Introduction To Ethical Hacking in English | Ethical Hacking Course

introduction to ethical hacking

Introduction To Ethical Hacking in English | Ethical Hacking Course

The need for cybersecurity is crucial in the current digital era.  Cyber attacks have increased in frequency, sophistication, and destructiveness as a result of society’s growing reliance on technology.  Effective security measures must be used by both businesses and individuals to protect against such dangers.  One such technique that has grown in favor recently is ethical hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

White-hat hacking, commonly referred to as ethical hacking or penetration testing, is a legitimate procedure of breaking into systems to find their flaws and weaknesses.  In addition, ethical hackers are skilled experts who find security flaws in systems and notify those who own them using exactly the same practical methods as malevolent intruders.  To improve the safety record of the system, ethical hacking is done with the entire system owner’s knowledge and consent.

Why is Ethical Hacking Important?

Ethical hacking is crucial since it aids in finding and repairing system vulnerabilities prior to them being abused by counterfeiters.  In addition, businesses can evaluate their safety record and strengthen their barriers against cyber attacks by engaging in ethical hacking so precisely.  Additionally, it assists businesses in adhering to industry standards and regulations.

The Scope of Ethical Hacking

Web application testing, network security testing, mobile device security testing, and social engineering testing are just a few of the many disciplines that fall under the broad umbrella of ethical hacking, which is pretty vast.  In addition, testing web applications entails looking for security flaws such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflow.

Moreover, testing the reliability of networks’ routers, firewalls, and switches is known as network security testing.  In this regard, testing the safety parameters of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, is known as mobile device security testing.

Furthermore, phishing and other social engineering attacks are examples of the human component of security that are tested during social engineering testing.

Ethical Hacking Methodologies

Approaches for ethical hacking are organized methods to find and use weaknesses in a system.  Several of the frequently employed ethical hacking techniques include:

  • Reconnaissance – During the reconnaissance phase, details about the targeted system are gathered, including IP addresses, open ports, and operating systems.
  • Scanning – Throughout the scanning stage, a variety of tools, including port scanners, vulnerability scanners, and network mappers, are used to find the cybersecurity flaws in the system being targeted.
  • Enumeration – During the enumeration step, the envisioned system’s user profiles, passwords, and network shares are located and gathered.
  • Exploitation – Within the stage of exploitation, the target system’s cybersecurity weaknesses are used to obtain illegal entry.
  • Post-exploitation – Retaining a connection to the target system and obtaining confidential info is a part of the post-exploitation stage.

Tools Used in Ethical Hacking

A wide range of tools are used by ethical hackers to find and take advantage of the system’s cybersecurity flaws.  Among the tools that are frequently utilized, some of the commonly employed ethical hacking tools are described below:

Nmap To find open ports and services active on the target system, utilize a port scanner.
Metasploit A framework for testing and exploiting weaknesses in the targeted system.
Wireshark A tool for capturing and analyzing network traffic is known as a protocol analyzer.
Burp Suite A tool for assessing the security of web applications, which can be used to find and exploit flaws in web-based applications.
John the Ripper A tool highly employed for breaking passwords.


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