Cyber Forensics Investigation

Learn Online Cyber Forensics Introduction and procedures to analyze cyber crime evidence.


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What will you Learn in Cyber Forensics Investigation

Course Content

47 Lessons40h

MODULE 01 : What is Computer Forensics

Understanding About Cyber Crimes & Cyber Attacks
Understanding About Data & Information
Understanding About Cyber Terrorism

MODULE 02 : Methods by which Computer gets Hacked

MODULE 03 : Computer Forensics Investigation Process

MODULE 04 : Digital Evidence Gathering

MODULE 05 : Computer Forensics Lab

MODULE 06 : Setting up Forensics Lab

MODULE 07 : Understanding Hard Disk

MODULE 08 : File Systems Analysis : Linux/Window/mac

MODULE 09 : Windows File Systems forensics

MODULE 10 : Data Acquisition Tools and techniques

MODULE 11 : Data Imaging Techniques and Tools

MODULE 12 : Recovery Deleted Files and Folders

MODULE 13 : Deleted Partitions Recovery Technique

MODULE 14 : Forensics Investigations Using Forensics Toolkit (FTK)

MODULE 15 : Forensics Investigations Using Forensics Toolkit (Oxygen)

MODULE 16 : Forensics Investigations Using Encase Tool

MODULE 17 : Stenography and Image File Forensics

MODULE 18 : Application Password Crackers

MODULE 19 : Log Computing and Event Correlation

MODULE 20 : Network Forensics Tools : Cellebrite Tool

MODULE 21 : Investigating Tools

MODULE 22 : Investigating Network Traffic : Wireshark

MODULE 23 : Investigating Wireless Attacks

MODULE 24 : Investigating Web Application Attacks via Logs

MODULE 25 : Tracking and Investigating Various Email Crimes

MODULE 26 : Detailed Investiave Report

Computer Forensics – Investigation Techniques

Roles and Responsibilities

Computer Forensics : System Password Changes Techniques

Computer Forensics : System Password Cracking Techniques

Web Attacks Investigation

Common DOS & DDOS Attacks Types

Case Management (Case Handling)

Cyber Forensics : Firewall Handling

Self-paced Online Learning

Learn Online Cyber Forensics Course

Instructor Led Training

Cyber Forensics Training Course

Couse for Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi

Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi will prepare you in the areas of cybercrimes related to case handling, Investigating Techniques, data recovery, damaged/deleted data, or encrypted data. Online Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi comprises of many types of cyber forensics programs which will facilitate individuals to conduct a smooth investigation.
The tools and techniques taught in the Cyber Forensics Investigation course in Delhi include the following problems like the mishandling of confidential data, violation of intellectual property rights, trade secrets stealing, and other types of online fraud. In a Cyber forensics Investigation, an investigator uses different kinds of methods and techniques for faster case resolution.

Requirements for

  • Required basic IT Skills
  • Knowledge of latest forms of malware and
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory.
  • Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux.
  • Problem solving skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Cyber Forensics Investigation Course In Delhi

It empowers the understudies to acquire inside and out information in the field of Computer forensics and Cyber Crime. Learning Outcomes: After finish of the course the understudies will actually want to learn examination instruments and strategies, investigation of information to distinguish proof, Technical Aspects and Legal Aspects identified with digital wrongdoing.

PC Hacking Forensic Investigator certificate approves that you have the information and abilities to recognize hacking assaults, to appropriately get proof expected to report the wrongdoing and indict the cybercriminal, and to direct an examination that empowers you to forestall future assaults.

Is computer forensics a good career? Digital forensics, or to put it differently, computer forensics, is the application of scientific investigatory techniques to digital crimes and attacks. In other words, it is a crucial aspect of law and business in the internet age and can be a rewarding and lucrative career path

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. ... Not only does the CHFI detect a hacker attack, but also uses different methods to extract evidence, reports the crime and puts systems in place to prevent future attacks. CEH is considered to be a more recognised course. CHFI is relatively less organised in comparison to CEH

The reason for our rating: Although the OCSP exam is the most difficult due to its short time frame and hands-on approach, the CISSP is regarded as the apex of cybersecurity certifications.

Introduction to Forensic Science Course - University of Strathclyde. Learn forensic science online, from crime scene investigation to reporting evidential value within a case

craw security is the best institute in Delhi that provides cyber forensics investigation course in Delhi.


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Cyber Forensics Investigation

Material Includes

  • Software Toolkit
  • Audio / Video Tutorials
  • Certifications E-Book
  • Practice Forensic Lab

Target Audience

  • legal Advisors and Professionals
  • Banking, Insurance and other Professionals
  • Financial Security Experts
  • Information Security Engineers
  • E-Commerce Business Companies
  • Systems Administrators
  • Police and other law enforcement personnel
  • Anti-forensics Guy
  • Defense and Military personnel

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