Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Accessing the Command Line

Managing Files from the command Line

Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Creating, Viewing, and Editing Test Files

Managing Local Users and Groups

Monitoring and Managing Linux Process

Configuring and Securing SSH

Analyzing and Storing Logs

Managing Networking

Installing and Updating Software Packages

Accessing Linux File System

Analyzing Servers and Getting Support

SA2- Improving Command-line Productivity

Scheduling Future Tasks

Tuning System Performance

Controlling Access to Files with ACLs

Managing SELinux Security

Managing Basic Storage

23.1 – What is MBR and GPT?
23.3 – How to create partition using with parted command using GPT Scheme
23.4 – How to format a partition with file System and mount the Volume temporary and persistently
23.5 – What is SWAP partition and its use in Operating System?

Implementing Advanced Storage Features

Accessing Network-Attached Storage

Controlling the Boot Process

Managing Network Security

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

SA2 – Comprehensive Review (Recall Session)

23.2 – How to create partition using with parted command using MBR Scheme
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