Top 10 Cyber Security Courses and Certification 2022

Top 10 Cyber Security Course

Top 10 Cyber Security Courses and Certification 2022

Top 10 Cyber Security Courses in India

For today’s Generation, Cyber World has created several opportunities to showcase their talents and skills. Online platforms are surely making efforts to grow not only themselves but also those who are connected to them.

In this way you can say that not only the online media is enhancing itself but the human beings too. But did you ever think that except for professionals/ paid employees the students from 10th or 12th will be able to get the chance to learn the skills of such professionals?

No, right! But here we are in this century, students from a very young age have a craving to eat such high-quality knowledge. To help them out several students have come upfront. Because of them, now we have young aspirants who are surprisingly making achievements for not only themselves but for those around them.

That’s the spirit everyone should have. However, now if we talk about Cyber Security Course, first you need to know how many kinds of courses are involved and distributed in this field. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Top 10 Cyber Security Courses

Cyber Security Courses and Certification
1. Ethical Hacking In this course, you will learn how to enhance the security of a compromised system/ would be able to know the reason why your system is acting strange. You’d be able to prevent the information from being stolen, breached or misused by a cybercriminal.

Also, it can provide you a reputed job as a Professional Ethical Hacker. To become one of these professionals you can join a Certified Ethical Hacker Course in Delhi.

2. Advanced Penetration Testing During this course, you’ll exploit several systems and will see if they’re having any loopholes that could help the attacker to access the database. In case, if those systems have any loopholes, it will be easy for the professionals to handle the situation in time, so that they don’t need to face severe consequences in the future just because of a minor issue they ignored.

These testers also get well-paid jobs. So, no need to worry about getting a job or anything else. For that, you can join an Advanced Penetration Testing Course.

3. Cyber Forensics Investigation Well, you must have noticed that several cases being investigated rested in peace because those were connected to online crimes that had no evidence of crimes. Not a single clue! Is it even possible?

Yes, that’s possible because cybercriminals know several ways to crack codes to barge into the system to exploit it. After exploitation, stealing the data will be easy for the attackers. In order to search for the loopholes and the traitor who committed the crime, they hire Cyber Forensics Investigators.

If you want to be a professional in Cyber Forensics you can join a Cyber Forensics Investigation Course.

4. Web Application Security Online fan bases, medical forms, card databases are all connected to a separate database that stores the data related to the owner, management, finances, organization, marketing, and consumers.

This much information is always surrounded by cybercriminals that is not good for the health of an organization. All that data is collected by data scientists on Websites. Websites always need some new updates just in case a new virus, malware or ransomware comes up in the market.

To secure these websites you can join the Web Application Security Course. That can be a good career option for professionals.

5. Mobile Application Security Mobile Phones are getting featured with several latest features on a daily basis. That sounds like a case you should talk about. Due to the involvement of the new updates, sometimes people download something they shouldn’t have.

What’s that? That’s malware hiding in the form of a legitimate application that you’d never doubt. To get out of this dilemma you can learn how to protect yourself from such hideous attacks. All that you can do with the help of Mobile Application Security Course.

6. Python Programming Several Programmers in the world have chosen Python as one of the best computer programming languages to program software, application, websites and so on. If you think that you’re somewhere in the middle of the aisle you can try to put some effort into it and can be a professional software developer in the future.

Not only that, you can also build a career in which you can earn up to your choices and the preferences you make. To do that you can join a Python Programming Course.

7. Endpoint Security By learning an Endpoint Security Course, you can protect your network from being hacked online by Cybercriminals. Cyber Attackers try to exploit networks with several possible attacks they hide unless they need something urgent.

To protect yourself from such attacks you can take the help of Endpoint Security. That’s all you can do to save yourself from dealing with the following things.

·         Prevent Ransomware.

·         Prevent Zero-Day Attacks.

·         Stop Fileless Attacks.

·         Improve EPP Efficacy.

·         EDR is Not Enough.

8. IoT Penetration Testing The Internet of Things helps human beings to connect them to each other with the help of the internet. But you must have noticed that due to the excessive use of these things, people are unaware of the consequences of posting personal information over the internet.

Social media have several opportunities for people to grow via showing their worth. Through some links, attackers can get access to the victim’s ID.  To protect your devices from such attacks you can learn about the IoT Penetration Testing Course to exploit some systems for practice just in case if they have any issues.

9. AWS Cloud Associate An AWS Associate can build business-oriented applications, and critical infrastructures based on AWS cloud. Professionals like these can make worthy crafts for organizations. If you want to be one of those professionals you can do it. You can go for an AWS Associate Course, specially customized for AWS Associates.
10. Basic Networking Networking is one of the greatest career options that you need. Based on the connected area of the businesses, organizations store the data of a large number of populations over their networks. You can join a Basic Networking Course to become a professional in Networking.

