What Course Should I Study For Ethical Hacking After the 10th?

What Course Should I Study For Ethical Hacking After the 10th

What Course Should I Study For Ethical Hacking After the 10th?

Ethical Hacking After the 10th?

Introduction to Ethical Hacking is important if you are living in a world with enhancing technologies and rising cybercrimes because of low-level security measures. That’s because of the high risk of online threats and risks that occur due to adversaries’ malicious execution of malware and other malicious software. Want to know how to take care of such attacks? Read the article, now!

Importance of Ethical Hacking in Today’s Digital Era

  • Significance of Cyber Security

Because it protects digital assets, data, and systems from theft, damage, and unwanted access, cybersecurity is important.

It promotes trust and stability in the digital environment by protecting privacy, guaranteeing business continuity, and guarding against a variety of cyber threats.

The preservation of essential infrastructure, economic stability, and national security are all impacted by cybersecurity in today’s linked world.

  • Ethical Hacking vs. Malicious Hacking


  • Intent

Malicious hacking is done with the aim of exploiting flaws for one’s own benefit, harm, or disruption, while ethical hacking aims to find and fix security vulnerabilities to improve system security.

  • Legality

Malicious hacking is prohibited and is punishable by law, however, ethical hacking is acceptable as long as it is done with the right authorization and consent.

Ethical Hacking Course

Why Start Ethical Hacking Studies after 10th Grade?

  • Early Exposure to the Cyber World

After the tenth grade, studying ethical hacking gives students early exposure to the internet and gives them a head start in comprehending digital hazards and security.

This information encourages responsible behavior online, data protection awareness, and the growth of critical thinking abilities, enabling people to move about the digital world safely and ethically.

It may also awaken a young person’s interest in a career in cybersecurity, fostering long-term professional development.

  • Building a Strong Base for Advanced Courses

After the tenth grade, studying ethical hacking builds a solid foundation in cybersecurity concepts and practical abilities that are necessary for advanced courses and higher education in the subject.

It assists people in gaining a thorough understanding of technology, vulnerabilities, and security procedures, better preparing them for more difficult and specialized education.

This solid foundation makes it possible to pursue advanced degrees and certifications, opening the door to a lucrative and satisfying career in cybersecurity.

What Course Should I Study For Ethical Hacking After the 10th?

There are several organizations & institutes that are offering courses specially designed for IT Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in ethical hacking. However, one of the best courses available in the IT Sector is the Best Ethical Hacking Course in New Delhi offered by Craw Security.

This course is specially organized by professionals for the introduction of ethical hacking concepts to IT Aspirants who want to improve their knowledge of ethical hacking.

Moreover, students will get the chance to learn such an amazing topic under the guidance of professionals and experienced trainers. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

  • Overview of Available Courses

Some of the reputed courses available in the IT Sector are as follows:

  • Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi (Craw Sec)

We are proficient in offering some of the best courses allowing you to discover knowledge on topics like –

  1. Ethical Hacking,
  2. Cyber Security Training,
  3. Android Development Training,
  4. Website Development Training and Development,
  5. Programming Languages,
  6. Manpower Outsourcing, and
  7. Recruitment Services.

We have been working in the IT Sector for a long time and have been at the top of the best ethical hacking course providers all along. If you wish to learn more about ethical hacking contact us now!

  • Best Ethical Hacking Course in New Delhi (Craw Security)

Craw Security has offered the Best Ethical Hacking Course in New Delhi for students who have just passed the 10th standard.

This training and certification course is offered under the supervision of well-qualified trainers with years of experience in the cybersecurity domain of the IT Sector.

With that, the certification offered by Craw Security is valid in several MNCs, thus you do not need to worry about any job opportunities.

There will be a lot available for you after accomplishing your certification course.

  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Enhelion)

Obsidian and Enhelion are working together to bring you this Diploma in Ethical Hacking.

By imitating the motives and behaviors of malevolent hackers, ethical hacking is the process of identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computer and information systems.

A professional job in information security gives

  1. Financial Security,
  2. Professional Success,
  3. Acclaim, and
  4. Satisfaction of One’s Own Desires.
  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Cyber Defence Intelligence Consulting)

The experts at CDI are offering this course on ethical hacking. It is put together by skilled CDI specialists with practical knowledge of cyber security.

