Container Registry

Module 06: Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and Security Operations

  •  Implementing RBAC
  • Azure Policy
  • Implementing Azure Region Policy
  • Subscription policies
  • Resource locks and their implementation
  • Alerts and Azure Monitor
  • Log analytics
  • Introduction to Azure Security Center
  • Preventing, predicting, and responding to threats

Module 07: Data Services Security

  • SQL services in Azure
  • Developing a SQL database in Azure
  • Strategies of caching
  • Auditing design
  • Long-term retention of SQL backup
  • Cosmos DB, along with its levels of consistency
  • Data Lake store in Azure
  • Data types

Module 08: Security of Storage

  • Introduction
  • Storage accounts
  • Using the portal to build a storage account
  • Utilizing Azure Storage and Storage Explorer
  • SAS development and management
  • Encryption keys

Module 09: Azure Support and Pricing

  • Azure subscriptions
  • Management groups
  • Available options for purchasing Azure product and services
  • Usage of metrics
  • Costing factors
  • Zones for billing concepts
  • Pricing calculator of Azure
  • Azure’s total cost of ownership (TCO)

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Our Course Advisor

About Microsoft AZ-500 Course: Course Overview

The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification Training covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Azure identity and access management
  • Azure platform protection
  • Azure network security
  • Azure application protection
  • Data and application protection in Azure
  • Azure security operations

By the end of the Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training, you ought to be able to manage resources in Azure, establish security controls, and recognize and react to security problems in the Azure environment.  In addition, it is advised that IT experts take this course if they want to improve their Azure security knowledge and qualify for the Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate certification.

Subsequently, you need to include some previous information on cloud computing and Azure services in order to enroll in the course.  In addition, you should be familiar with utilizing PowerShell, managing Azure resources, and dealing with Azure Resource Manager templates.  Microsoft also advises you to be familiar with security principles like network security and encryption.

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Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Course Description

Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training Prerequisites

The Microsoft AZ-500 Certification course is designed for those who have the following:

  • A clear understanding of cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and attack types.
  • A basic understanding of identity and access management, virtualization, and cloud computing, as well as networking technologies.
  • Some prior knowledge of cloud security and security operations would be beneficial.
  • Some additional experience with PowerShell and scripting would be helpful.

Reasons To Choose Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Training

  • Your study in Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 will give you the abilities and information required to set up, implement, and protect Azure workloads.
  • You will learn how to protect virtual machines, networks, and applications, as well as how to utilize Azure Security Center and Azure Information Protection to safeguard your info.
  • You will be enabled to use Azure Security Center, Azure Active Directory, and other Microsoft Azure services to create and implement security mechanisms.
  • After completing this program, you will be able to identify potential attacks and threats, take appropriate action, and troubleshoot security problems in Azure.
  • You will also learn about the fundamental ideas, elements, and solutions of Azure Security and how to use them in practical situations.
  • You will certainly obtain the necessary abilities and information from the AZ-500 program in order to seek an Azure Security Technologies certification.

Key Features of AZ-500 Training Course

  • Complete coverage of all the AZ-500 test topics and objectives
  • Step-by-step instructions to assist you in comprehending the instruments and technology employed in Azure security.
  • Practical tasks and laboratories to assist you in applying the ideas.
  • Having access to practice tests to help you get ready for the certification test.
  • Comprehensive explanations of key ideas to aid comprehension.
  • Knowledgeable teachers who can answer any queries you may have.
  • Having access to discussion boards where students can interact and exchange ideas.

Target Audience for AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Course

IT professionals such as the following are the course's intended audience that holds positions:

  • Security Engineers,
  • Security Administrators,
  • Cloud Administrators, and
  • Cloud Architects.

Learning Objectives Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)

  • Recognize and put security concepts for Azure solutions into practice.
  • Create and put into practice a safe network design in Azure.
  • Use Azure to establish identity and access management procedures.
  • Implement Azure platform protection.
  • Keep track of and back up Azure assets.
  • Control Azure security activities.
  • Azure offers secure data and apps.

Skills Measured in Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Certification Exam

  1. Manage identity and access (20-25%)
  2. Implement platform protection (30-35%)
  3. Manage security operations (25-30%)
  4. Secure data and applications (20-25%)

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Microsoft AZ-500 Course Training Certification Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azure 500?

The Azure 500 is a unique initiative created to honor and appreciate Microsoft's top cloud partners.  Based on their exceptional contributions to assisting businesses to migrate to and harness the power of Microsoft's cloud products, Azure 500 partners are selected.

What is Microsoft AZ 500 exam?

An IT professional's ability to implement and manage security solutions within Microsoft Azure will be evaluated by the Microsoft AZ 500 test.  A candidate's proficiency in safeguarding Azure workloads is confirmed by passing the exam, which also advances their path toward Microsoft Azure Security Engineer certification.

Is Azure 500 worth it?

Your own requirements and economic position will determine what you need.  Although there might be better solutions for some, Azure 500 can be a terrific alternative for companies that require a lot of scalability, dependability, and security.  In the end, you'll have to evaluate your unique needs and financial situation to see if Azure 500 is a good fit for you.

How can I schedule for the AZ-500 exam?

You must first create a Microsoft account and join the Microsoft Learning Portal in order to register for the AZ-500 exam.  From there, you can look for the AZ-500 exam and choose a date and time that suit you.  The exam fee can then be paid, and the registration procedure will be finished.

Is there a way to cancel or reschedule the AZ-500 exam?

The AZ-500 exam can be canceled or rescheduled, yes.  To accomplish this, you simply sign into your Microsoft Certification Dashboard and, based on your requirements, choose the option to either cancel or reschedule the exam.  Doing so is mandatory at least 24 hours before the exam's scheduled start time.

What is Microsoft Azure security technologies?

The following are Microsoft Azure's best security features:

  • Azure Security Center: This provides on-premises and cloud workloads with real-time threat prevention and monitoring.
  • Azure Key Vault: This platform offers secure key, secret, and certificate storage.
  • Azure Active Directory: This handles access control and identity management for cloud applications.
  • Azure Network Security: This offers network security measures, including VPNs, firewalls, and DDoS defense.
  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection: For the detection and reaction to threats, this service offers cutting-edge analytics and threat intelligence.
  • Azure Information Protection: This offers encryption and data loss prevention to safeguard sensitive data.

Which Azure certification is best for security?

The top Azure credential for security is Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate.  It shows a person's proficiency in setting up security measures, keeping improve security posture, controlling identity and access, and safeguarding networks, data, and applications in Microsoft Azure environments.

How do I become a Microsoft Azure Security Engineer?

By joining Craw Security, to seek admission in the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Training & Certification under the primetime guidance of world-class cloud professionals having many years of authentic experience in delivering quality training to all the participating learners.

Call +91-9513805401 to know more about the upcoming batches and other important information.

Is AZ 500 a good certification?

Yes, having the Microsoft AZ-500 certification is a fantastic idea.  Technically speaking, it is a certification that includes the knowledge and abilities required to control and safeguard a Microsoft Azure system.  The AZ-500 certification is a fantastic method to showcase your understanding of and skill with Azure security to companies.

What is AZ 500 certification?

Microsoft created the AZ 500 certification program for IT professionals who wish to prove their proficiency in Azure security.  Candidates must successfully complete a set of tests on a variety of subjects relating to protecting Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructures.  In addition, the individual will receive an AZ 500 certification and be known as an Azure Security Engineer after passing the exams.

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