Android Programming App Development


  • Introduction to Basics of Android Development programming
  • You will learn about Fragments and app widgets.
  • Advanced graphics and views and Emulator-Android Virtual Device.
  • Tabs and Tab Activity Styles & Themes and UI design.
  • Linkify and Adapters and Widgtes.


Android Programming App Development Training Course mainly focuses on how to use Android OS for building your own Android Application. Only the basic knowledge of programming is required for Android App Development, you do not have to be a geek for it! Android Programming course will start from the basics like designing layouts and building complex layouts. Once the basics of Android are done we will begin with building Apps. The duration of this course will be 40 hours, properly divided into theory and hands-on practical sessions.

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    We can build a great company from a great team. ln my experience craw is a great company and the team members are friendly and supportive. I got a great support from the management and the staff as well.

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