Best Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Delhi

Ethical Hacking Training
ethical hacking

Best Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Delhi

Best Ethical Hacking Training Institute In Delhi

Ethical Hacking Training

Living in a world full of Hackers can be stressful!! Don’t you think??

Craw Security Ethical hacking training institute in Delhi believes in making our customer’s and student’s life stress-free.
We have given wings to our student’s aspirations of building their career in Ethical hacking, preparing them for a strong role as a Penetration testing expert, forensic analyst, intrusion analyst, network security manager, and other related high-profile roles
We also provide students with 100% placements
Our Ethical hacking training institute in Delhi has stood firmly by its commitment to our customers, students through “thick and thin”
Let me take you through the nitty-gritty of the matter


Hacking is a deliberate effort to harm or steal sensitive information from a private network inside the system.
Must-know information about Hacking
• Illegal use of computer and network resources
• “Hacker” is a gifted and smart programmer
• Hacking is an offense in the US and other countries
• If prior permission is sought then an “A contract between an Ethical Hacker and company”, is acceptable
• The difference between an Ethical and unethical Hacker is that Ethical Hacker has prior consent to probe the system whereas an Unethical Hacker does not have the authority.

Ethical Hacking training to locate types of Hacker

• White Hat Hackers
Also known as Ethical Hackers and computer security experts well versed in various tastings like penetration. They also use some technical tools like that of hackers who are malicious so that they can identify possible vulnerabilities in the systems and form a protective shield to save their respective organization from damage

• Black Hat Hackers
They are illegal and malicious attackers who penetrate through computer networks with the evil intention of damaging, modifying, and stealing critical or sensitive information. They are a threat to individuals, society, countries, and world .

• Grey Hat Hackers
They are blessing in disguise in short. They are a perfect blend of both the above (White and Black) as they are on the lookout for possible shortcomings in a system without seeking the owner’s consent. However, if they locate any shortcoming in the system, they do bring it to the attention of the owner and take further steps to fix the issue.

ethical hacking training

Ethical Hacking training highlights

Common Hacking Techniques

• Phishing- This phrase got life in the year 1996 by hackers stealing critical data like account details, passwords, credit card numbers from the pool of internet users. Phishing is done by convincing its victim to share their personal information by alluring them with the prize money they have won in a lottery which results in a security breach and major financial loss
• Bait and Switch Attack- kind of fraud that makes use of trusted avenues to mulct users into visiting suspicious sites
• Key Logger-Form of spyware in which the victim is unaware that they are being victimized by keeping a tap on their actions

Denial of Service (DoS\DDoS) Attacks- Denial of service (DOS) attacks the
server making website unavailable. This kind of attack makes use of a single device, However, in a DDOS attack, (Distributed denial of service) many devices with multiple locations are used for attack

• Click Jacking Attacks- Known as UI redress attack” in which attacker makes use of multiple layers to trick his victim into clicking a link on a different page when their intention was just on clicking the top-level page.

Cookie theft- It happens when a third party copies unencrypted data and utilizes it to imitate the real one. It occurs when a person accesses reliable sites over a public Wi-Fi network

Best Ethical hacking institute in Delhi

Now let us understand Ethical Hackers and their critical role

Ethical Hackers are professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the shortcomings of the system and utilize their knowledge as unethical hackers, but in legal terms to analyze the security status of the target machines. Logical reasoning and memory recall are required as hacking includes garnering facts and details- sometimes from multiple sources- into an attack plan based on the logic of how systems operate. Hacking is complex and needs time to plan and implement.

Craw Security Provide is Best Ethical Hacking Training Course In Delhi.

Course Description: Ethical Hacking Training and Certification has been designed keeping in lieu the future of Cyber Security. This course will assist students to understand the basics of Cyber Security, Computer Security. The distinctively designed Ethical Hacking training course gives an insight to the students of the advanced tools and methods of the information security industry
Any graduate, undergraduate, or post-graduate student passionate about information security can be a part of Ethical Hacking Training as Craw Security offers the Best Ethical Hacking Training Course In Delhi to become a certified ethical hacker.
In Ethical Hacking Training and certification course, we have 28 module

