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Once you entered into the vast field of being a Linux System Administrator, after some while, you think of getting a decent designation hike with a handsome boom in salary as well.  To get this, a person requires to hone one’s skills to the optimum level so that getting a suitable raise in both salary and designation would become easier.  In this regard, we sincerely need a worthy resource from where we can get the Red Hat RHCE Certification Course in India under the primetime guidance of world-class trainers.

  • Red Hat RHCSA Training Exam: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX294
  • Red Hat RHCSA Training Exam Code: EX294
  • What is Red Hat RHCE Training Exam Cost: ₹20,000 (INR)
  • Red Hat RHCE Exam Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • Exam Type: Performance-Based
  • Red Hat RHCE Passing Score: 70%


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX294 Courseware

The Red Hat Certified Engineer 9 is offered on the latest version of RHEL v9.0 update by a few accredited training partners, in which Craw Security, a Certified Red Hat Training Partner offers world-class RHCE Training in India by skilled and experienced teaching professionals.  In addition, this RHCE Course in India is a designated training program designed to prepare individuals for the RHCE certification exam.

Moreover, this Red Hat Certification Course covers a range of topics related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) administration, including installation, configuration, and management of the operating system.  As a general rule, the courseware typically includes a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on lab exercises, and practice exams to help students prepare for the certification exam.

Upon completion of this internationally acclaimed RHCE Certification Training Course in India, individuals should have the skills and knowledge needed to pass the RHCE EX294 exam and earn the certification.

What’s New in Red Hat Certified Engineer 9?

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is the advanced course that can be done after taking some years of experience followed by the RHCSA Training.  It is now offered on the latest version of the certification program for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 or RHEL v9.0.  In addition, this new version of the RHCE Certification is strictly based on the latest version of RHEL, i.e. version 9, which was released in May 2021.

The new version of the certification includes updates to the exam format, which now includes both performance-based and multiple-choice questions. The performance-based questions require candidates to perform specific tasks on a live system, while the multiple-choice questions test their knowledge of concepts and best practices.

New features in RHEL 9 that are covered in the certification exam include:

  • Improved security features, including support for secure boot and cryptographic policies
  • Improved scalability, including support for larger numbers of CPUs and memory
  • Improved container and Kubernetes support, including the inclusion of Red Hat OpenShift as the default container platform
  • Improved network stack, including support for faster network speeds and improved network performance
  • Improved storage management, including support for larger storage devices and improved data integrity
  • Improved automation and management capabilities, including support for Ansible automation.

Also, the certification exam now includes a focus on cloud-native technologies and practices, such as containerization, Kubernetes, and Ansible.

It’s important to note that while the certification is based on the latest version of RHEL, 9, it still covers the same core competencies of Linux administration, including installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting.

Choose the Top-Notch RHCE Certification Course by Craw Security

There are various RHCE Certification Course Providers in Pan India that offers their level best RHCE Training in India.  However, Craw Security, the accredited training partner of Red Hat, offers primetime Red Hat Certification Courses under the guidance of globally recognized trainers and mentors.

In addition, by being an accredited training partner of Red Hat, Craw Security is promoting highly relevant and verified course content from many world-class Linux Engineers working in many reputed organizations of diverse niches worldwide.


Q. 1: What is RHCE course?

RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) is a certification program offered by Red Hat, Inc. that certifies IT professionals who have the skills and knowledge to manage and deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems. The RHCE certification exam tests a candidate’s ability to configure networking services, security, system management, and other advanced administration tasks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Q. 2: Is training mandatory for RHCE?

No, training is not mandatory to become an RHCE. All that is required is that you pass the RHCE exam. However, training can be beneficial in helping you prepare and understand the topics required to pass the exam.
However, Craw Security suggests you undergo an in-depth RHCE Training in India by a verified source such as Craw Security, an accredited training partner of Red Hat to provide their courses at very affordable prices.

Q. 3: Is Rhce a good certification?

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification is considered a highly respected and valuable certification for Linux system administrators. It demonstrates that an individual has the skills and knowledge needed to perform advanced system administration tasks on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems.

Q. 4: Does RHCE certification worth it or not?

Yes, the RHCE Certification offers an individual a chance to update oneself and hone one’s skills after having an in-depth working experience as a proven Linux system administrator in some reputed organizations followed by the RHCSA Certification from a verified resource.

Q. 5: How hard is RHCE?

RHCE is not a particularly difficult certification to obtain, but it does require a good understanding of Red Hat Linux and its commands. It also requires a significant amount of study and practice to become familiar with the topics covered on the exam.


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