Top Best Cyber Security Awareness Training in Delhi 2023

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Top Best Cyber Security Awareness Training in Delhi 2023

From Social animals to Cyber humans, the journey for homo sapiens has been really enthralling. Earlier, due to technological advancements, we were getting more tech-savvy and getting online for a lot of our work.  In today’s world, where a number of viruses are coming into the light each passing day from almost every corner of the earth, people are trusting more to online training versions of every subject or technology as they are compelled to do so due to lack of physical classes availability.

In the same vein, there is a genuine emergence of Cyber Security Awareness Training in the world through both online and offline modes by various cyber security awareness training institutions.  On the contrary, if we do not possess a good understanding of cyber security awareness, this could also be very heinous to some people who do not perceive a good level of cyber security awareness knowledge.

In this era, we have only two choices, either to get 100% online or lose out on everything. Humans are the most intelligent creature, choosing the most sophisticated way to make it work even from their homes, but this Cyber savvy world got prone to some people who were out there honing their skills to cheat people for their benefit using their slackness of cyber security awareness.

Nowadays, organizations started facing problems with their network security making them alert like never before!  Hackers are locking away the data of the organization to extract huge ransoms to return their data back.  If the condition remains the same, even homes will need security IT infrastructure like homes.  Organizations should consider providing cyber security awareness training to their employees because that is all we can do. Staying proactive and acting beforehand is the only way out of getting trapped in these cyber security scam traps.

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What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

We could formally understand the meaning of information security awareness training with a target to educate all levels of working staff with a decent approach to information awareness training.  This particular cyber security training for employees includes educating employees about corporate policies, the value of company data, and working procedures with information technology to help them get acquainted with cyberattacks, data breaches, and other sorts of threats to cybersecurity.

In this regard, the primary target is to prevent the employees from making any silly mistakes with respect to revealing any sort of confidential data of the organization by falling prey to dubious cybercriminal scams.  As most employees are working from home nowadays and even some companies have established a culture of permanent work from home for their current and future employees, it is the need of the hour to provide them with a decent cyber security awareness course online from a highly recognized and affiliated cyber security institute.

Similarly, we need the same level of information security awareness training course for a big part of our population. I.e., students – the future of our upcoming generation.  It is the demand of society to train and brief our learning population with the right kind of cyber security awareness for students with the help of a valuable cyber security course online.


Cyber Security Awareness Month

There should be a protocol for organizing a whole cyber security awareness month just in order to educate our students and working employees who are the present and future of our society, as it is highly important that the students, as well as the employees, are well-trained and sensitive about information breach scams happening every day.

In this regard, we could educate our employees, which should be our first priority of educating to provide crucial cyber awareness training topics information.  To follow the lead of the many types of cyber security awareness sessions, we have made some of the main factors where an employee could be briefed to enhance one’s cyber security awareness to the optimum level:

Cyber Security Awareness Description Solutions
Opening Emails from Unidentified Senders Email is the most used mode of formal communication.  According to a survey conducted by Radicati Group, an average person gets 235 emails daily.  It is the highest possibility that of those emails, some are scams.

Hence, opening emails from unknown persons could detect data theft or installation of malware into the device in usage or a backdoor entry of the malicious threat user into the organization’s server.

Give clear instructions to employees not to open unknown emails from anonymous senders.

Advise employees not to click on any website URLs or open any unknown attachments.

Bearing Weak Login Credentials As per a survey, 81% of the adult population utilizes a common password for everything, which includes some form of personal info like nickname, D.O.B., vehicle number, street address, etc. is the main source of the problem.  Most hackers have algorithms that can decode public profiles with some common password combinations until they crack them with a perfect match. Using unique passwords that cannot be tracked, such as a string of alpha-numeric with both uppercases and lowercases. E.g. “R@mb0&120*”

Keep changing the passwords after fixed intervals of time.  If you do not remember to do it.  Set a reminder today for the next date, after exactly 3 months from now, to do it.

