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Best Cyber Security Course in Gurgaon

Best Cyber Security Courses in Gurgaon | Cyber Security Institute

Cyber Security Courses in Gurgaon

Cyber Security Courses offer students the opportunity to learn about Cyber Attacks and ways to defend against them. Now the question – why do we need to learn about Cyber Attacks? The Internet allowed everyone to connect to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

This also provided a platform where they could learn, observe, and create something new while sharing their views. These platforms are known as Social Media Platforms. Social Media Platforms contain that much of the data of a user which can be an opportunity for an attacker to blackmail the user for monetary funds.

Now, this data could be the reason for the user to worry about. However, even if we let this matter go, what about MNCs? Multinational companies hold the data of millions of people from around the world. To protect data, companies need Network Professionals, Cyber Security Experts, and Ethical Hackers.

This is the ultimatum they give to the attackers. Now, the question is where do these experts come from? Also, how do they protect the data from unauthorized people? Let’s know the full procedure. The expert or we could say Cyber Attack Professionals are known to be the protector of data via their technology and methods.

They used to be normal students like anyone else, however, they chose to take a path where they learned about Cyber Security Methods. These students join a Cyber Security Course which trains them to be Professional Ethical Hackers.

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Cyber Security Course in Gurgaon

This course trains students to be Professional Ethical Hackers. It covers all aspects of Cyber Security techniques and methods so that the Professionals can save companies from data theft. Unauthorized hackers try to hack networks and systems. Then sell that information to the person for personal gain.

Organizations store people’s card data, personal data, and confidential information that need protection against Cyber Criminals. Such Unauthorized hackers are Professionals in finding loopholes in the networking system. If the barrier seems weak to them they try to break the security and trespass into the database.

This data contains a lot of data related to consumers, organizations, and the marketing strategy of companies. Many of the competitors stay in the market to steal that data and climb to the top. Whereas, the competitors whom they want to chase down and be on the top are trying to strengthen their systems. There are two types of hackers mainly and most importantly.

Ethical Hacker An Ethical Hacker fights against the illegitimate actions of unauthorized hackers. These hackers personally learn techniques to make the attacks of cybercrime fail. Also, they make protection over the networking system so that the attacker may not be able to attack and steal data.

They learn techniques and methods to break the delusion made by Cybercriminals. That’s because the message that the attacker wants to hide must be disclosed. Also, they give a hand to the anti-forensics team so that they can reveal the evidence of the crime that just happened.

Unethical Hacker (Cybercriminal) An Unethical Hacker is a Professional doing crimes related to hacking someone else’s private networks, finding loopholes, and cracking passwords. They use several techniques to break into the system of an individual.

That system must contain some useful and confidential data that could probably come into use by the attacker. In exchange for that data, the attacker asks for the bribing person who asks for that data, some monetary benefits.


Note: That kind of data can be a time bomb if it gets revealed in front of those people who must not see it. So, that’s why companies demand Professional ethical hackers.


If we talk about where they learn it, then they join Cyber Security Institutes providing classes to teach Ethical Hacking. Ethical Hacking needs a lot of concentration and the best learning environment. Thus, you must go to a Professional Training Institute where you can get the best experience.

Cyber Security Certification Details

This verifies that the person holding this certification is a Professional Ethical Hacker. Also, that handles the confidential data of the organization. Or who might be asking for help in Cyber Security? This certification is valid till 3 years after that one needs to reappear for the exam.

The reason for this is that in those 3 years there could be new technologies, techniques, tools, and methods.  Other than that, the reason could be the interviewer may not accept it because of the advancement in technology. What’s more, if you don’t want to take the exam you can take another exam for the Course advanced than this. Now, let’s see what you’re going to see in this course and what you are going to learn.

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Cyber Security Course Curriculum (Syllabus)

  • Hacking Web Servers Server Rooting, Hacking Wireless Networks, Penetration Testing
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Hacking, Cloud Security, and many more.
  • BURP SUITE / Proxy Interception
  • Security Administrators and IT Managers.
  • Tracking and Investigating Various Email Crimes.
  • Recover Deleted Files and Folders.
  • Various popular techniques like Acquiring Images, Cracking Passwords, Encryption, Stenography, etc.
  • Fundamentals of Networking Basic Course and Defense Techniques
  • Network Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerabilities in Web Applications and how to remove them

These were some of the things from the whole syllabus that you’re going to learn. Now, you must look for an institute that can provide you with the best equipment and sessions. Then Craw Security is the one you’re looking for. Craw Security has held an image of the best institute giving sessions for Cyber Security for more than 10 years and has been doing great since then. That’s why you can believe in Craw Security for the best Cyber Security Professionals Sessions after the 10th.

Cyber Security Training Online

Unlike other institutes, Craw Security Institute offers Online Cyber Security Course in Gurgaon for students of IT sectors who want to pursue the profession of a certified Professional ethical hacker. Online Businesses demand these Professionals protect against Cyber Threats that can make handling other organizational operations easy.

Why does Craw Security provide online training too? The simplest and quickest answer would be that Craw Security understands the curiosity of students to learn new things and try new technology. Learning is the first motive of everybody, that’s why.

Cyber Security with Training and Placement

Whether it’s about the learning environment or the training sessions, Craw Security makes it possible for students to pursue a cyber security course in Gurgaon after 12th. Also, it makes it possible for students to get job offers just after getting certified with our certification. This certification is valid globally and in most companies in the IT industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cyber Security Course | Best Institute for Cyber Security Course in Gurgaon

1. Where to learn cyber security in Gurgaon?

In Gurgaon, you will meet several institutes, however, Craw Security can provide you with the best learning environment you can ever ask for. The teachers are friendly and will help you through every step of the practical training.

2. Why choose Craw Cyber Security training institute in Gurgaon?

Crawsec Cyber Security Training Institute in Gurgaon has received a lot of recommendations from Certified Ethical Hackers who got certified by Craw Security. That means they were confident in the teaching quality of the teachers here.

3. How much does it cost to study cyber security in Gurgaon?

Institutes can ask for higher fees even if you manage to enroll in a high-standard institute. Also, they might be planning to end the sessions even before it start. Whereas, Craw Security offers this course on a pocket-friendly budget that students can afford.

4. What is Online Cyber Security Training?

Online Cyber Security Training simply means that an institute is providing online training for the Cyber Security Course which students can attend even from home. It makes it easy for students to learn even from a far-distant place. Not every institute can give you this offer, whereas contacting Craw Security can make it possible.

5. What are the career prospects after completing cyber security courses after 12th?

There are several job opportunities/ designations available after the completion of this course. You can work as a Professional Ethical Hacker for companies needing help in handling the confidential data secured in networking systems.

6. What is the mode of delivery of the program? Is the program completely virtual/online? 

Other Institutes may offer offline courses or online at once. However, Craw Security offers both sessions. Even if the students want to pursue this course from another city it’ll be possible with Craw Security.

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