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Online Capture The Flag Course in Delhi- Craw Security

115 Lessons
60 hours

Online Penetration Testing Course covers 29 modules which include finding …

What you'll learn
Exploits and Client-Side Attack.
How to use Vulnerability Assessment Tools for System.
Data Collection, Evidence Management, and Reporting.

Online Advanced Capture The Flag Course in Delhi

110 Lessons
40 hours

This Online Penetration Testing Course in Delhi is well designed …

What you'll learn
It will help you in determining the weakness in hardware and application
You will learn about how to ensure control over information security in company
Finding out bugs in existing software and then updating the same
Testing applications

Penetration Testing Online Course

40 hours

Latest Student Reviews Google Review(1120)  5/5 Name Testimonial Review …

What you'll learn
Scoping your penetration testing.
Network and Web Application.
Web Application Penetration Testing

Learn Online CompTIA PenTest Plus Course in Delhi

40 hours

Latest Student Reviews Google Review (1120)  5/5 Name Testimonial …

What you'll learn
Introduction to Basics of Penetration Testing
Understand the scope of penetration testing
Report writing and recommending new strategies
Planning and key aspects of compliance-based assessments
Information gathering & identification of vulnerability
Exploiting network, wireless, application
How to perform post-exploitation techniques
Penetration testing tools to analyze the output and basic scripts
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