Offensive Security: Certifications and Training in Delhi

offensive security certification and training

Offensive Security: Certifications and Training in Delhi

Offensive Security: Certifications and Training in Delhi

In the market of Cyber Security and Penetration Testing, there is a vast course that is nicely dedicated to the learning processes of many genuine courses, which are the market giants in the field of information security courses.  As per the organization of Offensive Security, New York, USA, we would like to explain the Introduction to Offensive Security, where you will learn the most crucial information security courses that you can hardly find anywhere else in the world.

In this blog, you will learn about the highly emerging and the most wanted information security courses in the world from the house of Offensive Security.  You will also be exposed to the new technologies that you would gain in the primetime methods of learning the Offensive Security: Certifications and Training in Delhi that you may learn with Craw Security – the authorized learning partner with Offensive Security.

What is Offensive Security?

Founded in the year 2007, Offensive Security is basically an American international company functioning in the area of delivering Information Security, Penetration Testing, and Digital Forensics services.  The organization established numerous open-source projects, advanced security courses, ExploitDB (vulnerability database), and the Kali Linux distribution.

Offensive Security was originally started by Mati Aharoni and employs security professionals with a decent experience in security penetration testing and system security evaluation.  Apart from it, Offensive Security has provided security counseling and training to several technology-based enterprises.

And last but not least, Offensive Security also provides training and certification courses in the genre of information security as we all know it in today’s era.

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Many persons learning the Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi should come to know that numerous Offensive Security Certification courses possess the most crucial information related to the latest technologies possessed by the respective curricula of the dedicated training of Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi.  In addition, if any person is intended to learn the high-end OSCP Training Online, then the same could reach the Offensive Security Certification List on the official website of Offensive Security.

Moreover, one can also go to the official website of Craw Cyber Security Institute – an Authorized Learning Partner with Offensive Security to deliver its information security courses at a discounted price to all InfoSec enthusiasts.  Anyone with a keen intention to learn the infosec Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi offered from the house of Offensive Security itself can learn it by enrolling in the upcoming batches at Craw Security’s Saket and Laxmi Nagar branches.

Topic Course*
Penetration Testing Pentesting Prerequisites (PEN-100)
PEN-200 and the OSCP Certification
PEN-210 and the OSWP Certification
PEN-300 and the OSEP Certification
Web Application Web App Security Basics (WEB-100)
WEB-200 and the OSWA Certification
WEB-300 and the OSWE Certification
Exploit Development EXP-301 and the OSED Certification
EXP-312 and the OSMR Certification
EXP-401 and the OSEE Certification
Security Operations Security Operations for Beginners (SOC-100)
SOC-200 and the OSDA Certification

*The course guidelines, eligibility criteria, and all other relevant details are a subject to change as per the sole decision of Offensive Security.

Offensive Security Certification Path

Most students who want to go for the varied courses associated with the best that they can get would go for Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi from the authorized learning partner – Craw Cyber Security Institution can offer them the most crucial and latest Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi.  Furthermore, the Offensive Security Certification Path deployed for learning the nicely optimized various Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi is supervised by industry experts with almost 10+ years of essential experience.

OSCP Certification Syllabus

We at Craw Security promise our current and prospective students an unparalleled promise to deliver them the most updated and latest technologies possessing Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi.  In this sequence, any potential learner who desires to learn OSCP Certification Training after having a genuine working experience as a proven information security professional in any reputed IT organization can visit our OSCP Certification Training Page of Craw Security to know more about the OSCP Certification Syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi

1: What does Offensive Security mean?

There is nothing in the name that you should know about Offensive Security.  The main concern is what this organization does in the global marketplace.  Offensive Security is the supergiant in the world for delivering you a genuine series of information security training and certifications.  It also delivers various  Information Security, Penetration Testing, and Digital Forensics services.

2: How hard is Offensive Security?

It is basically scenario-based examinations carried out in the Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi.  For instance, the performance-based OSCP Certification Training is about 23 hours and 45 mins duration exam, which is pretty tough to pass.

3: Who owns Offensive Security?

Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns own all kinds of intellectual property rights and other corresponding copyrights and claims regarding Offensive Security.

4: How many Oscp are there?

There are around 10,000/- trained and certified OSCP Certified Professionals are there in the world.

5: Who owns OSCP?

An American international company named Offensive Security owns the widely famous OSCP Certification Training.

6: What certification is OSCP?

A widely famous and super-giant of information security courses in the world – Offensive Security holds all the rights of OSCP Certification Training which is a super-advanced course of Penetration Testing with Kali Linux.

7: What is OSCP’s salary?

According to – an independent salary accounting organization, candidates who possess OSCP Certification Training to get home an average of ₹22 LPA, mostly ranging from ₹14 LPA to ₹35 LPA based on the data of 6 profiles.  Moreover, the top 10% of employees earn more than ₹32 LPA.

8: Is the OSCP certification worth it?

Yes, it is truly worthwhile to get an OSCP Certification Training. However, it is not an easy nut to crack.  It takes around 24 hours duration to give the scenario-based OSCP Certification Exam, which is pretty much a tough task to accomplish.

9: Is OSCP harder than CEH?

Yes, OSCP is a very harder course to accomplish than CEH.  Since enrolling in the OSCP course requires a decent amount of proven experience in information security, networking administration, Linux essentials, etc., one needs to work in the infosec industry as a proven professional to seek admission in the OSCP Certification Training.

10: Which is better, OSCP or CEH?

There is no doubt that OSCP is a better course than CEH.  However, due to its high eligibility criteria and a hefty amount of fee structure, people tend to choose Eccouncil CEH v11 Certification Training more than OSCP Certification Training.


Just to learn the prominent Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi NCR by Craw Security – an Authorized Learning Partner of Offensive Security, students can opt for the upcoming batches for numerous courses of Offensive Security through Craw Cyber Security Institution.  The overall benefits that a person can get after the successful completion of the Offensive Security Certifications and Training in Delhi would be so enlarged, and a person would be counted in the thousands of successful people that have obtained the OSCP Certification Training triumphantly.

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