Wi-Fi Hacking Tools used by Hackers

Wi-Fi Hacking Tools used by Hackers
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Wi-Fi Hacking Tools used by Hackers

Wi-Fi Hacking Tools used by Hackers

Some of the famous and widely used Wi-Fi hacking tools used by hackers.

1. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is the tool that hackers learn to use first because it works across very common and widespread flaws in modern Wi-Fi networks. This flaw depends upon few conditions to work. First it needs a client device like a smartphone or a laptop connected to a Wi-Fi network then with the right wireless network adapter it can kick the client out of the network and when they reconnect, listen in on the handshake they exchange. Once you capture the handshake you can use the computer to quickly guess every likely passwords, allowing you to test potentially millions of passwords. While this seems complicated even a beginner can learn Wi-Fi hacking with Aircraft-ng

2. Wifite

Wifite is a powerful Wi-Fi hacking tool that allows you to automate the most common parts of hacking a Wi-Fi network. It will show you how to use this tool that’s great for script kiddies and professionals alike. Wifite is unique as a Wi-Fi hacking tool because it doesn’t require you to know anything about the various Wi-Fi networks in the area to get started instead you can just type Wifite and it opens a site survey allowing you to see all the various wireless networks in an area. The details in this are super rich for anyone looking to hack wireless networks.

3. Kismet

If you can’t break into a network there’s still a lot you can learn from aalyzing packets with tools like Kismet, no password required Kismet can show information like when a user is home or not, which device they are currently connected to and using, and what types of Wi-Fi devices are insie a location. All of this makes it a hacker’s ideal tool for wireless spying.

4. Wifiphisher

While there are many ways to hack a wireless network, This tool is mostly used by hackers and the easiest way is simply to trick the user into giving you the password themselves by a tool calles Wifiphisher. We can do this by actually creating a fake login page and taking advantage of the fact that the average user doesn’t know what the login page for their router looks like to do this we’ll use a Python program called Wi-Fi Fisher but in order to get it working you’ll need to have Kali Linux and a wireless network adapter that’s compatible Kali Linux.

5. InSSIDer

InSSIDer is a Wi-Fi scanner used by millions of people around the world to help them see what’s happening with Wi-Fi. InSSIDder is especially useful when you are working on optimizing a wireless network. InsSSIDer uses the Wi-Fi card or adapter in their computer to scan for wireless access points and captures information about each network into text. The software then turns all this data into an easy-to-understand visualization of your Wi-Fi landscape.

6. Wireshark

Wireshark this software tool is best to look into protocol related data packets that are often transmitted over the network. It also uses solar wind network packet sniffer where the performance of this sniffing tool is best where the performance management is to be looked into.

7. CoWPAtty

CoWPAtty tool was developed by wireless security researcher Joshua Wright. This tool simplifies and speeds the dictionary attack against WPA2 password. CoWPAtty is one of the hundreds of pieces of software that are included in the backtrack suit of software in pentest wireless dictionary but instead was left in the “/user/”.

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