The comprehensive training created by CDI covers every area of hacking. framed in a way that addresses every facet of ethical hacking.

The listed courses above are customized with the latest syllabus and cyber security & hacking tech information for the students.

Delving into Details: Popular Ethical Hacking Courses for Beginners

  • Best Ethical Hacking Course in New Delhi (Craw Security)
  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Cryptus Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd)
  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Enhelion)
  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Cyber Defence Intelligence Consulting)

winter training internship program

Components of An Ideal Ethical Hacking Course

  • Understanding Computer Networks

You will have the opportunity to learn about computer network ideas in the ethical hacking course, which will teach you how to defend your online resources against network-based cyberattacks.

  • Basics of Malware and Threats

You will then learn about risks and viruses that can damage your systems in order to steal sensitive data and utilize it against innocent people.

Once the enemy is successful, they will demand a ransom from the victims in exchange for giving the authorized users access.

  • Learning Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques

Following that, you’ll discover several incredible ethical hacking methods and tools that will enable you to provide the ideal cybersecurity assistance to the person in need.

This protects the victim’s private information from online dangers. Additionally, this will significantly raise client trust in the business.

  • Hands-on Practical Sessions and Labs

In the middle of the training program, students will get the chance to practice their skills on dummy machines to improve their technical skills and knowledge in real scenarios. How about checking some of it now?

Benefits of Pursuing Ethical Hacking Courses Early

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities

At a young age, you have the mindset to grab more and more knowledge you see and want to have.

This means you have the capability to be adaptable to multiple skills and choices in the cyber security field.

You can learn several concepts of cyber security at once and can choose the best option to go for further advancements.

  • Growing as a Responsible Netizen

Pursuing ethical hacking courses early fosters a heightened sense of responsibility as a netizen by instilling the importance of ethical and lawful online behavior, data protection, and respect for privacy, ensuring a safer and more responsible digital presence.

It encourages individuals to use their cybersecurity knowledge to contribute positively to the online community and defend against cyber threats.

  • Gaining an Edge in Advanced Studies

Pursuing ethical hacking courses early provides a solid foundation that accelerates the learning curve for advanced studies in cybersecurity, giving students a competitive advantage when tackling more complex topics and certifications.

Early exposure and experience in ethical hacking help build confidence and expertise, making it easier to grasp advanced concepts and excel in the field.

Online vs. Offline Ethical Hacking Courses

1. Flexibility and Pace of Online Learning

One can easily attend classes remotely from anywhere in the world. This helps students to get certified from their comfort zone.

Moreover, those students who even if they don’t care about comfort and really want to join the courses offshore can join the sessions without any issue.

With that, they get the choice to make a decision over choosing the timing for their classes.

2. Richness of Classroom Interaction in Offline Courses

There, those who get to study offline at the premises of the institutes get the chance to communicate with other students and can do better at self-improvement of character while making decisions in dire situations due to cyberattacks.

Premises help them with the most of what they can offer to the student. It makes hassle-free studying for the students who joined the course.

Financial Aspects: Scholarships and Fee Structures

  • Scholarships Available for Aspiring Ethical Hackers

In India, several scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available for aspiring ethical hackers:

  • Government Scholarships

Look into federally supported awards, such as those available via the National Scholarship Portal (NSP), which may provide financial assistance to students seeking careers in cybersecurity and related disciplines.

  • Private Organizations

Students interested in ethical hacking and getting the necessary certifications may occasionally be offered scholarships by businesses and cybersecurity organizations like the EC-Council.

  • Academic Institutions

On the basis of academic achievement, need for financial assistance, or particular fields of study, such as cybersecurity and ethical hacking, several universities and colleges in India provide scholarships.

  • Nonprofit Organizations

Look for charitable organizations and charities that promote STEM education and might offer scholarships to students studying cybersecurity.

  • Cybersecurity Associations

Scholarships or financial help may be available to people seeking cybersecurity jobs from organizations like the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) or the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In).

