Red Hat RHEL v9.3 Update


Red Hat RHEL v9.3 Update

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About Red Hat RHEL v9.3 Update

In the domain of Linux Professionals, nobody is unaware of the value of the Red Hat-authorized operating system — RHEL, which has come up with its latest version RHEL v9.3 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9). The RHEL v9.3 is referred faster, more flexible, extra long-lasting foundation to help the hybrid cloud innovation, a more persistent experience for unfurling applications and crucial workloads across physical, virtual, private, and public cloud and edge deployments.

Moreover, this approach has resulted in the release of numerous versions at predetermined intervals; the most recent is RHEL v9.3, which includes all the most recent features and functionalities and can be of great assistance to students who wish to work and advance on this version.

What's New in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v9.3 2023?

As Red Hat Training and Certification has consistently endeavored to align its course offerings with the releases of Red Hat products, the introduction of RHEL v9.3 is not an exception. Numerous significant courses and examinations are consistently revised to highlight the modifications in the Red Hat product portfolio. This ensures that students are aware of the accessibility of Red Hat software, which is employed within their operational ecosystem, and verifies their authorization.

You may download the RHEL v9.3 by clicking on Distribution Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3.

RHEL v9.3 Release Notes

The RHEL v9.3 beta release notes will provide a wealth of information for comprehension. To gain a comprehensive understanding of these features, please visit the highlighted link. Additionally, we have provided some essential tips below that will assist you in obtaining the RHEL v9.3 Release Notes efficiently:
Major changes in RHEL 9.3

Installer and image creation

Key highlights for image builder:

  • Enhancement to the AWS EC2 AMD or Intel 64-bit architecture AMI image to support UEFI boot, in addition to the legacy BIOS boot.

RHEL for Edge

Key highlights for RHEL for Edge:

  • Support added to the following image types:

1. minimal-raw

2. edge-vsphere

3. Edge-ami

  • New FIDO Device Onboarding Servers container images available

1. rhel9/fdo-manufacturing-server

2. rhel9/fdo-owner-onboarding-server

3. rhel9/fdo-rendezvous-server

4. rhel9/fdo-serviceinfo-api-server

  • Security

1. Key security-related highlights:

2. Keylime was rebased to version 7.3.0.

3. The keylime RHEL System Role is available. With this role, you can more easily configure the Keylime verifier and Keylime registrar.

4. OpenSSH was migrated further from the less secure SHA-1 message digest for cryptographic purposes.

5. The pcsc-lite-ccid USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Device(CCID)) and Integrated Circuit Card Device (ICCD) driver were rebased to version 1.5.2.

6. RHEL 9.3 introduces further improvements to support the Extended Master Secret (EMS) extension (RFC 7627) required by the FIPS-140-3 standard for all TLS 1.2 connections.

7. SEtools, the collection of graphical tools, command-line tools, and libraries for SELinux policy analysis, was rebased to version 4.4.3.

8. OpenSCAP was rebased to version 1.3.8.

9. SCAP Security Guide was rebased to version 0.1.69, most notably:

ANSSI profiles were updated to version 2.0.

Three new SCAP profiles were added for RHEL 9 aligned with the CCN-STIC-610A22 Guide.

  • Dynamic programming languages, web and database servers

Later versions of the following Application Streams are now available:

1. Redis 7

2. Node.js 20

In addition, the Apache HTTP Server has been updated to version 2.4.57.

Compilers and development tools

Updated system toolchain

The following system toolchain component has been updated in RHEL 9.3:

1. GCC 11.4.1

  • Updated performance tools and debuggers

The following performance tools and debuggers have been updated in RHEL 9.3:

Valgrind 3.21

SystemTap 4.9

elfutils 0.189

  • Updated performance monitoring tools

The following performance monitoring tools have been updated in RHEL 9.3:

PCP 6.0.5

Grafana 9.2.10

  • Updated compiler toolsets

The following compiler toolsets have been updated in RHEL 9.3:

GCC Toolset 13 (new)

LLVM Toolset 16.0.6

Rust Toolset 1.71.1

Go Toolset 1.20.10

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Release Date

The RHEL v9.3 Release Date 2023 was November 7, 2023, which fully supports Stratis, a local storage management system for Linux that pools physical storage devices and helps to set up and oversee more complex storage configurations.

If any current RH124 Red Hat System Administration I or RH134 Red Hat System Administration II certificate holder is willing to update one’s certification value by adding RHEL v9.3 then one can sincerely join Craw Cyber Security Institution at New Delhi’s Saket and Laxmi Nagar educational branches.

Moreover, we have tried our best to elaborate you the major changes that this RHEL v9.3 is bringing to these two particular courses one by one in the following:

RH124 Red Hat System Administration I

One may get detailed information on the same topic by clicking RH124 Red Hat System Administration I. Moreover, we have also given some of the prominent topics to make you understand the premier benefits of the RHEL v9.3 update in the following pointers:

01. Get Started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

02. Access the Command Line

03. Manage Files from the Command Line

04. Get Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

05. Create, View, and Edit Text Files

06. Manage Local Users and Groups

07. Control Access to Files

08. Monitor and Manage Linux Processes

09. Control Services and Daemons

10. Configure and Secure SSH

11. Analyze and Store Logs

12. Manage Networking

13. Archive and Transfer Files

14. Install and Update Software Packages

15. Access Linux File Systems

16. Analyze Servers and Get Support

17. Comprehensive Review

RH124 v9.3 Course Change Details

Most importantly, this RHEL v9.3 update has brought some decent changes to the curriculum of the Red Hat RH124 Training and Certification. You can find all the relevant information to this particular update in RH124 v9.3 Course Change Details, however, we have also given some details regarding the same in the below-mentioned points:

1. As per RHEL v9.3 syntax, all the narratives, exercises, and labs are updated.

2. RHEL’s introduction comprises the latest use cases and hybrid cloud computing.

3. Red Hat support information and sites are updated to include newer tools and locations, etc.

RH134 Red Hat System Administration II

The RHEL v9.3 has brought so many major and minor changes to the RH134 Red Hat System Administration II as well which you may read thoroughly by going through the highlighted link and know how the prominent changes that will affect the Red Hat RH134 Training and Certification Program. In addition, we have enlisted the major pointers in the following to let you know all the focused changes in a single go at a fast-track mode:

01. Improve Command-line Productivity

02. Schedule Future Tasks

03. Tune System Performance

04. Manage SELinux Security

05. Manage Basic Storage

06. Manage Storage Stack

07. Access Network-Attached Storage

08. Control the Boot Process

09. Manage Network Security

10. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux

11. Run Containers

12. Comprehensive Review

RH134 v9.3 Course Change Details

There are some notable changes that also occurred to Red Hat RH134 Training and certification due to RHEL v9.0 that we have highly mentioned in the RH134 v9.3 Course Change Details that any student can go through and see themselves. Further, we have also specified some of the prominent changes to the Red Hat RH134 course curriculum as follows:

1. Installing software now uses Simple Content Access for subscription management, which eliminates subscription attachment tasks and simplifies preparing registered systems.

2. Kickstart is updated with new syntax and functionality.

3. VDO management is removed as a major topic and is minimally introduced in the LVM overview, based on feedback that indicates limited use, etc.

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