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Under the Guidance of Cyber Security Expert “Mr. Mohit Yadav”

Hackmanthan - Ethical Hacking Workshop

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Cyber Security awareness training to Schools, Colleges, and corporate companies, with a motto, to safeguard citizens of India. Conducted more than 800 Cyber Security awareness sessions all over the globe. Workshop Seminars Conducted By Cyber Security Expert Mohit Yadav.

Our seminars aim to educate the college or the institute about the nitty-gritty of Ethical Hacking and Information Security through well-refined and searched materials. Major emphasis is put upon the core concepts and their applications. Craw Security professionals, faculty members, students, or Corporate who are passionate about Learn Cybersecurity will cover all the topics with great diligence and accuracy. The main focus of such activities is to impart as much knowledge and information about Ethical Hacking and IT security to the enthusiastic students who are keen learners and listeners.

Our Seminars mainly focus on the students eager to be White Hat Hackers. It features a brief introduction to the world of hacking starting with the importance of ethical hackers and their need in today’s world scenario, including the basics of networking that will help you have a deep understanding of the working of the internet.

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Ethical Hacking Workshop in Delhi

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Online Ethical Hacking Workshop in Delhi

Students Reviews 8514

A workshop on “Online Ethical Hacking” presented by Craw Cyber Security(Ethical Hacking Workshop in Delhi) under the Guidance of Mohit Yadav. An Ethical Hacking is not about the illegal things it’s all about how to secure your System and Mobile devices from attackers. Ethical Hacking Workshop in Delhi | In this workshop cyber ethics, email hacking & security, malware attacks, windows system attacks, online data Investigation, credit card frauds & Cases, playing with google by google hacking, android mobile hacking etc., topics will be covered. This workshop aims to give you a basic knowledge of Ethical Hacking Training and how to protect your system against attackers. Ethical Hacking Workshop in Delhi |

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Craw Cyber Security a Premium Ethical hacking and Cyber Security Company provides Cyber Security Workshops, Ethical hacking Workshops at various schools and universities. Craw security professionals visit various big colleges and provide their expertise in the field of Information Security and Ethical Hacking to Students.

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