Writing Passwords on Sticky Notes It is one of the main problems of writing passwords and user IDs on sticky notes on your workstation.  Never blindly trust your colleagues, as this might hamper you so bluntly.  If you do have the same habit, leave it now and change the current passwords as soon as possible. If you cannot hold your memory together to remember your passwords, try writing them in your utmost personal copies kept hidden in either safe drawers with locks or in your office lockers.
Providing Access to Everyone of Sensitive Organizational Database. It has also been noted that several companies repeat this kind of mistake of providing access to every sort of sensitive file to everyone.  I.e., from a newly hired intern to the senior manager, which is certainly wrong as per the view of the confidentiality of the organization.  This habit could lead to permanent network hijacking of sensitive company files as some malicious intent employees can certainly leak, lose or mishandle information. Giving systematic access to everyone as per their needs and designation in the job hierarchy.

Customize the number of employees who can alter the system configurations.

Stop providing newly recruited employees with “admin access” until they prove their nature and worth to the company.

Missing Crucial Cyber Security Awareness Training of Employees Many types of research conducted over different periods show that several companies lost their databases to the hands of malicious threat users by not educating their employees with the right kind of Cyber Security Awareness Training.  On the contrary, only 25% of organizational executives trust that this training is efficient.

You should the Cyber Security Awareness Training by Craw Security – a highly recognized cyber security training institution for educating your employees with the correct form of Information Security Awareness.

The Cyber Security Awareness Training by Craw Security is highly efficient due to imparting the following pieces of information:

●        Creating & Using Strong Passwords & password management strategy.

●        Phishing and online scams

●        Locking systems while not in use.

●        Management of mobile devices

●        Appropriate examples of various conditions to elaborate better.

No Installation of Antivirus Software Your organization’s database could be exposed to various cyber criminals searching for their next prey for their illicit personal benefit that could sell your personal confidential piece of a database in the black market.  To avoid such incidents, you should deploy a good version of paid antivirus software as a protective measure to halt these sudden cyber attacks complementary to the cyber security awareness training of your employees at the earliest.

If you already possess a good version of anti-virus software, kindly make sure that they are duly updated to its latest version.

Complete all the setup for the corresponding system updates to take place following the work hours automatically.

Moreover, do not let any employee (despite one’s designation) opt out of this particular organizational policy.


Utilizing Unprotected Mobile Devices In case your company possesses owned cell phones, tablets, or laptops, then you should have a protocol to keep these mobile devices secured from the ill eyes of potential malicious hackers. Each device should always be password protected.  However, in case of any loss or theft, no malicious user can access the crucial databases possessed on the hard drives of these devices.

Always keep a point of contact to report any loss or theft, and precautionary steps should be taken to deactivate the device remotely.

Utilization of the endpoint security solutions should be empowered to control these company-owned mobile devices.

No usage of untrusted public Wi-Fi should be done to avoid any data theft.

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Top 5  Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Organizations should conduct employee training programs for cyber security to make employees aware of the threats to the company with respect to Cyber attacks and how they can be an asset in preventing those attacks. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

1. Strong and secure Virtual Working Environment for everyone.

The cyber security awareness training program creates a sense develops a sense of responsibility among employees to work in a security-focused manner. People are usually unaware of what they don’t get affected by directly; if the company aims to provide training, they will realize the importance of cybersecurity, and regular training will equip them with skills to prevent basic malicious attacks.

2. Prevention from Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches

Without this cyber security awareness training, employees cannot stay updated regarding cyberattacks happening and their preventive measures. Employees cannot only protect the systems from breaches but can prevent them as well.

3. Vigorous Technical Defences

Technological security defenses are pivotal in safeguarding organizations from cybercrimes. These defense systems require basic trained staff to operate, update and upgrade the security of software but all of it would be only possible if the fundamentals are provided to the employees. These defense systems cannot work properly if the handling staff is not equipped with proper

4. Employees Acting as a Resource – Human is the weakest chain in Cyber Security.

One of the biggest benefits of cyber security awareness training is to make employees confident about their knowledge and skills to prevent accidents. This would boost the morale of employees and they will feel more accountable to the organization. Employees will feel empowered to work against cyberattacks.

