Sixth Sense Robotics will focus on getting you up and running image processing with AVR quickly, so that you will understand the basic procedures for working with AVR(Atmega8 micro-controller) and MATLAB and can explore further on your own.


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Atmega8 is a small micro-controller that you can program to control things like lights or motors along with listening to components like motion detection sensors. It can give your project interactivity without needing an expensive and large circuit. Instead, you use a computer to program the Atmega8 Board, upload your code to the Board, and hook up your circuit.[sg_popup id=4]

1. Introduction to Basics of Robotics

  • Basic Electronic Components
  • Sensors
  • Operational Amplifier
  • Interfacing of Sensors
  • Motors and Controlling Circuit
  • Interfacing of Motors

2. Introduction to Microcontrollers

  • What is Microcontroller?
  • Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor.
  • How can we use Microcontroller in our Own Circuits?

3. Introduction to Programming Languages

  • Microcontroller Programming using ‘Embedded C’.

4. Introduction to Computer Vision And MATLAB

  • Basics of image processing
  • Algorithms used for image processing
  • Image formats
  • Complexity of Algorithms
  • Color Space requirements
  • Relation between RGB and HSV
  1. Digital Image Processing in MATLAB
  • Introducing MATLAB
  • Image acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Image Processing Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Tools of Image processing in MATLAB
  • Programming paradigms in MATLAB
  • Image acquisition in MATLAB
  • Camera Selection
  • Algorithm Designing
  1. Image Acquisition and Processing
  • Functions for Image acquisition
  • Functions and Keywords for image processing in MATLAB
  • Hardware interfacing

7.  Installation of Software and Debugging

  • Writing your First ‘Embedded C’ Program in AVR Studio.
  • Program Compilation and Debugging.
  • Loading Compiled ‘C’ Program into Microcontroller using Robosapiens ‘AVR BOOTFlasher v1.0 Beta’

8. Image Manipulation in MATLAB

  • Image Manipulation
  • Threshold adjustment
  • Template matching
  • Shape Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Motion Detection

8. Assembling the DIY kit of Robosapiens iBOT Mini V3.0

9. Development of Line Following Robot using Robosapiens iBOT Mini V3.0

10. Development of GUI Switch Controlled Robot using Robosapiens iBOT Mini V3.0

11. Development of Laser Controlled Robot using Robosapiens iBOT Mini V3.0

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Sixth Sense Robotics Summer Internship Training Duration

  • 6 Months
  • 6 Weeks
  • 45 Days

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