Module 01: Penetration Testing: What You Should Know

Module 02: Using The Metasploit Framework

Module 03: Command Line Fun

Module 04 : Linux Pentesting with BasicPT

Module 05 : Linux Pentesting with MrRobotCtf

Module 06 : Windows PT with AnthemCtf

Module 07 : Anonforce Machine Description

Module 08 : Windows PT with Retro

Module 09 : LinuxPT with DAV

Module 10 : Linux PT with Chocolate Factory

Module 11 : Linux PT with WonderlandCtf

Wonderland Machine Description
What You Will Learn from Wonderland Ctf ?
Wonderland Ctf – Gaining initial access
Wonderland Ctf – Horizontal privilege escalation
Wonderland Ctf – Exploiting the executable
Wonderland Ctf – Lateral privilege escalation
Wonderland Ctf – Exploring user files
Wonderland Ctf- Looking for privesc vectors
Wonderland Ctf – Running Linpeas
Wonderland Ctf – Analysing the results
Wonderland Ctf – Final Privilege Escalation

Module 12 : Report Writing

Trying Harder: The Labs

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