Best Ethical Hacking Salary in India 2023

ethical hacking salary in india

Best Ethical Hacking Salary in India 2023

Ethical Hacker Salary! Does everyone want to know how much an Ethical Hacker can earn? It depends on how many skills one knows. Every Ethical Hacker knows certain parts of Ethical Hacking. Also, which institute you may join for this course can also make some chances to grow.

In 2023, Cyber Security is at its peak, and everyone around you may be one of the professionals in this field. The simplest reason for that is that Information Security needs professionals to secure the data.

Issue of Confidential Data

A lot of Confidential Data is hidden behind the database, protected by layers of protection. However, some professionals in hacking techniques are able to crack the passwords to enter the database of the user’s private system.

Even if it’s about a normal person or an organization, everyone’s data is equally important to them. Cybercriminals threaten a common man to exchange monetary favors with data that the person may want to hide from others.

To stop these criminals from performing such practices on someone’s Private Network, one needs the help of Cyber Experts. These experts have already completed the course on ethical Hacking. Where should you learn these skills from? Let’s see.

Ethical Hacking Jobs | Ethical Hacking Salary

There are several companies that are offering high-profile jobs for professional ethical Hackers. The reason is that Cybercriminals are experts in breaking the weak protection layer of Private Networks. Also, after they do their work, they hide the evidence from where they enter and where they hide the files they need.

Now, the Forensics Investigators need the help of the Ethical Hacker to find out where’s the evidence of the wrongdoing of the attackers. They are trained to configure, search and fight against the technique that the attacker has used. Once they get the method that the attacker has used, they reveal the evidence as soon as possible.

What happens after the Ethical Hacker finds the evidence?

After that, the attacker won’t be able to hide anymore. Now, you must have got the idea that Ethical Hackers are professionals that can handle work in many places. If you want to be one of them, you can apply for an Ethical Hacking course after the 10th.

Many students are applying for it from an earlier stage of their studies. Also, an Ethical Hacker Salary in India is worth a try. If you go for Ethical Hacking, you may be able to learn several techniques and methods to work as a Professional Cyber Forensics Expert.

Different Places pay differently to hackers. Let’s see.

1. Ethical hacking salary per month can be estimated from 21,000 – to 45,000 as a fresher. As time flies, your salary will automatically pick its pace and raise.
2. Most people ask for the salary of an Ethical Hacker at Google. The salary of an Ethical Hacker in Google India ranges from ₹ 4,81,334 to ₹5,16,500.
3. If Google pays that much account to an Ethical Hacker, then what about a Black Hat Hacker? The Black Hat Hacker Salary in Google ranges from ₹1.77 lakh to ₹40 lahks per annum.

Now that you have understood how much the hacker salary in India is per month, you can go for an Ethical Hacking Course to learn deeply. Right?

Now, your wish must be to apply for an Ethical Hacking Course and become a Professional Hacker. Right? You can contact Craw Security Private Limited. Here, you get the BestEthical Hacking Course in Delhi. Also, you get the best team of experts in giving sessions on cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

If you want to apply for online classes because you’re living outside the country/ Delhi, for that, also you can rely on Craw Security. Craw Security also provides online sessions to students for Ethical Hacking. Then, there’s no need to worry about anything. You can contact Craw Security and ask about your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Is Ethical Hacking a good career in India?

Not only in India, it’s also a good career option outside India. Other countries also offer good pay for such professionals. Moreover, it’s available for everyone who wants to work as a professional ethical Hacker for MNCs. There are several courses available and offered by several institutes.

  1. Is Ethical Hacking the highest paid?

Yes, it’s one of the highest-paid jobs globally. That’s because it’s related to providing security to the Private Networks of MNCs and someone it’s related to Cyber Forensics. So, it’s a long way to go, and there’s a lot to learn.

  1. Are Ethical Hackers Rich in India?

We won’t say that every Ethical Hacker is so wealthy that you can call them rich. However, in terms of earnings, they are well-established in the IT field. Also, every year something new comes up and many companies need professionals to handle such situations.

  1. How much do Ethical Hackers earn a year?

The salary of a fresher in Ethical Hacking starts from 21,000 and can increase with time and experience. There are several that an Ethical Hacker has to cross to become more skilled in all of them.

  1. Can I study Ethical Hacking after the 12th?

Yes, you can study Ethical Hacking after the 12th by contacting an institute that provides courses for Ethical Hacking. One of the best institutes for Ethical Hacking is Craw Security. Craw Security provides courses for Cyber Security.

  1. Which job has the highest salary?

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are senior-level executives. This is one of the highest-paid designations in Cyber Security. To reach this level, you can just start your career by learning about Cyber Security and one of the best subjects, Ethical Hacking.

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