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Online Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

It Includes the power of Data Science, Machine Learning to create powerful Artificial Intelligence applications with the help of Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi.During the course, the students will also have the opportunity to participate in the organization, competitions, events, live projects of the largest industrial research organization in the world, and network with other top students in different fields from other universities. Artificial Intelligence Course works like a computer program that is designed to do smart work. Craw Security Delhi offers the best Artificial Intelligence course preparation in Delhi with an Artificial Intelligence course schedule planned as per the business requests that assist the students with getting guaranteed arrangements and procuring their fantasy occupations at different MNCs.

There is a wide scope of being placed in a company for the position of Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert as these things can be infected as they run from a valid internet source and can be hacked by some Black Hat Hacker through some known or remote location; hence, apply now for a great future ahead!

Artificial Intelligence course at Craw Security

CRAW Security invites applicants or candidates for an Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi, Python learning, machine learning Program in New Delhi. We are seeking highly motivated students, who are interested in experiencing the excitement of research. The selected students will have the chance to work intimately with a remarkable research team on challenging problems that range from leading-edge exploratory work to prototyping real-world systems and applications.

Artificial Intelligence Course Content (Hindi)

Course Content (Language - Hindi)

91 Lessons40h


MODULE 02 : Introduction of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

MODULE 03 : Model Training and Testing 

MODULE 04 : Overfitting and Underfitting

MODULE 05 : Types of Supervised Learning Algorithm

MODULE 06 : Types of Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

MODULE 07 : Module Confusion Matrix

MODULE 08 : Simple linear Regression(introduction )

MODULE 09 : Implementation of Simple linear Regressions

MODULE 10 : Theory of Multiple linear regression

MODULE 11 : Implementation of polynomial regression in python

MODULE 12 : Theory of polynomial regression

MODULE 13 : Implementation of polynomial regression in python

MODULE 14 : Theory of logistics regression

MODULE 15 : Practically implement logistics regression in python

MODULE 16 : Theoretically Part of KNN(K-Nearest Neighbors)

MODULE 17 : Theoretically part of SVM(Support Vector Machine)

MODULE 18 : Practically Implementation of SVM(support vectors machine ) in Python

MODULE 19 : Theoretically Part of Naive Bayes Algo

MODULE 20 : Practically Implementation of Naive Bayesh Algo using Pyhton

MODULE 21 : Theoretically Part of Decision Tree Classifier

MODULE 22 : Practically Part Of Decision Tree in Python Programming

MODULE 23 : Theoretically Part of Random Forest Algorithm

MODULE 24 : Practicality Implementation of Random Forest Algo

MODULE 25 : Concepts of Overfitting and Underfitting

MODULE 26 : Introduction of Unsupervaised Machine Learning

MODULE 27 : Introduction of Unsupervaised Machine Learning

MODULE 28 : Introduction of k-means Clustering

MODULE 29 : Practically Implementation of K-means Clustering Using Python

MODULE 30 : Introduction of Deep learning

MODULE 31 : About Neural Network

MODULE 32 : Types of Neural Network

MODULE 33 : Introduction of CNN

MODULE 34 : About 1D and 2 Data

MODULE 35 : Image Processing and Computer Vision

MODULE 36 : About Max-Pooling

MODULE 37 : What is Flattening?

MODULE 38 : What is Activation Functions?

MODULE 39 : Types of Activation Function

MODULE 40 : Linear Activation Function

MODULE 41 : Threshold Activation Function

MODULE 42 : Sigmoid Activation Function

MODULE 43: Relu Function

MODULE 44 : Leaky Relu Function

MODULE 45 : SoftMax Activation

MODULE 46 : Back Propogation

MODULE 47 : Loss Function

MODULE 48 : About Colab

MODULE 49 : What is bias?

MODULE 50 : Gradient Dissent

MODULE 51 : About Libeary

MODULE 52 : About Ann

MODULE 53 : How to Download Dataset

MODULE 54 : Fetch Dataset in a Colab

MODULE 55 : Divide the Data into two Part

MODULE 56 : Handle Cotogoriacal Data

MODULE 57 : Split Data Into Training and Testing

MODULE 58 : Reshape the Dataset

MODULE 59 : Importing Libeary

MODULE 60 : Adding One Input Layr

MODULE 61 : Adding Second Input Layer

MODULE 62 : About CNN

MODULE 63 : How to Load Data in Drive

MODULE 64 : How to Load Data Into a Colab from Drive

MODULE 65 : Importind Libeary for CNN

MODULE 66 : Step to Build CNN Model

MODULE 67 : Inital the CNN and Make Convolutional

MODULE 68 : Repaeat the 1 and 2 and Make Flatten Layer

MODULE 69 : Full Connection Buid in CNN

MODULE 70 : Compile the CNN

MODULE 71 : Train the CNN Algo

MODULE 72 : Test the CNN Algo

Artificial Intelligence Our Course Advisor

Course Highlights

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Artificial Intelligence Course Description

Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

Craw Security is the Best Artificial Intelligence Institute in Delhi that offers involved commonsense experience on live Artificial Intelligence-based ventures and top to bottom comprehension of Artificial Intelligence alongside 100% help. The Artificial Intelligence course content at the foundation is helpful for both essential just as cutting edge level Artificial Intelligence institute classes. At Craw Security topic experts who are likewise the corporate experts with 3+ long stretches of involvement with taking care of the ongoing Artificial Intelligence projects direct Artificial Intelligence Certification training course in Delhi.

Craw Security is one of the most credible Artificial Intelligence training institutes in Delhi with placement support at affordable Artificial Intelligence courses in Delhi fees. Craw Security has a well-defined Artificial Intelligence certification course structure incorporated with effective training sessions for the students. Post completion of the Artificial Intelligence training the students are also awarded the completion certificate from Craw Security that is widely recognized by the industry. At Craw Security Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi is conducted during weekdays and weekends (both morning and evening batches). Also, the institute provides a fast-track Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi.

