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Digital Intelligence

Craw Security is a company that totally deals with quality digital forensics equipment that outputs quality result-oriented solutions. Generally, the intended end-users of the company are the experts of law enforcement agencies, government bodies, corporate organizations, private forensic labs, etc.


FRED is the primary workstation that gives you real and authentic parameters for forensic acquisition and analysis so that you can find a measure to resolve any investigation that comes across without any hurdle in the shortest time possible. The standards, characteristics, performance, pace, and agile are the key features of the FRED Workstation. It has been the best choice of forensic examiners at the global level through these years to function smarter, faster, and have result-oriented solutions in hand.


Small in size, but big in work performance due to its high-end configuration for the intended use of detailed forensic analysis work.  This is a compact system yet can perform to do multi-level tasking at a single go for getting quick research solutions.  It comes with Intel Core i7-8700K six-core processors that boost the processing faster for any forensic investigation.  Expandable memory to 64 GB and four slots just for hard drives to draw the I/O Flexibility genuinely required for today’s heavy forensic applications and software.

It also includes external interfaces such as Thunderbolt, USB 3.1, and USB 3.0 to minimize data transfer times.  It is a compact as well as a handy device that can be taken for performing on-site jobs for investigation purposes related to imaging or analysis.

Apart from all, every FRED-L laptop comprises a valuable UltraKit stocked with three UltraBlock write blockers (SATA/IDE, USB3.0, and SAS), an UltraBlock Forensic Media Card Reader, and the Digital Intelligence USB 3.0 drive enclosure with a 2 TB hard-drive.


FREDDIE Ruggedized Mobile System is a portable and compact go-anywhere kind of device duly powered by FRED computer forensic technology.  As the name suggests, it is an agile and rugged workstation that is built to process both on-site as well as off-site investigations.  The main configurations of FREDDIE are as follows:


The FREDC Data Center is a result-seeking, heavy functioning departmental data forensic server, and infrastructure nicely designed under the Digital Intelligence trademark with the power to resolve the research-related matters in the shortest period of time.  Basically it every FREDC carries the following things:


It is also called μFRED Digital Intelligence system showcasing its extremely dedicated forensic investigation tool - Compact Entry Level.  It is on the higher side of the shopping list of forensic investigators organizations as it gives both pace and quality assurance in a single go.  This comes with the following configurations:


ULTRAKIT ULTRABLOCK is one of the primary choices of digital forensic investigators for years as it covers a broad area of gathering evidence of modern and legacy storage devices.  ULTRABLOCK is a secure, efficient, agile, pace, and convenient forensic imaging solution that requires no additional time management than the usual as it forms a secure forensic connection between the host computer and suspect storage device.  It comes in standard with native I/O matched to specific storage media and SuperSpeed USB 3 host connections.

We are keen to arrange our client-oriented service of Digital Intelligence for you or your organization or else we can give proper training and certification to you for learning any of the Digital Intelligence Forensic Toolkits.  You can also call us for purchasing these wonder user-friendly devices for your forensic science cases.