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Cyber Security Training

Year-End Bumper Sale 1-Year Cyber Security Diploma Course

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The 1 Year Cyber Security Diploma Course in the Year End Bumper Sale will support you in learning cybersecurity techniques and the use of tools under the supervision of professional cybersecurity experts on the premises of Craw Security.

Apart from that, you will be able to assess your skills on the demo machines in the virtual labs introduced to the Aspirants by Craw Security. As you contact our counselors, you will be able to select the suitable mode of learning from a) Offline Mode and b) Online Mode.

Students will get many latest resources to cope up with the sessions such as – Study Materials, Ebooks, Tool Demonstrations, and many more. We also have accreditation received from various popular and reputed firms including – Offensive Security, EC Council, Red Hat Inc., CompTIA Technologies, CISCO Technologies, and many more. Following the accreditation, we are offering various Cyber Security Courses at budget-friendly prices.

1 year diploma in cyber security
Promising Future with Our Best Learning Environment

End of the Season | 1 Year Cyber Security Diploma Course 2023-2024

We are offering the best well-qualified trainers working for years in the IT Sector as Cyber Security Professionals for providing cybersecurity solutions to organizations. Thus, in the observation of our professionals, we will train the rookies with the best & latest cyber security resources. Moreover, the students also have the advantage of choosing a particular field of choice to train themselves in for example – Networking. We will appreciate any initiative from your side.

CompTIA Courses

  CompTia A +
  CompTia Network +
  CompTia Security +
  CompTia Pentest +
  CompTia CYSA +
  CompTia CASP +

CISCO Courses

  CCNA 200-301
  CCNP 350-401
  CCNP Security 350-701

Python Courses

  Python Programming


1-Year Cyber Security Diploma Course | Year-End Bumper Sale

Ethical Hacking Course Year End Program in Delhi
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After the completion of the course & certification, Craw Security organizes special Internship programs for students who want to test their knowledge & skills on the spot while working. These internships will boost the confidence of aspiring students to work at MNCs later.

Other than that, they will learn how to work on live projects to secure the infrastructure of the firms/ organizations. With the help of such professionals, one can protect their confidential information against unknown online threats. Continuous learning will help them find the latest trends in the cyber security domain for the current and upcoming years.

Promising Future with Our Best Learning Environment

End of the Season | 1 Year Cyber Security Diploma Course 2023-2024

The year has come to an end. Are you still not confident about your career direction? If you have a keen interest in working in the IT Sector as a professional, there are several domains you can work at that are booming this time of the year.

Cyber security is one of the directions that IT Aspirants have been choosing to get the best flow of work in their working journey in 2024. That’s because “Cyber Security” is one of the most booming domains in the IT Sector.

For example, India has started to teach “Coding” to the students of class 6th. Won’t that be useful for the youth of India? It definitely will! Thus, our Year End Bumper Sale is offering you the opportunity to learn several techniques related to the following topics:
1. Ethical Hacking,
2. Penetration Testing,
3. Cyber Forensics,
4. Networking Administration,
5. Mobile Penetration Testing,
6. Python Programming Course, and Many Others.

This course will help you with learning cyber security skills and knowledge with a certification to validate your honed skills while applying for a job.

1-Year Cyber Security Diploma Course | Year-End Bumper Sale
1 Year Cyber Security Diploma Course 2023-24

The 1 Year Cyber Security Diploma Course involves a deep understanding of various amazing cyber security topics that help individuals & organizations deal with cyberattacks. Moreover, cyber security techniques can be applied in various sectors of the IT Industry.

It supports the infrastructure of the organization against unknown threats online & offline because of low-level security measures. By joining this course, one will be able to become a part of reputed professionals in the Cyber Security domain around the world working at a reputed organization.

Not only theoretical but the students will be able to get practical knowledge with that. This will help the students to test out their capabilities while dealing with real-life situations. Moreover, students will be guided under the supervision of professionals working in the cyber security domain for years on the premises of Craw Security.

2024 is waiting for the professionals coming out of the “YOUTH,” and you can become part of that revolution. Don’t be a deadbeat, Start charging at your GOAL!


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Department of Training and Placement from Craw Security
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After completion of the course, you might be thinking that you won’t be able to search for any good job opportunities. However, Craw Security is here to support you through & through with the job placement. We have been working in the IT Sector for a long long time and we can offer you a suitable job opportunity in the IT Sector because of our connections and reputation. Our certifications are valid in several companies and MNCs. Apart from that, if you choose to focus on a specific role in any department, it will leave you with a smooth start. We also organize specially designed examination for the job applicants that helps the organization to select the best candidates. Our sessions improve the personal growth of every individual at individual and team levels. Thus, one will be able to perform every task with the latest techniques and skills. What are you waiting for? Start learning.

Process for Joining our Cyber Security Diploma Training

Students must possess a valid 10th passed certificate with a minimum of 50% of total aggregate marks.

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Offline Registration Process

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 Meet our Professional Counselors.
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 Submit your Documents.
 Pay the Registration fee.

Documents Required

 Any Self-Assisted ID Card.
 2 Passport Size Photos.
 Copy of your certificates.
 Submit your Documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cyber Security Year End Training 2023

Can I learn cyber security in 3 months?
It is possible to acquire proficiency in any module of the Diploma Course within a very short duration of 60 hours. Nevertheless, in order to comprehensively cover all the key concepts of a course, it is imperative to allocate a substantial amount of time in accordance with their respective durations, such as the 6-Month or 1-Year Diploma Courses in Cyber Security.
Can I learn cyber security in 1 year?
Yes, you may learn cyber security in the period of 1 year through Craw Security’s highly lucrative 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course. For more information, you can visit the official website of Craw Security or give us a call at our 24X7 hotline mobile number +91-9513805401.
What type of training is required for cyber security?
A fully comprehensive diploma is highly recommended for learning cyber security thoroughly. Hence, you may seek the 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course by Craw Security to learn all the fundamentals of cyber security so precisely.
How many months to learn cyber security?
Different institutes have their own set of time periods to provide their students with the right cybersecurity courses. In the same context, Craw Security also offers its sincerely fantastic 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course under the supervision of genuine training mentors.
Is cybersecurity harder than coding?
The field of cybersecurity necessitates a reduced emphasis on coding skills while placing a greater emphasis on a comprehensive understanding of networks, operating systems, system administration, and fundamental security principles. In contrast, coding requires proficiency in programming languages and frameworks.
Is cyber security a stressful job?
Cybersecurity is a highly stressful and time-consuming job. In addition to this, given the unpredictable nature of occurrences, it is necessary to have a sufficient number of cybersecurity professionals available on-call to effectively address and mitigate issues as they arise. Consequently, individuals can be reached on weekends, evenings, and even during periods of vacation.
How stressful is cyber security?

Doing any job hailing from any particular profile of cyber security can be very stressful as well as hectic as you have accomplished daily official goals comprising of a sufficient amount of using networking fundamentals, Linux essentials, Python programming language, Penetration testing techniques, and many more simultaneously altogether.

Is cyber security difficult to learn?

Nothing is difficult for the person who is ready to devote a decent amount of time to whatever is needed for learning technology. When it comes to cyber security courses, a decent amount of practical knowledge is required for hands-on practice in the live project-based training to understand the concepts which make cyber security a bit difficult as well as interesting to learn.

How many hours a week do cyber security work?

There are fixed hours of every work and that are 8 hours of sincere work procedures, however, a person might stay back to accomplish some pending daily goals as per one’s convenience.

However, we will recommend you to choose cyber security as it brings a lot of money along with some responsibilities that you play in your official capacity along with the honor of working as a cyber security expert in an organization.

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