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This Python Course will likewise enable you to ace significant Python Programming ideas for example- Information Activities, Document Tasks. Object- situated programming and different Python Libraries for example- Pandas. Which are fundamental for Data Science. Craw Cyber Security Python Certification Training Course is likewise a passage towards your Data Science career.



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About Python Programming with Data Science

What will you learn in Data Science Course in Delhi

Why Choose Python with Data Science Training

As you are a student if you do not know Python Programming Winter Internship what demanding industry level Craw Cyber Security provide the best guidance for getting a job as soon as possible because of we are handling Python Winter Internship Projects till now we have completed more than 5000 projects at MNC Level. We are also trained our students with the live Winter Internship project so that students can understand the companies requirement so we are happy to announce. We have placed more than 12000 students in well-reputed companies that why Craw Cyber Security is Python Programming Winter Internship Institute in Delhi (Saket) area.

What is NEW in Python with Data Science Course?

• Implement Different Unsupervised Learning Techniques On Real-Life Data.
• Understand The Difference Between Machine Learning & Statistical Data Analysis.
• How Python Mail Sending Program works in data science.
• Basic Neural Networks & Deep Learning Algorithms
• Python Conditional Statements
• Python with Data Science

Topics for this course

8 Lessons40h

MODULE 01 : Python – An Introduction

2. Python Download and install

MODULE 02 : Comparisons of Python with Other Language

MODULE 03 : Python Variables & Data Types

MODULE 04 : Operators

MODULE 05 : Python Conditional Statements

MODULE 06 : Python Looping Concept

MODULE 07 : Python Control Statements

MODULE 08 : Python Data Type Casting

MODULE 09 : Python Number

MODULE 10 : Python String

MODULE 11 : Python List

MODULE 12 : Python Tuple

MODULE 13 : Python Dictionary

MODULE 14 : Python Array

MODULE 15 : Python Date & Time

MODULE 16 : File Handling (Input / Output)

MODULE 17 : Multithreading

MODULE 18 : Python Mail Sending Program

MODULE 19 : Database Connection

MODULE 20 : OOPs Concepts

MODULE 21 : Interacting with Networks

MODULE 22 : Graphical User Interface

MODULE 23 : Python Web Scraping

MODULE 24 : Python for Image Processing

MODULE 25 : Python Data Science

MODULE 26 : Intro with Python Matching Learning

MODULE 27 : Intro with Python Artificial Intelligence


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Kirti Mittal Best place for Ethical hacking training very professional staff I taken online classes best experience guys try once you will love it thank to .
Charles Peterson I based in Canada took online training for CEH V11 Ethical hacking from this Institute. I am truly happy to choose this Institute and also want to appreciate this institute qualified trainers best management.
Romonia Peterson Best Institute in Delhi that provides the best Ethical hacking Course. I learnt many skills from here under the guidance of Sidharth Sir who have been very helpul and supportive.
Natasha Best training for CEH Ethical hacking. I learned a lot of practical knowledge in Ethical hacking , worth for money totally satisfied with training. Highly recommended to others students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Data Science with Python Course in Delhi

How long does it take to learn Python for Data Science?

On average it takes about 6-8 weeks to learn the basics. This gets you enough time to understand most lines of code in Python. If you want to become an expert in Python and its field and plan on getting into data science then months and years of learning is needed.

Is Python enough for data science?

When data science is being mentioned, one programming language comes to everyone's mind which is Python. Python's immanent readability and lucidity has made it relatively easy to use, and the number of dedicated analytical libraries on it can be utilized easily when creating models in dealing with Data Science

Is Python a dying language?

Python is not a dying programming language, it's one of the fastest growing programming language. Python programs tend to have minimal templating that you might have seen in other languages. And have more natural constructs for typical tasks you might need to accomplish.

Is Spyder good for Python?

Spyder has useful features for general Python development, but unless you work mainly with IPython and scientific computing packages, you're probably better off with a different IDE. The biggest reason not to use Spyder as a general-purpose Python development environment isn't the feature set, but the setup process.

Is Python data science a stressful job?

Data scientists typically work on data for an entire company, which means scouring through thousands of transactions all at once. “Data science is more exciting and adventurous than stressful,” he says. “It is only stressful when you are working to pay bills, and not to solve real-world problems,” he adds.

Which Python version is best for data science?

the winner of the Python 2 vs Python 3 battle is clearly Python 3. So if you can choose which one to learn, choose that! With that being said, come and continue learning Python for Data Science



29% off

Contact us : +91 951 380 5401  |  011-4039 4315

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