We found 4 courses available for you
We found 4 courses available for you

Learn Online Networking Training in Delhi | Best Networking Course

75 Lessons
40 hours

Learn In-Depth Advanced Online Networking Training in Delhi | Best …

What you'll learn
Learn Fundamentals of Networking and Defense Techniques
Understand Network Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
Implement Network Security Controls and Protocols
Design and Implement Network Security Policies
Define Physical Security Controls and Authentication Techniques
Configure Host Security and File System Encryption
Firewall Implementation and Management
Configure and Manage IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems)
Ensure and Manage VPN Security
Secure Wireless Networks
Monitor and Analyze Network Traffic
Understand Network Risks and Vulnerabilities
Network Incident Response and Management

Cyber Security Diploma Training & Certification in India [2023]

480 hours

Learn 1 Year Online Diploma Course in Cyber Security Training …

What you'll learn
Linux Essentials
In-depth Advanced Networking
Ethical Hacking
Penetration Testing
Cyber Forensics Investigation
Web Application Security
Mobile Application Security
Endpoint Security
IOT Security
AWS - Cloud Computing
AWS Security- Cloud Security

Ethical Hacking Test

40 hours

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What you'll learn
Introduction to Basics of Cyber Security
In-depth Network Scanning
System Hacking Password Cracking & Bypassing
Mobile Hacking
Web Session Hijacking
Viruses and Worms, Trojan and Back door, SQL Injection Manual Testing
Hacking Webservers Server Rooting, Hacking Wireless Network, Penetration Testing: Basics
Internet of Things (IoT) Hacking, Cloud Security, and many more.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Training and Certification

40 hours

CISA Certification Course | Certified Information System Auditor Bestseller 4.6 …

What you'll learn
Network Infrastructure Security
Risk Management
How to Evolving IS Audit Process
Systems and infrastructure lifecycle management
Domains covered in the CISA exam
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