Module 01 : Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Module 02 : Accessing the Command Line

Module 03 : Managing Files from the command Line

Module 04 : Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Module 05 : Creating, Viewing & Editing Test Files

Module 06 : Managing Local Users and Groups

Module 07 : Controlling Access to Files

Module 08 : Monitoring and Managing Linux Process

Module 09 : Controlling Services and Daemons

Module 10 : Configuring and Securing SSH

Module 11 : Analyzing and Storing Logs

Module 12 : Managing Networking

TCP/IP Model
IPv4 Addresses
IPv4 Classes with its range
IPv4 Private IP address
IPv4 Special Address
To create a connection and provide IP, DNS and Gateway address through NMCLI Command
How To Provide Secondary IP and Secondary DNS IP in Linux
Troubleshooting Commands Used in Linux like PING, NETSTAT, SS and TRACEROUTE Commands

Module 13 : Archiving and Transferring Files

Module 14 : Installing and Updating Software Packages

Module 15 : Accessing Linux File System

Module 16 : Analyzing Servers and Getting Support

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