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Mobile Application Security Course in Delhi



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What will you learn in Mobile Application Security Course in Delhi?

Mobile Application Security Course is a combo of several penetration methods, security methods, techniques, and tools to prepare the aspirants to become Certified Mobile Application Security Testing Professionals. However, several institutes are offering mobile application security courses. This course introduces you to several amazing mobile application security concepts totally focused on the fundamentals of mobile application security. In this course, several topics will be explained with the techniques and tools mentioned in the book. Mobile Application Security Training in Delhi will help you fight against online cyber threats prepared by adversaries to attack victimized applications.

Mobile Application Security Course Content

Module 01: Introduction to MPT
Module 02: Lab Setup
Module 03: Android Architecture
Module 04: APK file Structure
Module 05: Reversing App with Apktool
Module 06: Reversing App with MobSf
Module 07: Static Analysis
Module 08: Scanning Vulnerability with Drozer
Module 09: Improper Platform Usage
Module 10: Insecure Data Storage
Module 11: Insecure Communication
Module 12: Insecure Authentication
Module 13: Insufficient Cryptography
Module 14: Insecure Authorization
Module 15: Client Code Quality
Module 16: Code Tampering
Module 17: Reverse Engineering
Module 18: Extraneous Functionality
Module 19: SSL Pinning
Module 20: Intercepting the Network Traffic
Module 21: Dynamic Analysis
Module 22: Report Preparation
Module 23: IOS Penetration: Basics

Mobile Application Security Our Course Advisor

Mobile Application Security Testing Course

Mobile Applications have become one of the mediums through which organizational members can share crucial data with each other. However, even though it made data management easy for the organization, it opened up the doors for adversaries to steal data without getting into the eyes of security measures. How could you save yourself from such attacks? For that, you need the skills of a Mobile Application Security Expert. But if you’re not that expert, you must find someone who can teach you how to obtain such skills and knowledge. For that, you can join Mobile Application Security Course in Delhi

Suppose you have created your Mobile Application and need to ensure that your application is running properly. Moreover, even if the application is working properly, security measures need to be taken carefully. To hold your head high, you need to do a proper check over your application and ensure that the security measures are done with professional techniques. Mobile App Security Training from Craw Security could lend you the needed resources to ensure the possibility of a strict security advancement. Via such skills, techniques, and tools, you’ll be able to maintain the security of your Smart Devices and Applications. Craw Security offers you support from professional and experienced trainers for Mobile Application Security Training in Delhi.

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Mobile Application Security Course Description

Mobile Security Certification Course

Well, now that you know about these skills. But do you know what to do while applying for any post related to such skills in companies? If not, then you should hear this. Mobile Application Pentesting can help organizations to work more efficiently on their application building. This Mobile Security Certification Course will help you gain more trust from organizations that proves you are a professional mobile security expert who knows about Mobile Application Security Protocols. This certification is valid in several MNCs and will allow you to get a reputed designation in a reputed company. Then, what are you waiting for? Apply for it now!

Application Security Online Training Courses

Well, many of you must be living outside Delhi and have been searching for such courses for a long time near you. For that, we want to say that now you can leave your stress out of your doorstep. Craw Security is offering the Application Security Online Training Courses to students living outside Delhi for the welfare of those keen to learn something new and want to make a career in it. Contact us for more information.

Mobile Application Security Course Tools

Several Mobile Application Security Course Tools are introduced to students by Craw Security that are as follows:
● Apktool,
● Dex2Jar,
● Bytecode-viewer,
● Androguard,
● Androbug,
● Mob-SF,
● MARA Framework,
● Drozer,
● Burp Suite Professional,
● Burp Suite Mobile Assistant,
● Objection,
● Frida, etc.

What is the Training Objective of Mobile Application Security?

