Where can I practice Pentesting ?

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1. Hack The Box

An online pentesting platform, Hack The Box (HTB) allows you to test your cybersecurity (and pentesting) skills as well as exchange ideas and experiences with this amazing community.

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CTFlearn is another highly popular ethical hacking platform. Offered as “The most beginner-friendly way to get into hacking”

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Whether you’re a security enthusiast, hobbyist, student, developer or even a professional merely looking to have some fun, this website will help you conduct ethical hacking and pen testing in a legal environment.

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One of our favorites, HackThisSite, or HTS, is a great hacking website that was founded by Jeremy Hammond but has been maintained by the community. It offers numerous different challenges that contain beginner as well as advanced hacking skills.

Google Gruyere

It’s not often we see the pairing of cheese and hacking, but this website is a lot like good cheese—full of holes. It also uses “cheesy” code and the entire design is cheese-based.

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