A Stepwise Approach How to Report Hacked or Fake Social Media Accounts in India

How to Report Hacked or Fake Social Media Accounts in India

A Stepwise Approach How to Report Hacked or Fake Social Media Accounts in India

How to Report Hacked or Fake Social Media Accounts in India

Has someone stolen your name on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram? It is simply called Identity Theft in technical language.  Don’t worry — you can fight back and get back hold of your accounts.

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Here is an in-depth guide on how to report stolen and fake accounts in India:


  • Report To Facebook: Go to Facebook’s page for reporting things:  Tell them what’s going on, and remember the ticket number they give you for usage in the future.
  • Seek Government Assistance: If Facebook doesn’t answer within 48 hours, you can take your complaint to the Grievance Against Cybercrime site run by the Indian government at  The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) make up the Inter-departmental Coordination Committee (I4C), which is in charge of this platform. It will now take further action.

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  • If No Response, Move Up: Like on Facebook, users can take their problems to the Government of India’s portal after two days if they aren’t resolved. I4C – MHA, MeitY, and other appropriate authorities will be involved in the process.


  • Submit A Report To Instagram: To report something on Instagram, the first thing you should do is go to Send in a report that is clear and to the point about the hacking or fake.  You may even submit a report if you have any other concerns other than hacking, like misleading, spam, nudity, obscenity, etc.


  • Assistance of GOI: Users can finally go to the Government of India’s site to make their case heard if nothing is done within 48 hours. The I4C handles these high-level reports with the help of its many oversight groups, such as MHA, MeitY, and others.

Key Points To Remember

  • Need To Act Quick: To mitigate any harm, promptly report any instances of hacked or impersonated accounts.
  • Gather Evidence: Retain screenshots, emails, or any other pertinent evidence that substantiates your identity and the fraudulent behavior.
  • Keep An Eye Out: Exercise vigilance over any dubious messages, friend requests, or efforts to access your account.

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By adhering to these instructions and using the offered tools, you can reestablish authority over your online persona and assert resistance against cybercriminal activities.  Do not hesitate to seek assistance from both social media networks and the Indian government when necessary.

Highlighting Some Precautionary Tips:

  • Update your passwords on any impacted accounts and any other sites where you utilize the identical login information.
  • Activate two-factor authentication to enhance security.
  • Notify your internet service provider of any dubious behavior.
  • Stay updated on the latest online scams and cyber threats.

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