Software Development

The world of software engineering has undergone dramatic change in the past several years – moving from waterfall processes to agile development to continuous delivery. Throughout the transition, lean thinking has provided consistent principles for making decisions about how to engineer software-based solutions creatively, rapidly, and reliably.

Lean thinking starts with customers, looks at how the organization delivers value to those customers, and probes that value stream for inefficiencies and opportunities. The first day of this workshop does exactly that – we look at the real value streams of people attending the workshop. We question whether the workflow is set up to build the right thing, build the thing right, and deliver value to customers as rapidly as possible.

The second day we create a vision of the future: What does genuine efficiency mean and how can you get there? How can you create an environment where mindful workers cooperate to help your organization be successful? What does it take to become a learning organization?

software development

Goals of the Workshop

We have the following goals

  • Creating a Project Backlog together with the Product Owner.
  • Defining how to monitor and evaluate the progress of our work.
  • Allowing the Team and the Product Owner to get to know each other and build a partnership, so that work in the coming weeks will be a pleasure.
  • Teaching clients how the Scrum framework works and how they can benefit from it (i.e. how it can increase the team’s productivity with each step of the process)
  • With experience from the implementation of many Agile projects, we will define project Risks and ways to deal with Risks.

You will Learn

  • How to assess your value stream for inefficiencies
  • Why most development processes end up building the wrong thing
  • How to keep code bases stable and reliable, especially as they grow large
  • Why Continuous Delivery is essential and how to get there
  • Why you shoud switch focus from operations to customers, from cost to revenue
  • Practices and metrics for focusing cross-functional teams on creating value
  • How to create a work environment that attracts the best software engineers

Software Development Training/Certification

Develop Modern Applications and Software Systems for Websites and Mobile Devices.

Internship Duration

4 Weeks                                                                   6 Weeks                                                                     6 Months

Benefits of Software development Internship Training

  • Software Product Development using Agile
  • Use SQL to Solve Complex Business Issues
  • User-Interface and User-Experience Design
  • Graphic Design Training featuring Adobe CS
  • Compile a Pro Software Engineer Portfolio

Benefits to students

  • Couseware
  • Certification & Training
  • Important Software
  • Improve your Skills
  • Meet Experts
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