Well, if you want to learn such skills you must get introduced to the needs for which such skills are used. Those are as follows:
● Secure Mobile applications Security from specialized and business rationale viewpoints.
● Distinguish business rationale and specialized weaknesses in your Mobile application’s security.
● Understand real-world attack techniques.
● Catch the business rationale stream of the Mobile Application Security.
● Distinguish the application’s weaknesses that can be abused utilizing introduced applications on cell phones.
● Evaluate cell phone security issues.
● Test and find weaknesses present in cell phones, Mobile applications, workers, and the organization.

Craw Security's Students Awarded

Who should do this Mobile Application Security Course in Delhi?

Well, there are no prerequisites while joining the Mobile Application Security Course via Craw Security which is reliable for students for a long time. For your doubts we would say the following learners are mostly interested people who search for such courses:
● Security Enthusiasts,
● IT professionals, and
● Mobile Application Developers to know mobile application security issues.

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Mobile Application Security Frequently Asked Questions

What are the security techniques in mobile applications?

There are many security techniques available that can be employed to safeguard an application with the safest methods such as the following:

•  Source Code Encryption
•  Penetration Tests - Perform a Thorough QA & Security Check
•  Secure the Data-in-transit
•  File-Level & Database  Encryption
•  Employing the Latest Cryptography Techniques
•  High-level Authentication
•  Secure the Backend
•  Minimize Storage of Sensitive Data

What is mobile application security threats?

One can understand the widely-known mobile application security threats as follows:

•  Insecure Communication
•  Lack of Input Validation
•  Insecure Data Storage
•  Client Code Security
•  Insufficient Authentication and Authorization Controls
•  Poor Encryption
•  Reverse Engineering

What is Android application security?

The Android Application Security can be defined as the numerous methodologies associated with mobile application software development that is being used by its AI program to forbid access to resources in case it is used incorrectly or maliciously, or any other distinguished forms by which a concerning mobile application can be compromised.

Why do we need mobile application security?

Since all the major and minor websites are becoming mobile-friendly and bringing their hard-earned database to the mobile applications’ interfaces, they are becoming the prime targets of the illicit hackers who have ill intentions to steal all the sensitive and crucial information encrypted in the servers of those concerning mobile applications.

We can genuinely say that there are multiple kinds of databases stored in the respective servers of mobile applications such as personal files, banking credentials, sensitive customer information, and many more which can single data breach can compromise.

What is application software security?

The prominent Application Security is the methodology of crafting, developing, adding, and testing security aspects within the concerning applications to hinder security vulnerabilities like illegitimate access and alteration.

Is Android or iOS more secure?

According to various studies conducted by several independent researchers and organizations, it seems that iPhone and iPad users are more secure than Android users all around the globe. The two platforms have distinguishably different in terms of their security concerns, working functions, complexity factors, etc.

How do you secure apps on Android?

There are certain practices that one can employ in order to confirm the security status of one’s android device’s applications to some certain level. Some of them are defined below:


•  Always install apps from secured and authorized sections such as Play Store, App Store, etc.
•  Always give permissions to the apps after reading the T&C sections so precisely which may contain some unwanted access to the application which may lead to data theft or anything more malicious.
•  Never use public Wi-Fi which may give unauthorized access to the malicious actors to your android devices.
•  Secure your android device from proper password/ pin protection. One may also use the Iris scanner or voice scanner in order to confirm the identity of the intended user.

What is the purpose of a mobile application?

A mobile application or an app, is some kind of software application dedicatedly designed by an organization to run on mobile devices (whether Android or iOS), computer, or tablet devices. The main purpose of mobile applications is to quickly resolve the users’ intended problems and serve with the conclusions in the shortest possible time.

What is mobile application security testing?

Mobile Application Security Testing is commonly known as Mobile AST or Mobile Application Pentesting. It is defined as the process in which a security analyst performs a series of events that evaluates the corresponding vulnerabilities, threats, and loopholes in a targeted mobile application used with distinguished mobile platforms or devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile in-process or post-development.


Mobile Application Security

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