1 Year Expert Cyber Security Diploma | Diploma in Cyber Security and Information Security


It Includes 12 Training in Single Package

  1. Basic Networking
  2. Linux Essentials
  3. Python Programming
  4. Ethical Hacking
  5. Advanced Penetration Testing
  6. Cyber Forensics
  7. Web Application Penetration Testing
  8. Mobile Application Pentesting
  9. IoT Pentesting
  10. End Point Security
  11. AWS Associate
  12. AWS Security


Diploma in Cyber Security | Cyber Security Diploma course in Delhi

Advanced Diploma in Information Security Specialisation by Craw Cyber Security is a new 1-year diploma course with a 100% job guarantee. In advanced diploma in Cyber Security, We have specially designed Diploma in cyber security course for students who want to excel in a career in cyber security diploma. In this, we tend to cover the 12 most industry demanded focused areas considering international industry-oriented courses making an exclusive pack of one combo. We have been in the industry for a long time and have experienced faculty who impart theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience. Our Expert diploma course in cyber security diploma will give you a chance to make a great career in the field of cyber security diploma.

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