Cyber Security as an in-demanded Field. For digital India cyber security plays an important role. It mainly concern with growth of Indian economy. Choosing a career in Cyber Security is a great opportunity. India is moving a onward in digitization but there are so many difficulties and challenges in this process. The main cause is hacking and s the data and information. The hacker granted the information of a person and misuse it for their benefit . There are lots of hacker are present in across the world to doing this type of activity. So the cyber security mainly focused on accessibility, integrity and availability. Demand of cyber security increases day by day. On other hand cyber security focused of who access the data and information and there is no spoofing and holes that the hacker can access the information on it. Cyber attack increase day b day so there are more chances for in carrier in cyber security.

Cyber security concern with data and information of a person should b safe. Cyber security is an essential part of the digital India. Now these day everything is cashless so the chances of fraud and hacking data and information is increase. Hacker doing some activities for cyber attack that is they use electronic media for attacking they mail or phone call as well as SMS for gathering the information of persons bank details. Then they easily hack the bank account.
So there is a challenging phase for stopping cyber attack in growing the digitization in India. The carrier in cyber security is a great opportunity for analyzing and managing the data and information in a systematic way. Cyber security provide a solution for stopping the type of cyber attack. So it is a best carrier option for information technology student. More ever there are more opportunities as well as government sector.


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