Learn in-depth-advanced networking Basic Course by Craw-Security provides the complete study of networking infrastructure and geography of the depth-networking basic course. This course includes learning the CCNA basic concepts, the concept of layering in a computer network, and dynamic routing protocols. An in-depth networking basic course training deals with IPv4 and IPv6 networks and OSPF. In other words, Online Advanced Networking Course gives knowledge of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP).

In addition, the Advanced In-Depth Networking basic course focuses on the CCNA basic concepts and in-depth skills needed to understand networks. It focuses on a brief understanding of how different types of TCP-IP, OSI layers, different protocols like BGP, EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, the concept of layering in a computer network, and many others work. In conclusion, this course will help you learn more about advanced networking Basic course technologies used in the industry.

In-Depth Advanced Networking Course

In-Depth Advanced Training Course Content

01 : Introduction to Networking
02 : OSI Model / TCP / IP Model
03 : Subnetting / Summarization
04 : Packet Flow in Same & Different Network
05 : Information About Networking Device
07 : Routing Protocols (Static & Dynamic)
08 : Static : Next hop/Exit Interface
09 : Dynamic : RIP/EIGRP/OSPF & BGP
10 : Wan Technologies,
11 : NAT, ACL
12 : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
13 : Telnet & SSH
14 : Load Balancing Protocol
15 : Layers 2 Protocols
16 : VLAN, Different Types of STP
17 : Ether Channel (L2)
18 : Port Security

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What you will Learn in In-Depth Advanced Networking

In-Depth Advanced Networking Training Course provides you the best knowledge and skill so that you can pursue a career in the field of Networking without any extra training. After completing this course, you learn:

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Frequently Asked Questions

About In-Depth Advanced Networking Training and Certification Course Program

In-Depth advanced networking focuses on the understanding of CCNA basic concepts. It makes you learn all about the protocols that are involved in the functions of networking such as BGP, EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, TCP, UDP, OSI,  and many more.

4 types of networks are the following:

1.LAN(Local Area Network)

2.PAN(Personal Area Network)

3.MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

4.WAN(Wide Area Network)

The basics of networking includes routers, switches and wireless access points. Devices are connected through all of these essential devices. These devices work differently according to their functions within a network.

Networking is not that much difficult as the way people think about it. Difficulty of anything depends on a person's perspective and mindset. Same as networking depends on the mindset of a student that "How is he/she taking it and in what way?" Networking roughly holds 70% of the jobs because networking is a need of any entity in today's world.

There are many kinds of best fields in networking. Some of the top best paying networking jobs are:

  1. Network Engineer- For this, you can learn CCNA Course Training and Certification
  2. Network Security Analyst- For this, you can go for CCNP Course Training and Certification
  3. Network Security administrator- For this, you can go for CompTIA N+ Training and Certification Course
  4. Network Hardware administrator- For this, you can go for CompTIA A+ Training and Certification Course

You can start your networking career by joining In-depth networking course provided by Craw Security. After this, you can join any of the training and certification programmes which are given below:

  1. CCNA (Cisco) Training and Certification
  2. CCNP (Cisco) Training and Certification
  3. Comptia A+
  4. Comptia N+

Networking is indeed a good career choice and one can come out of this career with 20LPA. You should have decent experience along with particular certification courses.

Networking carries a learning process in which you need dedication and hard work to grab the skill. There are few steps you can go through which are as follows:

  1. Start your learning from the bottom to top
  2. Make your way into the topic when you don't understand something 100%.
  3. Learn the new knowledge, unlearn the old knowledge and keep yourself updated by relearning the new knowledge.
  4. Always keep your study environment in calm way i.e. try to study more at night than day because there are no voices at night.
  5. Repetition is the key to remember the main topics