These organizations demand several network professionals to increase the security of their networks. Now, that you got to know about these amazing courses you can

Cybersecurity Certification Roadmap

1. Basic
  1. Networking
  2. Linux Operating System
  3. Python Programming Language
2. Mediate
  1. Ethical Hacking
  2. Pentesting
  3. Mobile App / Web App
  4. AWS Cloud Associate
3. Advance
  1. Cyber Forensics Investigation
  2. IoT Penetration Testing
  3. End-Point Security
  4. AWS Cloud Security


If you want to enter in the Cyber Security field you can start from learning Basic Networking. That’s why so that you can get to know how internet-connected devices work. After that, you can start learning about Linux Operating System that most of the developers uses for their specific purposes.

In the end, you can go for Python Programming Language, one of the best computer programming languages that you would be needing to develop software, applications, and so on.  There, your basics training will end then you can go for mediate training about what you can ask from Craw Security.

Now, if you ever think about growing to the next level in AWS Cloud Associating you should go for AWS Cloud Security. In this course, you will be able to learn about how to protect the applications connected with cloud storage that you make for a certain organization. Professionals like these are demanded in the industry for a high range. Let’s continue to our main topic.

These are the top 10 cyber security courses in India that you can pursue to become a professional with a better career for the future. Also, these are the Top 10 cybersecurity certifications for 2022 that you can aim for.

Once you have made your decision on choosing one of the best cybersecurity certifications for beginners from this list, you can contact Craw Security. Craw Security has been offering the top 10 cyber security awareness training for a long time.

Several students have made their decision to join some of the best courses from Craw Security, already. cybersecurity certification roadmap is essential for the students so that they can understand where they stand and where they should go after this.

Cyber security course

Highest-Paying Cyber Security Certifications

1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) ₹ 16.8 Lakhs to ₹ 99.0 Lakhs/ month
2. Cybersecurity Architect ₹ 13.5 Lakhs to ₹ 45.0 Lakhs/ month
3. Cybersecurity Manager/ Administrator ₹ 13.4 Lakhs to ₹ 44.5 Lakhs/ month
4. Penetration Tester ₹60.8k per month
5. Information Security Analyst ₹3,50,000 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

About Top 10 Cyber Security Courses and Certification 2022

  1. How do you get certified in cybersecurity?‎

For that you can join one of the above certification courses to become a certified professional in a specific Cyber Security Branch. If you want to get the best trainers around you to test your skills and train you to reach the top you can rely on Craw Security.

   2. How long does it take to get certified in cybersecurity?‎

Well, it depends on the learning ability of the students and we don’t believe in finishing the syllabus faster. We believe that if the student gets the whole concept clear about the topic that he/ she’s attending, then they will be able to become proficient in the course they are attending. So, choose the one that focuses on teaching not on completing the course faster.

  3. What cybersecurity certification should I get first?‎

There are several paths that you can choose from. Once you’re on it you can get a better way and understanding. Like if you’re interested in networking, you can go to the Basic Networking Course first. After that, how much experience you gain, you can go for advanced courses.

 4. Does cybersecurity require coding?‎

Yes, at some point you’d be needing Coding. But don’t be afraid to approach just because of that. You also get the chance to learn Python by joining a Python Programming Language Course. Then you’d be able to perform several coding-related tasks.

5. Is cybersecurity a good career?‎

Yes, Cyber Security is one of the best career options that any student can choose for future development. As you know that we all are connected with each other by Cyber Platforms, then we would be facing several Cyber Security issues, due to Cybercriminals. So, to protect ourselves from those attacks we need to make more security protection layer over our database and networks. Therefore, we need to learn about Cybersecurity.

5. What skills do I need for cybersecurity?

You just need some skills in coding. Apart from that you must have knowledge about the IT field and their work. But if you want to start your career in Cyber Security from a very young age of 10th standard even then you can contact Craw Security. Craw Security will offer you the best trainers to train you to become a professional like them.


As you now understand the need of professional cyber security experts in our society you can try your best by joining one of these courses. With the help of these certifications, you can become a professional cyber security expert to serve organizations and help in increasing the security of their databases.

Unlike other institutes, here with Craw Security you get the best learning environment for Cyber Security Courses. Moreover, you can choose to take these top 10 online cyber security courses under a single roof. Professionals will be there to train aspirants for the best online cyber security certificate programs. What are you waiting for? Enroll, Now!


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