Embedded System

An Embedded system Industrial Training is a computer that has been built to solve only a few very specific problems and is not easily changed. In contrast, a general-purpose computer can do many different jobs, and can be changed at any time with new programs for new jobs.

An embedded system usually does not look like a computer, often there is no keyboard or monitor or mouse. But like any computer it has a processor and software, input and output. The word embedded means it is built into the system. It is a permanent part in a bigger system.

For example, the controller embedded in an elevator tells the motor to move the elevator to different floors, based on buttons that are pushed. A decoder is embedded in a satellite television set-top box to read a signal from the dish and send something that a TV understands. Often this type of system must do its work in a specific amount of time. This is called real-time computing. If a set-top box got interrupted to do another task, you would see a bad picture on the TV, for example. A general purpose computer will often have short pauses while it does something else, it is not real-time.

Embedded systems control many of the common devices in use today, from card readers in hotel door locks to many controls in a car. They can be small like an MP3 player or a digital camera, to large systems like traffic lights, airplane controls, or assembly line controllers in a factory.

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  • Introduction to Embedded System and Robotics
  • Applications and Future Scope
  • Micro – Controllers and its features
  • Atmega and its features
  • I/ O Ports and Working
  • How to Glow a LED, LED Patterns
  • How to use a Sensor with uC
  • LED Control using Sensor. (Hands – On)
  • LCD Display
  • Interface LCD with a micro controller
  • Display Name on LCD.
  • Display on LCD through the Keyboard.
  • Making a Digital Clock or Counter.
  • UART Communication
  • Communicate with a PC or Laptop (Hands – On)
  • Display Text on PC using the Embedded Board (Hands – On)
  • Control LED with the help of PC. (Hands – On) Relay
  • Interfacing Relay with Controller.
  • Writing Code to use Relay as switch to control Real appliances.
  • STEM v1.0 Board Programmer
  • USB Cable
  • LCD
  • USB to TTL Convertor
  • IR Sensor
  • Relay board
  • Connecting Wires

Duration of Training: 6 Months

Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)

Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)

Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Home Automation Project
  • Home Automation Project to Control Heavy Appliances using uC and Sensors.

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