  1. Average Cost of Courses: An Overview
S.No. Course Name Providers Fees
1. Best Ethical Hacking Course in New Delhi (Training + Certification) Craw Security ₹35,000
2. Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Training) Cryptus Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd ₹55,000
3. Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Training) Enhelion ₹40,000
4. Diploma in Ethical Hacking (Training) Cyber Defence Intelligence Consulting ₹50,000

Preparing for Ethical Hacking Courses

  • Strengthening the Basics: Where to Start?

Learn the fundamentals of computer networking, operating systems, and cybersecurity before enrolling in ethical hacking classes.

To lay a solid basis in these fields, practice your programming abilities, research online, and set up a controlled lab setting for practical experimentation.

To learn more about the ethics and standards of ethical hacking, think about reading introductory books and blogs on the topic.

In this book, you will be introduced to several amazing concepts related to ethical hacking and how could you ensure the safety of your online resources against online threats. To know more about this amazing ebook, you can buy it on PlayStore buy clicking the link on the name.


After the 10th you have a lot of options related to career life. However, if you really want to learn about ethical hacking, then you can definitely go after that and start learning from various sources such as – Books, Ebooks, YouTube Videos, and Courses available in the IT Industry.

However, if you want to get updates on the latest trends related to cybersecurity and hacking, you can follow our official page “News4Hackers.” What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

About What Course Should I Study For Ethical Hacking After the 10th?

  1. What is Ethical Hacking?

Authorized professionals simulate cyberattacks as part of the cybersecurity activity known as “ethical hacking,” which aims to assist firms in strengthening their security by identifying holes and vulnerabilities in systems.

  1. Why should I study Ethical Hacking after the 10th Grade?

After the 10th grade, studying ethical hacking might be beneficial for a number of reasons.

  1. Career Opportunities,
  2. Cybersecurity Awareness,
  3. Problem-Solving Skills,
  4. Contribution to Cybersecurity, and
  5. Advanced Learning.
  6. What basic knowledge should I have before diving into Ethical Hacking?

Prior to getting started with ethical hacking, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation in the following areas:

  • Computer and Network Fundamentals,
  • Programming,
  • Operating Systems,
  • Networking,
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals,
  • Web Technologies,
  • Cyber Ethics,
  • Tools and Software,
  • Continuous Learning, and
  1. What courses should I look into for Ethical Hacking after 10th Grade?

After completing grade 10, take into account the following aspects when selecting an ethical hacking course:

  1. Accreditation & Reputation,
  2. Curriculum,
  3. Hands-On Experience,
  4. Certifications,
  5. Instructors,
  6. Resources & Support,
  7. Cost & Financial Aid,
  8. Career Placement Assistance,
  9. Flexible Learning Options,
  10. Student Reviews & Alumni Feedback,
  11. Future Prospects, and
  12. Legal & Ethical Emphasis.
  13. Are there any online resources or platforms that offer courses on Ethical Hacking?

Yes, a number of websites and platforms provide training on cybersecurity and ethical hacking. There are a few well-liked choices:

  1. Craw Security,
  2. Craw Sec,
  3. Bytecode Security,
  4. Udemy,
  5. CompTIA Security+.
  6. How long does it take to become proficient in Ethical Hacking?

Dedicated learning and practical experience are often required for several years to become proficient in ethical hacking; however, the precise time frame will depend on your background knowledge and the rigor of your studies.

  1. Is it legal to practice Ethical Hacking?

When carried out with the right authorization and agreement on systems and networks you have been given permission to test and secure, ethical hacking is legal.

  1. What’s the difference between a hacker and an Ethical Hacker?

A hacker is someone who leverages security flaws for illicit gain, whereas an ethical hacker employs their expertise to find and fix security problems for legal and defensive objectives.

  1. What are the career prospects after studying Ethical Hacking?

Studying ethical hacking can lead to a number of bright job opportunities, including:

  1. Ethical Hacker/ Penetration Tester,
  2. Security Analyst,
  3. Security Consultant,
  4. Incident Responder,
  5. Security Engineer,
  6. Cybersecurity Architect,
  7. Forensic Analyst,
  8. Security Researcher,
  9. Security Trainer or Instructor, and
  10. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).


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