5. Syncing Everyone Together!

With similar training provided to every employee, they all will be of the same age and understand the concerns of an organization. All the different departments will be in sync with each other protecting data from attacks. This will create a positive environment in an organization.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Organizations should stay proactive and should not let this pandemic slow their pace of business through cyber-attacks which could be prevented to some extent by simply training the employees of the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Cyber Security Awareness Training in Delhi

1: How important is security awareness training?

It is highly recommended for every organization to impart quality cyber security awareness training to its employees who are working as the acting workforce to tackle various day-to-day challenges in an organization and whom any trickster can play by befooling through some of one’s ill techniques for obtaining crucial and sensitive company information.

2: What is the meaning of security awareness?

Security awareness stands for the knowledge possessed by a working individual related to the number of information breach scams happening every day and the techniques that can be employed to prevent a corresponding organization from its ill effects before any data theft.

3: What is awareness training?

Awareness Training can be defined as the knowledge imparted regarding the number of cyber security measures and parameters used to monitor them wisely in order to channel all the related databases of an organization systematically.

4: What are the types of security awareness?

There are many types of security awareness methodologies that have been mentioned below:

  • Opening Emails from Unidentified Senders
  • Bearing Weak Login Credentials
  • Writing Passwords on Sticky Notes
  • Providing Access to Everyone of Sensitive Organizational Database.
  • Missing Crucial Cyber Security Awareness Training of Employees
  • No Installation of Antivirus Software
  • Utilizing Unprotected Mobile Devices

5: What is Cyber Security Awareness course?

There is a particular course imparted by fully-fledged cyber security personnel delivering their self-evaluated exclusive training methods by many cyber security training institutes.  Craw Security is one of the prominent cyber security awareness training institutes that offers its highly skilled and well-professional cyber security training instructors to teach you the best you can get in cyber security awareness training in the vicinity of Delhi NCR in offline mode while you can sincerely have the online training at any point of time at anywhere in the world.

6: Which cyber security course is best?

The Cyber Security Course offered by Craw Security – the best cyber security training institute in Delhi NCR is the best you can get for grasping cyber security awareness training at best suited and affordable prices.

7: Is cyber security a stressful job?

Since it carries a lot of the company’s burden of maintaining cyber security, including a long chain of programming codes and Linux Commands.  Moreover, it also needs valid networking fundamentals to employ while doing the cyber security measures in an IT interface.  All in all, it makes it a stressful job for cybersecurity professionals to accomplish.

8: Can I learn cyber security in 2 months?

You may learn the ethical hacking fundamentals in just 60 hours of your time, while if you want to become a fully-fledged cyber security professional that can do multiple things regarding the varied protocols of cyber security, you should go for the 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course providing all essential knowledge in a complete package under the guidance of skilled professionals.

9: What are the main topics in cyber security?

There are many primary topics in cyber security that you can learn, such as Networking Administration, Ethical Hacking Fundamentals, Python Programming Language, AWS Associate, AWS Security, Linux Essentials, and many more.

You may click here to learn more about the 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course by the best trainers and mentors in Pan India.

10: Where is cyber security used?

Cyber Security fundamentals and protocols are to be used in almost every part of today’s technological world as we are full of internet-based gadgets in today’s era that can be hacked using some predefined tricks, tactics, and techniques.  For Example, Mobile Application Security, Web Application Security, Cloud Security, IoT Penetration Testing, etc.

11: Is cyber security harder than coding?

Coding is a part or subset of performing various tasks of cyber security parameters.  I hope you may now conclude for yourself which one is harder.

Wrapping Up

So far, as we have already mentioned all the technical aspects related to the cyber security awareness training, we wish that you may choose wisely to select your cyber security awareness training course that is fully affiliated with the information security supergiants.  Moreover, it should be duly recognized by the Government of India such as Craw Cyber Security Institute in New Delhi at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations.

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