Python Programming

Can I learn Python after 10th or 12th?



What is python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is highly in demand language to learn in 2020 is Python. Python is quickly gaining its popularity by its applications in projects of Machine Learning and Data Science. It is a fast and easy language to learn and it is user friendly and it is most appreciated for its simple and elegant syntax and easily readable code.

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Any student can pursue the Python programming language course. Whether a graduate, a postgraduate, or a 12th pass out students from any field can join the institutes offering Python courses.

What are the eligibility criteria to become Python Programmer?

The eligibility criteria for both online and offline certificate python courses is to either have a bachelor's degree or be 10th and 12 passes out.




What is the qualification for Python programming?

The minimum degree requirement to pursue a Python course is a Bachelor's degree. However, postgraduate students from any field and any level can join the institutes offering the basic level Python course.

If you don’t have prior coding experience and you want to start your career in the IT field then python is the best course to start a better career. In Delhi, there are several training institutes that provide python course training. The training institute in Delhi will be considered as best when they provide live training over projects and cover all the topics with practical training.

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