Craw Reviews by Siddhart | Cyber Forensics Investigation

Soddharth Chauhan WA

Craw Reviews by Siddhart | Cyber Forensics Investigation

Craw Reviews by Siddhar

Siddharth Chauhan, who identifies himself as a passionate cybersecurity enthusiast with an Information Security Diploma. The post announces his achievement in obtaining a Cyber Forensics certification from Craw Security, highlighting his capability to investigate and analyze digital evidence in cyber incidents.


The central focus of the image is the “CYBER FORENSICS & INVESTIGATION CERTIFICATE” with the name SIDDHARTH inscribed, confirming he met all requirements and criteria through an examination administered by Craw Security. The certificate features a sleek design with dark tones and gold accents and is endorsed by the ‘CYBER RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS WING’ along with logos from notable partners like EC-Council, CompTIA, CISCO, PECB, CertNexus, Offensive Security, and Red Hat, indicating a well-recognized accreditation in the cybersecurity industry.

siddharth cyber forensics investigation

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