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  • Software Engineers can pursue web application security course.
  • Any IT professional who wants to learning web security.
  • Employees and college student can pursue this security course.
  • Web Application Developers who want to understand web application security
  • Project Managers and IT Managers.


Web Application Security (Top 20 Critical Web Application Vulnerabilities) course will help candidates get deep information about the web applications security process. Web applications security includes various vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Php Injection, XSS, CSRF, Indirect object reference, and many more. This course will help students to get an instant job in Cyber Security. This course will brief you about the Security challenges in Web Application Security and the Security needed in Web Applications. This course will make you understand finding in Web Application and also about removing these Vulnerabilities Web Application. Craw Security is the Globally trusted Brand in Information security and Web Application Security Training in the world. Craw Security Consultants include a group of Advanced Security Researchers from around the world who are real-world Masters in Information Security. Craw Cyber Security Providing Training via Live Classroom, Virtual Training Labs, Workshops, Webinars, Corporate Training, and Training via Dis Certified Training Centers.

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    We can build a great company from a great team. ln my experience craw is a great company and the team members are friendly and supportive. I got a great support from the management and the staff as well.

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