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Drive your career in the different domains of information security through the front seat by getting prominent info on various fundamental concepts related to diverse subjects’ eBooks by Craw Security.

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Craw Cyber Security Institution brings you a genuine approach to understanding varied concepts associated with various domains within the information security genre through the compact eBooks learning methodology. Get high-end information possessing eBooks on Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, and other prominent eBook networks to give you crucial knowledge-sharing benefits, especially for beginners. In addition, anyone who is interested in initiating a greater career in any field regarding information security can opt for some special eBooks absolutely at No-Cost to gain authentic information about the related subjects.

Part 1 : Understanding of Computer Forensics
This book covers all the basic terminologies of Computer Forensics including the Process of Digital Forensics and IT Rules and Compliances.
Part 2 : Advanced Malware Forensics Investigation Guide
You will understand the process of reverse-engineering malware involved in a cyberattack. This will help you to set up Lab for Malware Forensics and understand the dynamic behavior of malware.
Part 3 : Conquer Anti Forensics
This book will help you conquer the anti-forensic techniques used by cybercriminals. It will help you understand the different methods of recovering digital evidence files deleted by hackers.
Part 4 : E-mail Forensics
The book, Email Forensics will guide to investigate email crimes. It will help you understand various protocols used by Email servers and also ways in which you can recover deleted emails.
Part 5 : Understanding Hard Disk and File system

In this book, You will understand various components and Interfaces of a Had Disk. It will also help you analyze the File system used in Windows, Linux, and Mac using the Autopsy and Sleuth Kit.

Part 6 : Methodology of Data Acquisition and Duplication

Forensics investigators collect all possible evidence data from the suspect’s computer. It will help you understand the different ways of collecting data from digital artifacts involved in cyber attacks.

Part 7 : Windows OS Forensics

This book on Operating System Forensics will help you analyze registry and volatile memory using Forensics Toolkit Imager. You will learn to dump data and examine various event logs in the Windows operating system.

Part 8 : Linux OS Forensics

Linux OS is widely used by security practitioners as well as Ethical Hackers and Cybercriminals. In this book, you will learn forensics Methodology to analyze Linux Machines.

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