“What do you mean by cyber forensics?”

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Cyber Forensic

Cyber forensics is a process of extracting data as proof for a crime (that involves electronic devices) while following proper investigation rules to nab the culprit by presenting the evidence to the court. Cyber forensics is also known as computer forensics.

Skills Required for Cyber Forensics

Technical and Analytical Skills

Familiarity with Networking Concepts

Strong  Communication Skills

Command  Over Cybersecurity Concepts

To Adapt and learn regularly


jobs in Cyber Forensics 

Computer Forensics Investigator

Computer Forensics Technician

Information Security Analyst

jobs in Cyber Forensics 

Forensic Computer Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst

Forensic Manager

Is Cyber Forensics a good career?

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With opportunities to work with private firms as well as join government bodies, a career in Computer Forensics is truly rewarding. Due to the increasing rate of cyber attack every single year, agencies from across the world are spending a huge amount of money on best talents from Cyber Forensics.




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