Why Cyber Security Careers in Demand? | Certified Ethical Hacker

cyber security career

Why Cyber Security Careers in Demand? | Certified Ethical Hacker

Why Cyber Security Careers in Demand? | Certified Ethical Hacker

Cybercrime has taken the world by storm. We are living in an era where our enemy is unknown and we do not need weapons but smart and intelligent brains in the form of Ethical hackers to save mankind from its ultimate doom.

Let us first understand what cybersecurity is although the word is self-explanatory.

cyber security course

It basically means protecting information that is sensitive and critical from digital attacks. These attacks aim at having an access to the system first followed by changing and destroying information which could result in hampering the normal functioning of business

Skills Required for Cybersecurity professionals

  • Technical bent of mind
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Attentive
  • Intention to learn
  • Understanding of Hacking
  • Basic computer Forensic skills
  • Security knowledge across various platforms
  • Communication
types of cyber attacks
types of cyber attacks

Cyber Threats Sources

It is important to understand the source of threats to identify where threats are coming from, who is responsible and why?

Ø Terrorists
Ø Hackers
Ø Malicious insider
Ø Industrial spies
Ø Crime groups which are organized
Ø State-sponsored
Ø Cyberespionage
Ø Hacktivists

Damages caused by Cyberattacks

o Reputation at Stake- Loss of trust by consumers and loss of potential customers to competitors due to word of mouth and wrong coverage by media

o Regulatory costs- As a result of these cybercrimes, data breach laws can make an organization suffer from regulatory costs or fines

o Economic costs- Includes the cost of damaged systems being repaired, theft of information.

Ways to prevent cyber crimes

  1.  Strong passwords should be used
  2. Software should be updated
  3. Home network should be strengthened
  4. Having awareness of major security breaches
  5. A full-service internet security suite should be used
  6. Educate your kids and keep an eye on them
  7. Should be aware of the steps to be taken if you are a victim of it
  8. Protect yourself against identity theft done for economic gain
  9. Applications should be downloaded from reliable sources
  10. Regular back-ups of data which is critical and store it in a different drive
  11. Social media settings should be managed

Note- Portal to report cyber-crime is

Interesting facts

  • The maximum number of cases were reported in Karnataka 12,020
  • In Uttar Pradesh11,416
  • In Maharashtra 4,967
  • In Telangana 2,691
  • In Assam 2,231
  • As per reports, 27 million adults have suffered identity thefts in the last 12 months
  • 52% of adults are not aware of the measures to be taken to prevent themselves
  • As per IBM reports India is the second most target after Japan in 2020 by cybercriminals

Methods of targeting

 Ø Card Frauds
Ø Social media cases
Ø Card skimming
Ø Phishing
Ø Job Fraud
Ø Business opportunity fraud
Ø Gifts & Loans offer

Ethical Hackers

Also known as white hat hackers or information security experts are popularly known as (InfoSec) penetrates a computer system after getting authorization from its owner to uncover security vulnerabilities and expose hackers so that they are not able to exploit them.

Ethical Hacker eligibility

Ø Advanced diploma in Network security
Ø Bachelor’s in Information technology

Coming to the meat of the matter Cyber security careers demands ethical hackers to prevent Potential security threats by highlighting them which would result in saving the world from hackers.


Ethical Hacking is important nowadays

  1. For the Prevention of Critical and sensitive data
  2. Highlights the security risks which hackers can exploit
  3. You can save your company from being blackmailed
  4. Through ethical hacking, they test digital security systems to enhance their strength

Moreover, many institutes are offering Ethical hacking courses, one of them being You can flip through the website for more details. 

In the end, I would just like to conclude my article with the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, be alert, be aware of your surroundings.


1. Are ethical hackers in demand?
Yes, they are in high demand. The starting salary for them in India is 4 to 18 lakh per annum

2.Types of jobs ethical hackers can get

(i) Information security analyst
(ii) Security analyst
(iii) Penetration tester
(iv) Certified ethical hacker
(v) Information security manager

3. India’s no. 1 Hacker?
Anand Prakash

4. Is Cybersecurity job Hard?
Yes, it is challenging and stressful

5. Cyber security careers pay scale in India?
As per some reports, the Average cyber expert salary in India has been raised to 8.8 lakh but the Cybersecurity analyst average salary is Rs 32,900


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