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Top 10 Hacking groups

Top 10 Hacking Groups In the World | Craw Security

Top 10 Hacking Groups


Within the obscure recesses of the online world, some hacking collectives have garnered significant attention, primarily attributable to their noteworthy instances of cyber intrusions or ideological impetuses.  Various actors, including state-sponsored entities and hacktivists, have significantly influenced the realms of cybersecurity and global geopolitics, thereby leaving a lasting imprint.

Presented below are the 10 foremost hacking groups widely renowned for their boldness, expertise, and notable undertakings:

1. Anonymous


Anonymous, a hacktivist collective, is widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent groups in this domain. Operating in a decentralized manner, it has asserted accountability for a multitude of cyber-attacks targeting governmental, religious, and business online platforms.

2. Lizard Squad

Lizard Squad

Renowned for their prominent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, they effectively disrupted the operations of prominent gaming networks, such as Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live, causing temporary shutdowns in the year 2014.

3. APT28 (Fancy Bear)

APT28 (Fancy Bear)

This group, widely speculated to have affiliations with the Russian government, has been implicated in cyber-attacks targeting the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during the 2016 United States elections.

4. Lazarus Group

Lazarus Group

Reportedly supported by the government of North Korea, this group is linked to a range of activities involving cyber espionage and cyber-warfare, notably including the well-known cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

5. Equation Group

Equation Group

It is widely acknowledged that there exists a perception that this particular entity is an offshoot of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), and it has been implicated in numerous instances of cyber espionage on an international scale.

6. Shadow Brokers

Shadow Brokers

The aforementioned collective garnered attention due to its dissemination of highly advanced hacking tools, purportedly originating from the Equation Group. Subsequently, these tools assumed a substantial part in the proliferation of cyber-attacks, such as the notorious WannaCry incident.

7. APT1 (Comment Crew)

APT1 (Comment Crew)

APT1, which is affiliated with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, has been implicated in engaging in cyber-espionage endeavors aimed against crucial sectors across multiple nations.

8. Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)

Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has initiated cyber-attacks on media establishments perceived as antagonistic towards the Syrian government, garnering support for President Bashar al-Assad.

9. Carbanak (Anunak)

Carbanak (Anunak)

With a specific emphasis on financial institutions, this collective entity has assumed responsibility for illicitly acquiring more than one billion dollars from numerous banks across the globe.

10. DarkHotel


The aforementioned gang strategically focuses on business executives by leveraging hotel networks, frequently employing advanced techniques and exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities. The origins and motives of the subject under investigation continue to be enveloped in obscurity.

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