Ethical Hacking Training course details include

• Official Training by certified instructors
• Practical live hacking
• Concept-based training
• Post training support
• Interactive lectures, group exchange of viewpoints with healthy discussions and review sessions
• Certification exam fee included
• 24/7 high-speed internet connectivity
• Amiable and supportive training environment

Importance of Ethical Hacking Training

a. For Prevention of Critical and sensitive date
b. Highlights the security risks which hackers can exploit
c. You can save your company from being blackmailed
d. Through ethical hacking, they test digital security systems to enhance their strength

Ethical Hacking Training Certifications 2021

These days’ newspapers are full of crimes reporting a data breach. A grocery store might have their data of credit card stolen. Many government organizations are looking forward to ethical hackers for their help and support

1. Certified Ethical Hacker

To check the knowledge of cybersecurity professional’s understanding of security threats, risks, this exam is designed. All those who have experience can sit for this exam by just submitting two years of cybersecurity experience without training

2.Global Information Assurance Certification Penetration Tester

This is run by SANS Institute. There are multiple options to earn GIAC Penetration Tester certification. It ensures that the holder of this certificate has a good balance of theory and hands-on training

3.Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Offbeat but very technical certification with the aim that Professionals who have a technical bent should have a practical understanding of the penetration testing process. The test-taker has delegated the task of researching the network, identifying vulnerabilities, and hacking the system to gain administrative access within 24 hours after which the Offensive Security certification committee receive a detailed penetration test report for review, will review your findings, and decide whether to grant certification or not

Ethical Hacking training(course Eligibility)

• Passed 10+2 in any relevant stream with working knowledge of computers.
• Graduation degree in Computer Science from a renowned institute
• Telecom Industry hires ethical hackers followed by banking and finance sectors who have completed their certification in Ethical hacking course as per eligibility



Ethical Hacking training (course Duration)

Course Name Ethical Hacking
Course Type Certificate
Course Duration 3 months to 2 years, although it varies
Eligibility Criteria Graduation degree in IT or similar field
Admission Process Entrance

Ethical Hacking training (Course Fees)
FEES 15000+ GST
Ethical hacking Training after 12th

A Cyber Security diploma or Master diploma is pursued after graduation whereas a Diploma in Ethical Hacking can be completed after 10th or 12th.
Duration of Ethical hacking course is of 6 months for cybersecurity diploma and Master Diploma Course in Delhi is 1 year

Best Ethical Hacking training institute in Delhi

Check Mark Icon 3012928Craw Security offering 29 modules
Check Mark Icon 3012928Fees– INR 40000 + GST
Check Mark Icon 3012928Contact– 011-40394315 | +91-9650202445 | +91-9650677445
Check Mark Icon 3012928Website–
Check Mark Icon 3012928Address– 1st Floor, Plot no. 4, Lane no. 2, Kehar Singh Estate, Westend Marg, New Delhi – 110030
Check Mark Icon 3012928Mail id–
Check Mark Icon 3012928Center Availability: East Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi, North Delhi

Hence, the meat of the matter is that it is “Better to be safe and alert than be Sorry”. Hence, we should make a wise decision of associating with Craw Security and their Ethical Hacking training to make the best possible use of our valuable time and money.

Frequently ask Question

• Differentiate between Virus, worm, and Trojan horse?
Virus Worm Trojan Horse
Viruses are enforced via files which are executable Worms are implemented through weaknesses in system Trojan Horse is carried out through program and interprets as utility software

• Is the CEH exam Hard?
Having basic knowledge about networking and servers will make it easy for you. Hence, Craw security Ethical hacking training institute in Delhi helps students by forming a foundation for the CEH Exam

• Is Ethical hacking training value for money?

Yes, it is worth it as it will provide you with ample job opportunities

• What kind of knowledge an Ethical hacker gets from Ethical hacking training?

Check Mark Icon 3012928Programming
Check Mark Icon 3012928Coding skills to crack passwords
Check Mark Icon 3012928How to compromise with web servers

• What languages do hackers use?
Check Mark Icon 3012928JavaScript
Check Mark Icon 3012928 PHP
Check Mark Icon 3012928SQL
Check Mark Icon 3012928 Python
Check Mark Icon 3012928C Programming

• Freelancing opportunities as ethical Hackers after Ethical hacking training?
With many Social networks gaining momentum these days, professionals are looking for people who require their services

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