Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science in which we study the design of such type of machine which can think like a human. Since a machine can think and work likes a human in a more efficient way it can reduce the number of people for any task or project.

Machine learning:

The machine learning we study about such type of machine which takes the raw data from their environment and learn from this data and apply this information in future need. The machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that uses delay life data to learn themselves.

The machine learning uses the techniques of pattern recognition. The machine observes the thing in a patterned manner and tries to understand these patterns according to their learning techniques. The machine learns and collects knowledge without using any kind of algorithms.

In the early days, machine learning is a very good field for a career opportunity. nowadays many organization works on machine learning programs and hire the employees for it. For machine learning and artificial intelligence, the most used languages are R language and python. The machine learning also used the concept of IOT.

The chess game is the example of an Intelligence machine in which first design the approx all test cases which can occur during the execution then apply it, at the time of game playing at any move machine analyses the all possible moves and choose most appropriate move. There are also many examples like eight puzzle, water jug problem and n queen problem which uses the AI concept.

A new project in design by DRDO team for the transporting the food and health treatment by automated balloons, in this system we drop the foods in packets from the helicopter in those areas for example in hill station areas, and when this packets are near to rock it can sense it and try to save from damage collide in rocks.

John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence says the science and engineering are building a system that works like a human. Today era the artificial are evolved in machines is so rapidly. The system is so smart as humans they are sense as human and work fast and reduce the time period of the task. The artificial intelligence plays a vital role in the external environment, research, and development process is done fatly and it is great opportunity for anyone who is interested to choose carrier in machine learning. In the medical field, it is widely used in operation and neuroscience the Dr has used the machine in their hospitals.

The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is in Robotics and gaming developed an Expert and intelligence system. Which provides the enhancement of learning in technology? The peoples they are actually implemented the machine approaches through new ideas and reduces the complexity of the algorithm to work fast and work as more efficient and logical. There are so many algorithms is used such as the Heuristic approach.

AI robots are developed and they are very good in sense and understanding.


Artificial Intelligence is a so wide area to build a good carrier to improve knowledge

And skills and provide a better life for others.

With the help of AI, we can develop an expert system that provides an alternative solution in any complexity.

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