Craw Security Institute always uses the latest technology in the field of educating students. That is why we always utilize the latest technology in our Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus. We are using Anaconda 2021v version software with Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab as the key notebook program. Jupyter Notebook is the latest online hands-on learning & development platform for notebooks, coding, and data. Its open interface permits users to structure and organize workflows in data science, scientific computing, computational journalism, and machine learning. This Anaconda 2021v software also uses PyCharm IDE which is a dedicated Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software that provides a broad spectrum of useful tools for Python developers, tightly integrated to develop an appropriate atmosphere for productive Python, web, and data science development.

Craw Security’s Delhi Artificial Intelligence Trainers are:

Our coaches are industry specialists and subject experts who have dominated running applications giving the best Artificial Intelligence preparation to the understudies. We have gotten different esteemed honors from our remembered IT accomplices and associations. Our mentors are MNC working experts utilized in HCL Technologies, Birla-delicate, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies, etc. Our coaches are Affirmed specialists having 5+ long periods of involvement with the business. Our coaches are Affirmed specialists having 5+ long periods of involvement with the business.

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Artificial Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artificial Intelligence course?

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a research program that showcases how an intelligent human interaction can be copied to some machine that is working on programming and coding. The domains of AI as well as machine learning comprise computer science, psychology, neuroscience, data science, natural language processing, python coding language, mathematics, and many more.

Is AI the future?

Since computer science is taking place at every level of manual work methodologies, we are driving towards a future that will be highly based on Artificial Intelligence of the smart gadgets and devices that can work on their own by thinking like human beings. Courses like big data, robotics, and IoT, have already been introduced which basically work on the ideology of AI.

Does AI require coding?

Yes, the procedures of doing AI required keen knowledge of programming languages like Python, LISP, Prolog, C++, and Java.

What is the main purpose of artificial intelligence?

The fundamentals of doing Artificial Intelligence is to create a sound environment where organizations can rely on smart gadgets, devices, or machines that can detect, perform, complete a given piece of intellectual tasks or information on their own. They even prepare themselves to learn new things and act accordingly.

What are the 7 stages of artificial intelligence?

The 7 stages of AI are as follows:
•  Stage 1- Rule Bases System.
•  Stage 2- Context-awareness and Retention.
•  Stage 3- Domain-specific aptitude.
•  Stage 4- Reasoning systems.
•  Stage 5- Artificial General Intelligence.
•  Stage 6- Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI)
•  Stage 7- Singularity and excellence.

How AI works?

Basically, AI procures machine learning technology to let the smart device, gadgets, and machines learn to mimic human behavior or intelligence at their own pace. These gadgets will learn to self-develop the solutions and respond to certain actions, commands, or questions. Hence, it utilizes algorithms and historical data to develop a course of actions called a propensity model which predicts actions and starts taking reactions accordingly

Which is the best online course for artificial intelligence?

There are many courses duly available in the market that pitches for their courses to be the best in the domain but they charge higher than normal and teach a bit shorter curriculum in the original. Online Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi duly delivered by Craw Cyber Security Institue is one of the best online courses in the domain of Artificial Intelligence with a low fee structure and higher curriculum with certification.

Can I learn artificial intelligence online?

Yes, anyone with or without basic knowledge of programming languages can easily go for the online course but a piece of suitable information prior to joining the course of coding is optional. One can learn our Online Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi via Craw Cyber Security Institute from the ground level and become an expert in the domain.

What is the salary of AI engineer?

The starting placement salary of an AI Engineer is approximately 8 lakhs per annum which is higher in figures than other Engineering Graduates. It can go to INR 50 Lakhs Per Annum at higher levels with the growth of experience in the particular field.

Can I do Artificial Intelligence after 12th?

Yes, Craw Cyber Security Institution offers its valuable Online Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi after the completion of the 12th standard. You may enroll now by clicking on the “Add to Cart” section above or contact us on our IVR number at +91-9513805401 for more details.

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Deep Logictech India Pvt Ltd



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British Telecom

Binit Rai


Cyber Security Professional

Fastandfurious Consulting

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Parahit Technologies Ltd.

Pooja Thakur


Technical Support Engineer(CCNA)

Trigent Software Limited

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Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Aarti Singh


Software Developer

HCL Technology


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Network Administration, Security



+1 917-779-0009

Penetration Tester with Python Development

Right Step Consulting

Right Step Consulting

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Network Administrator

ACE IT Solutions

ACE IT Solutions


Junior Cyber Security Analyst

Limpidstone Technology Pvt. Ltd

Manisha Saini

+91 7840060051


Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+020 - 6500 1155

L 1 Engineer

Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+91 9354061269

Network Administrator

Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+91 9354061269

L 2 Engineer

Indian Institute of Management and Development

IMMD Placement

+91 9354061269

Accounts Executive

Three D Integrated Solutions Ltd

Uma Verma

+91 874507070

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v11)

IARM Information Security Pvt Ltd


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C|EH v11

IARM Information Security Pvt Ltd


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SOC Analyst

LINC Education Services

Avani Raghuvansi

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Cyber Security

Mekdam Technical Services

Abdul Saiyad Khan

+91 9908403117

Scada Security

Precise Testing Solution Pvt Ltd

Sonali Sharma

0120 - 45555590


RDX | Navisite Pvt Ltd

Naveen Kumar

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Sr. Consultant

Aujas Technology Pvt Ltd

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Tetra Information Services Pvt. Ltd.


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Orbit India

Pragati Choudhary

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Percoyo Pvt Ltd

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