Winter Internship for Cyber Security Students

Winter Internship for Cyber Security Students

Winter Internship for Cyber Security Students

Winter Internship for Cyber Security Students

Winter Internship for Cyber Security Students

Craw Cyber Security Offer Winter Internship for Cyber Security Students. Craw Security gives the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the Cyber Security field. Cyber Security Winter Internship as an in-demanded Field. For digital India, cyber security plays an important role. It is mainly concerned with the growth of the Indian economy. Choosing a carrier in Cyber Security winter Internship is a great opportunity. India is moving onward in digitization but there are so many difficulties and challenges in this process. The main cause is hacking and s the data and information. The hacker granted the information of a person and misuse it for their benefit. There are lots of hackers are present across the world doing this type of activity. So cyber security mainly focused on accessibility, integrity, and availability. The demand for cyber security increases day by day. On another hand, cyber security is focused on who access the data and information and there is no spoofing and holes that the hacker can access the information on it. Cyberattacks increase day b-day so there are more chances for in carrier in cyber security.

Cyber security concerns with data and information of a person should b safe. Cyber security is an essential part of digital India. Now, this day everything is cashless so the chances of fraud and hacking data and information is increasing. Hackers do some activities for cyberattacks that is they use electronic media for attacking they mail or phone call as well as SMS for gathering the information of person bank details. Then they easily hack the bank account.

So there is a challenging phase for stopping cyber attacks in growing digitization in India. The carrier in cyber security is a great opportunity for analyzing and managing data and information in a systematic way. Cyber security provides a solution for stopping the type of cyber attack. So it is the best carrier option for information technology students. More ever there are more opportunities as well as the government sector.

Cyber Security Course Description

We live in a world driven by technology. Every industry is becoming more and more reliant on technology. There is a huge demand for people who are skilled in various technology. This training pack covers 7 most in-demand and trending courses.


You will learn in Diploma Industry Oriented Course

1. Ethical Hacker (CEH V11)– Basics of Ethical Hacking, Foot-printing, Network Scanning, Web Session, Cryptography Cloud Security, and many more.

2. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)– Computer Forensics, CF Investigation Process, Files System Analytics, Data Acquisition, FTK, Mobile Forensics, Network Forensics.

3. Advanced Penetration testing-Advanced Penetration Testing will help ethical hackers to understand the process needed to be carried by top It companies. This will help them to give more in-depth in their security audit process.

4. Web Application security– SQL Injection Flaws, Sore Code Disclosure Flaw, Remote File Inclusion, Missing Authorization, invalid URL redirection.

5. IN Depth Advanced Networking– This Course helps you to understand more about Advanced networking Technologies used in the Industry.This course deal with a complete study on networking.

6. Mobile Application Security – Mobile application Security’s goal is to identify all vulnerabilities in Mobile applications and assist to remove these vulnerabilities from mobile applications. The mobile application has become an essential part of our lives as our dependence on our smartphones has grown and secured them is a crucial requirement.

7. Python For Pentesters –  Python has some very important features which make it very useful for hacking, but probably most importantly, it has some pre-built libraries which provide some great functionality.

Classroom Training

Instructor-led training provides a comfortable teaching environment with instructors that are familiar with the certification process and can help you master your certification exam. Find your instructor now. There’s a wealth of training materials available that match your learning needs and learning style. Whether you are studying on your own, or in a classroom environment, we recommend EC-Council and CISCO Authorized Quality Curriculum training materials that will help you get ready for your certification exam and pass the test.

Online Training

Online Training and Testing Labs are designed for students who can’t come to the center due to office timings, odd shifts, family responsibility. CRAW Security has designed a special setup to over online classroom sessions to all over online students from anywhere and any part of the world. Students can take enroll in the training and certification online using our online payment method then they can finalize timing according to student time zone.

Benefits Of Cyber Security Winter Internship in India

  • gain experience
  • develop skills
  • make connections
  • strengthen their resumes
  • learn about a field
  • assess their interest and abilities


WEEKDAY CLASSES                   

Monday to Friday

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Number of classes: 40-50 Hours

8:2 Practical Theory Ratio


Every Sunday and Saturday

Duration: 4 to 8 hours.

Number of classes : (40-50 Hours)

8:2 Practical Theory Ratio

New Batches are scheduled to be started on alternate weeks or every 15 days.

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