1. Open Source v/s Closed Source

2. What is Linux and Linux Kernel?

3. About Kali Linux and its Specifications

4. Install Kali Linux & Virtualization Technology

5. Basic Understanding of Linux

6. Troubleshoot Issues of Kali Linux Old Versions

7. Useful Commands

8. Analysis of Is Command

9. Analysis of cd Command

10. Helping Yourself and Getting Help in Kali Linux

11. Configuration Files in Kali Linux

12. Passwd File Analysis

13. Symbols in Kali Linux

14. Permissions in Linux

15. Managing Network in Kali Linux

16. Whois

17. Hydra

18. NMAP – Network Mapper

19. Sqlmap and How to Hack Website Database with the help of Sqlmap

20. Metasploit Framework

21. Burpsuite for Beginners

22. Understanding of Wireshark

23. Bonus !!!


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